Top10 best audiophile headphones for gaming in 2021

Top10 best audiophile headphones for gaming in 2021

Gamers rely on high quality sound to endure that they pick up even the smallest of sounds to give them an advantage,

that is why this article brings to you best audiophile headphones for gaming. You need the extra gear to become the next best thing in gaming, and for competitive people such as gamers, you need the best equipment possible, and it doesn’t get better than audiophile.

In terms of sophistication, the most advanced elements in technology, the next best components, audiophile is where it is.

It is not a stretch to say that audiophile headphones are the best in the world.

Not only because of the price, which is extremely justified given how next level the sound the product is, but because of how well put together the product is. Normally you would expect to counter external noises by pumping up the volume,

but with audiophile headphones, the signal that is produced helps create zero distortion. This in turn makes the sonic experience one to write home about because it is that good. This article brings you the guide that separates the best audiophile headphones for gamers, so you know which is best audiophile headphones for gaming in 2021 for you.


Image Product Details   Price
4 beyerdynamic MMX 300
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12 Logitech G PRO X Wireless
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9 Razer BlackShark V2 Pro
Budget Friendly Check Price NOW
10 HyperX Cloud Flight S
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What are audiophile headphones​?​

Audiophile headphones are headphones that produce sound signals with the highest possible accuracy. Audiophiles are capable of producing the best possible realistic sounds. This means that you will hear every spec of sound there is to hear. This bodes well gamers, because you can rely on the best sound producing headphones available.

Gamers prefer audiophile headphones because they offer the best sound. From the minute sounds that give you the ultimate awareness, to the balanced out surround sound, audiophiles offer premium quality sound and give the professional gamers the edge they need to be competitive.

Do you really need audiophile​ headphones for gaming ​?

Audiophile headphones are the top tier of headphones. In terms of quality, features, the very best technology, the design and overall feel, audiophile has no competition. Audiophile headphones are the type of headphones that give you the best advantage because of how well designed they are.

In terms of low and high frequencies, and overall sound , you cant compare audiophiles with regular headphones. The installation of boom microphones give you the extra push that is needed to set apart these headphones. You have to remember that audiophile headphones are made from the highest quality components, which means that you have the highest quality headphones.

The emphasis of audiophile is largely on sound, giving you the best sonic and acoustic experience you could ever want. They give you the clearest sound you can possibly ask for. Whether it’s open or closed back, you can rest assured that the type of quality you can expect is of a surreal level. It won’t be muddy or unclear. So it is definitely worth it to get audiophile headphones to enhance your gaming experience.

Top Product Review For Best Audiophile Headphones For Gaming

1. Audio-Technica ATH-G1WL

Intended for gamers who use laptops and computers, the ATH-G1WL offers these types of players the opportunity to intensify their experience, whether you are a professional gamer or someone who wants the ultimate experience in gaming, these headphones will do you the world of justice. The connectivity relies heavily on what’d like to refer to as a USB Type-A connector. This ensures that the connection you have between your device and the headphones is absolutely perfect.

If you are a professional gamer or someone who plays games religiously, you’ll know just how much information is being passed from gamer to gamer, and to do this, as a gamer you need an unfettered and uninterrupted connection that has absolutely no interference. The ATH-G1WL ensures that your real time communication remains clear and without any distortion. Because audiophile headphones are at the peak of headphones, it’s expected that they come with the convenience of their price commands, which is why the ATH-G1WL gives you controls that make gaming easier. For muting, increasing volume and the likes. The microphone that is fitted makes communicating either with other gamers or an audience very easy and with no lag. This will enhance your gaming experience.

• Untethered communication.
• Sound controls.
• State of the art microphone.

• Only compatible with laptops and personal computers.


The world that most encapsulates the GSP 67p is control. Absolute control of your gaming experience, control of your environment, control of your entire sonic experience. These headphones offer you all that and more. The fact that they offer you a Bluetooth connection that allows you to pair with your device and not even experience any lag means that when you’re deep inside your mission that needs your maximum focus, you will not have to worry about trying to keep connecting to your device.

It doesn’t mean that you completely shut out the outside when you take up your console, you can pair your phone as well as your device and when your phone rings, it takes you straight to your call. Upon finishing your call, you’re seamlessly transferred back to your game. Talk about convenience.

There are times when you finish a stage or a mission and you need to go grab a snack or drink water or even stretch, these headphones offer up to 10m of range without any interruptions.

• Fast charge enabled.
• Noise isolation.

• Very expensive.

3.EPOS-Black (506080)

The fact that the Black is not only an all round product but they have the looks to compare bodes well for gamers. The design is aesthetically pleasing and that compliments the overall product. The one feature that makes the Black stand out is the communication systems. While you’re busy with in game chatting, you can also hold phone calls with friends outside the game. This feature gives you the best of both worlds!!

You can also set up your own sound settings to work for you. The fact that you’re able to customize your own sound, for both in game chat and outside chat means that you’re always in control. They have fitted the headphones with controls that allow you to easily mute and control your volume. The microphone is detachable and it is fitted with a foam that helps you counter the noise breathing makes.

Compatible with almost any device, you will not have to worry about having to go around looking for headphones that work with specific devices because these ones are compatible with so many devices. This gives you the peace of mind to only focus on getting your gaming experience on.

• Control buttons.
• Customizable settings.
• Capability to use both wireless and Bluetooth at the same time.

• Some features only work with specific devices.

4.Beyerdynamic MMX 300-[best headphones for music and gaming and audiophile]

If you want luxurious comfort and high end performance that suits your gaming needs, then the MMX 300 is the way to go. They take realism to a whole different level. They do this by offering you a clear and accurate sound experience by isolating any lag that might interfere with your gaming experience. This is important because if you don’t have
any disturbances in your audio when gaming, then you have every chance of having the best possible experience because your focus will only be on your game.

Having a microphone that clarifies your voice for you and takes care of any impediments works in your favor. Control buttons make it easy to give you the ability to fix your volume or mute easily without taking anything away from your gaming experience.

A gaming session can take up so many hours of your day, and this is why having a pair of headphones that are comfortable goes without saying. This enables you to have long stretches of sessions without straining yourself.

• Noise canceling microphone.
• Control buttons.
• Comfortable headphones.

5.Audeze LCD-GX Gaming Headset.

In terms of an all round headphone, the LCD not only caters for gamers but also for audio editing and mixing. It is not only an all rounder in terms of usage, but also for how perfectly it distributes it’s sound. The fact that the war cups are open back means that it gives the headphones a more holistic acoustic sound.

Because people have different face structures, it’s important to have the ability to have options to customize everything to your liking. The microphone is able to be detached and flexible. They also cancel out the noise. They are fitted with control buttons to make your life easier. Especially when you want to mute or have control of your volume easily.

A lot of people who want completely wireless headphones could complain that the LCD-GX isn’t completely wireless, but the wires work towards making your experience better.

• Comfortable.
• Detachable microphone.
• Surround sound audio.

• Not completely wireless.

6.Sennheiser GSP 370 [best closed back audiophile headphones for gaming]

In terms of performance and absolute aesthetic appeal, the GSP 370 gives you that military type feel, especially with its head strap that’s firm but comfortable enough to give you hours on end of comfortable gaming. They are fitted with control buttons that allow you to have easy access to your mute and volume buttons so that it doesn’t take away from your entire gaming experience.

It is important to have focus and discipline as a gamer, and you need the equipment you use to offer you the type of convenience that not only gives you the edge, but also offers you the ability to control your whole experience but still not take away from how you need to focus on your mission. The noise canceling microphone gives you that. Because they understand you need to have clear communication. They have made sure that the outside signals that you’d normally pick up are counter by the opposite signal so that you won’t have to keep on explaining the same this as your communication will be crystal clear.

If you live with people or want to attend a quick emergency, they have installed a lift to mute feature which allows you to mute your communication quickly and have private conversations with anyone without feeling like you’re being invaded. That way you can keep your virtual and personal life separate.

• Noise cancelling microphone.
• Up to a 100 hours of battery life that ensures you have the maximum available time to get your game on.
• Easy mute the headphones with the flip to mute feature.

7.Corsair VOID White (CA-9011202-NA)[best audiophile headphones for fps gaming fortnite]

The VOID White are commonly known as rockstar headphone, purely because of how they look and how they give you the best of modern technology. The way in which their designed compliments your head structure and gives you the feeling that they were tailored made for you. Which is great because they give you the best possible experience.

You want to hear everything as a gamer. From the footsteps to every type of background chatter, because you know that could be the difference between winning and losing. They have high density audio drivers to enhance the sound quality and give you the best sonic experience.

The connection to your device is seamless which I think you would appreciate because once connected, even if you finish up your session and pick it up at another time, you will not have to pair again because it will connect easily because of its Bluetooth.

For the price that you pay audiophile headphones for, you’d expect them to last you for a pretty long time. And these ones are designed to give you that longevity. So you can get your game on and use them over and over again without fearing that they will become absolute.

• Flip to mute feature.
• Seamless wireless connection.
• Comfortable ear pads.

• You might not like the design of the ear pads.

8.SteelSeries Arctis 7

The Arctis 7 is anything but conventional, and that’s why they are so great when it comes to giving the professional gamer or people who take their gaming seriously. Their design is unlike any other and that is actually a great thing for once. They have colored outside the lines to give you the best of a different type of make.

You need zero interference and low latency when you’re gaming. This means that you won’t have any lag and you won’t have any dissertation. What this means ultimately is that you can have the best experience possible sonically.

Having the ability to be on calls with friends or family and still stay tuned with in game chatter is a great feature. The Arctis 7 offers you that. The idea that you can still talk to your loved ones, have beautiful and lengthy conversations, and still be competitive because you would be privy to whatever’s happening inside the game is that every gamer needs. Coupled with a 24 hour battery life, they have the best combination possible.

There are sessions where you can’t afford to not have a solid battery life headphone, where you need to stay locked in for hours and hours on end, and you need to have headphones with a battery life that fits your gaming needs. The Arctis 7 gives you that for a whopping 24 hours. You can be rest assured that this is not just something they made up to get you to buy their headphones, it’s actually true.

• Low latency and zero interference.
• High quality microphone.
• Up to 24 hours of battery life.

• The ear pads might not be as comfortable.

9.Razer BlackShark V2 Pro

They are not considered the best selling gaming headphones for nothing. They are actually very good. If a multitude of gamers agree that this is their go to headphone, who are we to argue? And to be honest, there’s not a lot thats wrong with the V2 Pro.

We know and appreciate that what happens in any game is virtual and not necessarily real life, but you could be forgiven for blurring the lines a bit given how real the sound that comes from the V2 Pro convinces you of how real everything is. You get consumed by how high quality the sound is. You get the feeling that you’re actually in the game and that’s pretty difficult to produce.

The last thing you need as a gamer is headphones because sweaty and uncomfortable after hours of use. These ones give you the assurance that will not happen anytime soon. Because they can last for hours without overheating and give you that comfortable feel without any sort of pressure.

• Detachable microphone.
• High quality surround sound.
• Comfortable headphones.

• The inclusion of metal on the design might not be everyone.

10.HyperX Cloud Flight S

Gaming is highly competitive, and the headphone industry is as competitive if not more competitive. That means whatever headphone is produced has to meet certain specific requirements because gamers are very demanding, not only of themselves but of how they want their equipment to be. The Cloud Flight S meets those specifications and knocks them out the park to be honest.

30 hours of battery life allows you the pleasure of gaming for extended sessions where your opponents run out of steam. This means that you can gain a competitive advantage. If your battery is not up to par with your gaming needs, you can always put in the charger, wirelessly I might add.

I’m game chatting and outside game chatting is possible and you have the controls at the palm of your hands to decide how you want to balance the audio. And if you don’t want the microphone installed, you can easily detach it and go about your gaming on your conditions. The ear pads are rotatable to a degree of 90.

• Wireless charging.
• Up to 25 hours of battery life.
• Detachable microphone.

• Not everyone wants turning ear pads.

11.JBL Quantum 800

Giving you the opportunity to adjust almost everything, the Quantum 800 is the epitome of customization. With the option of customizing your equalizer, sound effects, mic and RGB effects. This means that you can maximize your sound experience and gives you the pleasure of knowing that you can focus on your gaming and nothing else.

It is important to have high quality sounding speakers so that you have the competitive advantage over your opponents. And the Quantum 800 gives you that surround sound feel. Fitted with a noise canceling microphone, you’re able to communicate with your teammates with as little echo effects as possible. What your teammates will hear is you and nothing else. And that is what sets apart gamers who win and gamers who don’t. The best features.

It is important to have ear pads that are comfortable. This is especially important if you’re a professional gamer because you don’t want to be uncomfortable in crucial moments when you have to be focusing but your headphones are overheating. The memory foams fitted are covered in soft leather. This gives you a long comfortable gaming experience.

• Noise canceling microphone.
• Compatible with major devices.
• Comfortable leather ear pads.

• Aesthetically they aren’t as appealing.

12.Logitech G PRO X

The Pro X takes gaming to a whole different stratosphere. That means that the whole package is extremely impressive and offers you an advanced gaming experience. The fact that they offer light speed in connection and in range.

The headphones give you more than 20 hours of battery life. That means you can have the marathon sessions. Giving you the ability to get the edge over your opponents and strategies with your teammates for hours on end. Wireless range means that you can move around the peripheral space of your device and still be in range to lists to your teammates and still be connected to your device.

The noise cancellation is of a premium level, which means that they can cancel out background noise effectively and give you crystal clear communication. To compliment this premium level noise cancellation, the Pro X is fitted with soft memory foam. You can be sure that you’re getting a comfortable feels that will last for hours on end.

• Noise canceling.
• Surround sound.
• Comfortable earpads.

Regular Headphones vs. ​audiophile​ headphones​ ​? ​

Regular headphones give you what you can expect from them. Regular. This means everything from memory foams, sound quality, microphone and all round feel is regular. The only advantage with regular headphones is that their cheap. But you might even view that as a disadvantage because being cheap means that they will not last for a long time and you’ll have to replace them every now and again because gamers use them for hours on end. This then means that you have to be comfortable with the fact they will not offer high end sound or high end specs.

Compared to regular , these are the cream of the crop, with the highest components used to give them the edge over every other headphone. They offer you the clearest sound possible with the highest possible accuracy. The sound, bass and balance of audiophile is unparalleled. So comparing them with regular headphones isn’t a fair comparison. The issue you might have with them is the price. But if we are being honest, for the specs, quality components, and overall product, the price they demand is very reasonable. When you direction compare the two, audiophiles come out on top 100% of the time.

For gamers especially, it is of vital importance that you’re able to pick up even the smallest of sounds. This give you a competitive advantage and you’re able to place yourself in winning positions. And to be honest, this is why you game. No one goes into gaming wanting to lose. But If you want to be a professional gamer, you need the very best equipment to give you that extra gear to ensure that will set you apart from everyone else. Gaming is a competitive sport, and to be competitive you need every advantage you can get and audiophile gives you that.

Buyers guide for -Best Audiophile Headphones For Gaming

  1. Comfortability.

Gamers go for hours on end having marathon sessions that take up a lot of hours. They do this because you have to separate the good from the average. By to get this type of experience you need hours upon upon a of gamin under your belt.

This is why it’s important to have comfortable headphones and none sweaty ear pads because you don’t want to be straining your necks or having leather pads that overheat. This will only detract from the experience you’re supposed to have. Comfortability is an important feature to look for in headphones.

  1. Noise canceling.

The fact that it’s a high level premium product means that you can and should expect the very best in each feature. Noise canceling means that the noise outside you get from external sources will not impede your ability to enjoy undisturbed sonic experience.

Noise canceling is such a wonderful feature especially for gamers. This means that you will be able to pick up even the smallest of sound signatures. This is vital because it gives you the edge over other gamers as you will be locked in to your game and can communicate with other gamers without any difficulties.

  1. Microphone.

Professional gaming and in game chat go together. For those who don’t know, game chatter means gaming strategic conversations with your teammates about how best to move forward. Seeing that this is an integral part of your overall gaming experience, it is important to know what the headphone you chose to pick offers you in this regard.

There are audiophile headphones that provide in game chat and outside chat. This duality means that you can maintain communication with tour teammates and still have a connection with the outside world to suit your needs.

  1. Price.

Just as a formality, because you know that chambers are you’re going to have to fork out quite a bit for this piece of technology. The price you pay plays an important part of your decision because you have to get a product that suits your needs for the amount of money that you’re going to pay.

It goes without saying that audiophile headphones are made out of high quality components. The result of this is that they end up costing a lot. But the value you’re going to receive is worth every cent you are going to pay.


Are audiophile headphones good for gaming?

Audiophile headphones are to gaming what milk is to tea. You really cannot separate the two because they are a match made in heaven. Gaming needs an audiophile because they give you the best sonic experience and expand the sort of audio you get because it exposes everything and gives you absolutely accurate and clear sound.

Are studio headphones good for gaming?

In terms of overall sound and performance, it is reasonable to argue that studio headphones are good for gaming. But they are primarily made for professional work or mixing and not for gaming. The only problem with them is that they don’t have a built-in microphone, so you might have to purchase a microphone separately.

What is the best headset to use for gaming?

The SteelSeries Arctis 7 is the best headset for gaming. It has all the available features that make it a premium audiophile headphone.

Are open back or closed back headphones better for gaming?

It only depends if you’re in a closed or open area setting. In a closed area, close black would work better but if you’re in an open area, open back will be much more effective. But overall, open back provides a more well rounded sound which gives you a more holistic feel to your sound and give you a great gaming experience.


These days gaming has become a lot more competitive than its ever been. This then results in gamers needing Best Audiophile Headphones For Gaming to make sure that they get the competitive advantage over other gamers.

You need to have a good ear to pick out even the smallest of sounds. That means you have to have headphones that help you in this regard, and audiophiles do that to perfection.

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