Top9+ best 8 inch subwoofer car audio in 2021

Top9+ best 8 inch subwoofer car audio in 2021

Subwoofers play a role no other speaker can, they reproduce low end frequencies to give you that bass feeling that you like so much. They offer times are designed in different specifications, and Best 8 Inch Subwoofer Car Audio is the focus of this article. It is true that the size of the speakers matter. It is also true that things aren’t necessarily as they seem. You might think that a 15 inch subwoofer beats an 8 inch subwoofer all day everyday. But allows us to make out an argument for 8 inch speakers.

The joy of riding in your car cruising along the freeway with your subwoofer pumping out the cleanest bass makes any trip to anywhere that much better. And that sort of joy can only come from a subwoofer. The different components that make up a subwoofer will be highlighted here, and the sort of brands who have positioned themselves as a potential leader when it comes to subwoofers of nature.

You might want to improve your car’s audio but you don’t know where to start and you are heavy laden with the logistics that you think this all comes with. This is why we are bringing to you an overview of Best 8 Inch Subwoofer Car Audio IN 2021

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Who prefers 8”subwoofers?

Owners of cars who simply do not have space in their cars are the ones who prefer 8 inch subwoofers. There are a wide variety of subwoofers with different inches that pose different sorts of characteristics. For people who prefer 8 inch subwoofers, they want the peace of mind of not having to worry about taking up the reminder of their space to fit a subwoofer. They want the pleasure of having the best possible sound of this type of subwoofer. But if you have problem with space then go for Best Under Seat Subwoofer For Actual Soothing Sound

People with small cars or motorcycles, or boats are more likely to want to go for this type of subwoofer because it gives you the best of both worlds. The pleasure of placing it wherever you want to place it, coupled with the pleasure of having the thumping subwoofer that gives you the memorable sound and makes the best out of your ordinary trip. The fact that you don’t have enough space should not have to stop you from experience what everyone who has enough boot space experience, which is a subwoofer that fits in to a particular space and reproduces the right type low end frequencies that give you a powerful bass.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting An 8-Inch Subwoofer?

It is important to know what to look for when you want to buy an 8 inch subwoofer. There are a few highlighting points that you should be on the look on for when you want to get the best for your money. This guide will aim to help you decipher the nitty gritty of the different elements.

These elements are geared towards ensuring that you receive the maximum experience possible.

  1. Flexibility.

The flexibility of the subwoofer has to do with the sort of voice coils that are fitted with the former. The decision to either get a single or dual voice coil rests ultimately on whether you know the difference between the two. A signed voice coil will not give you the flexibility you will need in terms of overall performance like a dual voice coil would. A dual voice coil is able to produce a certain amount of flexibility because the voice coil allows for it.

It is also important to realize how significant it can be to have a subwoofer that has fixed ohms than a subwoofer that has a flexibility in terms of the range of ohms it can access. For dual voice coil subwoofers, the range of ohms is broader than that of single voice call. You should look out for the different specifications of each subwoofer and decide which one works for you based on the different features each has and the flexibility it affords you.

  • Placement.

The entire premise of an 8 inch subwoofer is to give you an array of possible placement options. When you even think of an 8 inch subwoofer, it is because you don’t have enough space to fit a bigger subwoofer. These types of subwoofers can be placed in a wide range of places such as under a seat, behind a seat, the walls of the boot or the spare tire region.

Not a lot of subwoofers give you such an array of options in terms of where to actually place the subwoofer. But for your own needs, you have to consider the most plausible options for you and your car and make a decision based on that very fact. That when you get the subwoofer, where are you looking to place it and it will not interfere with the inner workings of your car.

  1. Music.

People buy large subwoofers because they want the loudest sound and the most disturbing vibrations they can possibly get because they feel that they can’t get that from their already existing sound systems. The ones that look to get 8 inch subwoofers are looking to host a party with their car sound, but to improve the quality of their stereo.

With an 8 inch subwoofer, you will not get the most thumping bass that is going to set off car alarms as you pass by, but you will most certainly get an improved sound system with an above average bass. Because a subwoofer works to enhance the quality of the low end frequencies as not other speaker in the unit focuses on that, it is important to know and realize to what extent the low end frequencies are going to be.

  1. Price.

The biggest subwoofers are most probably the expensive ones never their size allows them to ask for a premium with regards to the voice coils, the size of the magnets, the fact that they have to have sub boxes and a lot other components with doesn’t come cheap particularly in high end subwoofers. When it comes to smaller subwoofers, sized 8 inches or so, you know that they are lot more reasonable because they aren’t as expansive as their counterparts.

You have to know that there are subwoofers that don’t need you to necessarily break your bank to get them particularly if you have limited space and when you only just want to engage your own sound and not make a significant statement. There are options that are available to you to ensure that you get the best out of your sub without having to declare bankruptcy.

Review of Best 8 Inch Subwoofer Car Audio

MTX Audio RT8PT [Best 8 inch powered subwoofer]

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Right off the bat the first thing you notice about the Audio RT8PT is the design of the subwoofer. The fact that it’s most likely never going to get as much attention as it should because it’s place in your boot didn’t stop MTX from ensuring that they come up with a subwoofer that not only looks splendid, but also fits in tight spaces. You don’t want your subwoofer dictating how much luggage you can talk when you’re going somewhere because the boot is full with a subwoofer.

With its front facing port, the Audio RT8PT will not have any sort of distortion because its placement is designed to help you put in the corner or up against any wall of your can and decide what is it what. The sub of box audio is designed to ensure that the subwoofer has no leakage, resulting in a clean bass.

The Audio RT8PT has a remote controlled system that allows you to gain control of the subwoofer right in front of the car. This gives you the convenience of knowing that you have control without having to physically handle your subwoofer while listening to your songs.

• Beautiful design.
• Remote controlled bass
• Easy to set.

• Low wattage.

Kicker 46L7T84.

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If there was ever a subwoofer that gives you so many options about different placements positions, then the Kicker 46L7T84 would have to be it. The fact that you have a variety of places you can stick it in and the quality will remain the same hours to show how diversified they wanted their speaker to be. The diversity not only ends on where you can place the speaker, but the different motors that the speaker can be fitted on. It truly does fit any sort of transportation.

They designed the Kicker’s custom SoloKon technology to give you a more enhanced sound from a petite speaker. You would swear that the speaker is bigger than it really is when you hear and feel the bass that is reproduced by it. This invention of Omaha to partly thank the 4 voice coils that play their part in giving you an extraordinarily sound.

With 350 watts of recommended power, and placement that not only gives you convenience but also enhances the bass effect you can enjoy, the 46L7T84 covers all the bases an 8 inch subwoofer should be able to cover with great aplomb.

• Versatility in placement.
• The speaker is a great conductor of heat.
• Easy to set up.

Memphis MJM844

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The Memphis MOJO looks like a subwoofer that can outperform a lot of its counterparts. This is the battle half won because you cannot sample a subwoofer at the store. You have to trust the specifications and the looks to make your decision. And with the , half the decision is already made for you by just looking at the speaker. It has that intimidating and explosive look you want for a subwoofer.

Coming in at 8 inches doesn’t make it less of a subwoofer to not be reckoned with. With a magnet size of about 105 ounces, you can expect it to pull out all the stops to give you the best supporting act you can expect from such an incredible magnet. With a massive 1800w peak power, the level of bass you can expect when you combine that with the 900w RMS is surely going to blow your mind.

A Sensitivity is a measure that depicts how high or low power must be produced in order to produce a certain amount of bass. At 82 decibels, this is the right amount of sensitivity to achieve a positive correlation between how high or low sensitivity can be to directly balance the power needed to achieve a specific sound.

• 900w RMS/ 1800w Peak power.
• Aluminum basket.
• Direct Vent Voice Coil.

Rockford Fosgate P3SD2 [Best budget 8 inch subwoofer]

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Rockford has a passionate history of producing and manufacturing audio products that fit automobiles. They have time and again found an extra gear in how innovative they can be to ensure that the customer gets the best available experience when it comes to their sonic needs, especially when they are on the road. They understand that sometimes you might want the best sound but space would be at a premium. Which is why the P3SD2 makes the most out of right soaves to give you the best bass.

The design of the P3SD2 is completely sublime. The minimalist feel they went for is not only pleasing, but also draws your attention to the speaker without even trying too hard. And the icing on the cake is the 150 watts RMS that gives you that goose-bumpy feel.

The aluminum cones surely produce clear and clean bass without even trying to do too much. Weighing in at 8.8 pounds means that they won’t be any extra weight on your car wherever to decide to place the subwoofer. All you can expect is to have fun with your audio with this excellent bass effect that comes from the P3SD2.

• 150w RMS
• Aluminum cones.
• light weight.

Rockville RockGhost Active Powered 8″ [Best 8 inch subwoofer]

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There is no replacement for being clean. This is because you don’t want to have the best sounding car but have the inverse feeling of having your car be clutter and untidy isn’t worth the stress. The Active Powered 8 is designed to fit in the spare time region. This gives you a clean and tidy look, as well as enough storage to complete your daily routines without taking away from your subwoofer or the space you might need.

The thing about subwoofers is that when they work well, and I mean extremely well, they don’t just let you hear the bass, they let you feel it. And if you play a song that is predominantly laced with low frequencies, you can set up, it gives you a clear and clean sound. This is important because there will not be any sort of distortion that might mess up your audio experience. Vibrations might occur, but this is normal for a product that thrives on making its presence felt.

With 200w RMS output , and 800w peak power, the active powered subwoofer shows time and time again how good of a product it really is. Some people who have formally bought subwoofers have complained about thieves stealing their subwoofers. They have ingeniously come up with an idea that work with most cars, the hiding of the sub and the

• Can produce 200 watts now capable on handling its own.
• Can be concealed under the spare wheel region.
• Offers a super clean and accurate sound.

Rockford Fosgate P3SD4-8 [Best8 inch shallow mount subwoofer]

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The reason behind buying a subwoofer is rooted behind the fact that not only do you want a more refined sound that you actually enjoy, you want you subwoofer to have certain characteristics that make it easy to install and not take away from your cars elements, such as electronic wires, having to make cuts in areas you might not feel comfortable cutting and overall not being as convenient as a speaker should be.

The Rockford Fosgate brand has embedded in their DNA the engineering prowess of wanting to manufacture great audio components without destroying certain parts of your car that you might need, in particular, space. When space comes in at a premium, that doesn’t mean you should give up on wanting to experience low end frequencies that only a sub can reproduce, but you need to adjust your radar and look for subs that cater directly for you. This is why the P3SD4-8 is such a great sub.

Not only does it produce 200W without breaking a sweat, the 4 dual voice coils can come into their own as well with the right type of sound . Coming in with either a sealed or closed vented enclosure, you have the option making your sub have different components that come either decide.

• Closes or vented enclosures.
• Aluminum cones.
• 150W RMS.

Dual Electronics SBP8A 8 inch [Best 8 inch subwoofer for truck]

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The Dual Electronics has a very unique design. It is said the the engineers who were tasked with coming up with a a design for the SBP8A were asked to create a design that didn’t exist in the market. To give the customers a wow factor and to come up with a subwoofer that had all the elements needed to produce a powerful subwoofer, but also a design which was unique enough to stand out. I don’t know about you but they did just that.

With a Peak Power of up to 106W and 80W RMS, it represents numbers and specs that are very good for a subwoofer of this size. At 8 inches, you don’t have much room to maneuver, and this is the best power you can get from this subwoofer. But don’t be deterred because it performs wonders. Computer aided design encompasses 2 voice coils and the port is made out of aluminum cones to ensure that the bass is as clean, clear and accurate as you can possibly expect.

To achieve a superior sound, the carpet used gives you a certain grip to eliminate any sort of movement that might be caused by the car and in turn cause a distortion or turbulence in the sound. This subwoofer is made to withstand such challenges to work towards giving you an all round sound that makes your traveling a lot more fun.

• Unique design.
• Top of the line carpet.
• 160W peak power.
• 80W RMS power.

Kicker L78 Q-Class 8-Inch [Best 8 inch subwoofer for sealed box]

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In terms of uniqueness, its creativity in design, in terms of thinking way outside the box to give customers a different perspective of how come designs should really be, the L78 Q-Class stands alone. They have designed a cone that is shaped to produce an enhanced bass. There aren’t a lot of cone designs that are solely dedicated to being shaped in just the right way as to enhance the bass effect that comes from the low end frequencies.

When it comes to playing your music as Lois’s as you can for as long as you can, you run the rush of the subwoofer overheating because of being overworked. If the subwoofer is overworked, then when it reaches a certain point it will switch off. With an advanced heat management system, this allows you the pleasure of listening to your music with a thumping bass for long periods of time without the fear of overheating or long term damage.

For accuracy, clean and a clear bass Strong Suspension Kicker’s Blue Lace spider is fitted in the subwoofer so that there is no sign of distortion or turbulence.

• Advanced heat management.
• Unique design.
• Clean and Accurate bass.

HIPPO84V2 – 8 Inch [Best cheap 8 inch subwoofer]

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Hippo 84V2 are solely focused on getting the very best bass they can possibly get. To achieve this feat, they spent less time focusing on how the speaker looks and focused all their attention on how it sounds. With its rugged industrial look, the bass that comes from this is pure enough to justify the lack of aesthetics.

The magnet that is fitted in this subwoofer packs such a heavy punch that justifies the industrial design. The 2.5 voice coils also complements the components that are needed to reproduce a bass that will leave you in awe because of the power it is.

With its RMS quoted at 500W , and the Peak power quoted at 1000W, the bass is sure to have a serious claim of being the best 8 inch subwoofer there is. This has been quality tested to ensure that what is been said to be the case is a true reflection of the subwoofers performance.

• 1000W Peak Power.
• 500W RMS.
• Quality tested.

Alpine Electronics PWE-S8

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With a small footprint, this allows you the freedom of placing it where you want and a place where it will enhance the bass to complement the overall and surround sound of the car. This is important because the size of the subwoofer in this case does not need to be of a massive size to ensure that you get a powerful bass.

The fact that it’s this small means that you won’t have to worry about having the space to place it, wherever you feel it gives you the best possible results, you can place it there and have the time of your life. This 8 inch subwoofer has a 120W, giving you incredible power from such a small subwoofer.

To have a sense of control when you’re driving and want the convenience of deciding what the level of bass you want, a remote knob is fitted to with a 15 inch cable that gives you the leverage of being in complete control of your sound.

• Compact size.
• 120W Peak Power.
• Remote level knob.

8”subwoofer single vs dual voice coils ?

We have to start by defining what a coil is. A coil is a wire wrapped around a cylinder called the former, which accepts the amplifiers current. The movement of the wire up and down the magnet ultimately results in the production of sound. When referring to a Single Voice Coil, we’re referring to a single lengthy wire that is wrapped around the writer. A single voice coil is only able to be wired at a specified ohm level. It cannot be more or less than the ohm level already specified. This then means that there is no room for flexibility and the ohm level is fixed.

A dual voice coil has in its ranks a wire that goes two times around the former. The advantage of having a dual voice coil is that the frequency and flexibility. Unlike a single voice coil, the dual voice coil fluctuates from different ohms levels. If it states that it works to 3 ohms , the truth of the matter is that it probably works from 3 – 8 ohms.

The advantage of picking one or the other is rooted not in the different prices that you’re going to pay because of a dual wire speaker. Dual voice coils are generally a bit more expensive than single wire voice calls, which doesn’t necessarily mean the quality of sound is any different.

Best 8 Inch Subwoofer Car Audio is sufficient for bass and worth money?

Subwoofers that are sized at 8 inches are worth buying because they have elements that bigger subwoofers might necessarily possess. 12 – 15 inch subwoofers might have a better overall deep bass, but the fact that you might lose more than half of your boot space doesn’t bode well with the dual purpose of your boot. Even if you get a significantly better sounding subwoofer, the fact that you might have to sacrifice the use of your boot is a compromise you have to be willing to make.

That’s a different case all together when it comes to 8 inch subwoofers, you get to the best of both worlds. The function of your boot to use it to store luggage or groceries, and the duality of using it as a storer of your subwoofer. In terms of overall bass performance, the wattage, frequency response and other components perform at a maximum level for these kinds of subwoofers. It is then important to know that these subwoofers are worth the money you pay for.


Which type of enclosure increases your listening experience ?

It depends on the type of speakers and sound you like. But generally, a sealed enclosure gives you a better and increased listening experience. This is because there is no air leakage. The sealed enclosure limits the movement of the subwoofer.

Is the subwoofer powered or will it need an amp?

There are subwoofers that need an amp and there are those that don’t necessarily have an amplifier. This depends on the sort of subwoofer you’ve actually bought.

Do 8 inch subs sound good?

There are many advantages in getting a small subwoofer and are likely going to have an overall better experience in terms of usage. 8 inch subwoofers generally sound good and will have opting for small subs backseat so they do not eat away at your car’s battery and sound particularly good.

Is an 8 inch subwoofer enough?

Depending on what you want for a subwoofer, yes an 8 inch subwoofer is enough. It saves you a lot of space and money, while on the other hand giving you an above average sound that you can be happy with.

WHAT IS Best 8 inch subwoofer shallow mount?

The best 8 inch subwoofer shallow mount is the Rockford Fosgate P3SD2–8 8″ in terms of components that are used , overall sound quality, design and general product comparison, the P3SD2 is by far the best subwoofer in that particular category.


It really used to be a bummer when you could not only afford the largest subwoofers and you simply had to additional space to place that subwoofer if you’d miraculously come up with the money. This was until the best 8 inch subwoofer car audio started being produced to give small cars a fighting chance of having a decent sound system that had a bass that they could be proud of.

The bass makes so much a of a difference when you even if it’s your own cars. Driving around with car stereos that doesn’t have a subwoofer makes the audio sound bare, and you aren’t able to enjoy it without those low end frequencies. Despite their miniature stature, 8 inch subwoofers are capable of reproducing a thumping sound to give you an all round sound. To get this or even experience it for yourself, use this guide to pick out a subwoofer that works for you and have fun with it.

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