Top9 best budget center channel speaker in 2021

Top9 best budget center channel speaker in 2021

Buying channel speakers must be a worthy experience because they do so much for your home theatre system. It is then important that even best budget center channel speaker offer you the all-round sound that allows you to have the new movies and music experience you can possibly imagine. It’s fair that most people think that the best home theatre systems cost an arm and a leg. But that is not always the case all time.

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a home theatre system, does that mean you can’t enjoy your movies ? The fact that there are multiple brands out there that manufacture center speakers for a reasonable price means that the market caters for everyone who enjoys quality sound and appreciates the features that center speakers come with.

There are instances where cheap means low quality and nondurability, and then there are other instances where cheap isn’t exactly a reflection on quality but the target brands are looking at. This is what we will be bringing to you, best cheap center channel speaker. From which brands to look for, features, and different qualities. The fact that you might not have a massive budget doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your movies with quality sound.

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Why is a center channel speaker important?

Center speakers play an important role in ensuring that your entire home theatre system is well balanced. This balancing act is important because you have to have a speaker which brings all the best of the other speakers into effect. The fact that a large percentage of the dialogue and audio comes from the center speaker further emphasizes how important it is.

Center speakers also help the right and the left speaker to offer a surround sound feel which helps to cancel out the bounce that might happen between these two speakers. It is important to realize that without hearing the dialogue properly, there’s no way you can enjoy your favorite movies or songs. This is essentially the whole premise of the center speaker, to make sure that you have the dialogue on lock and you have the whole unit balanced.

what problem people face without having a Center channel speaker?

Unless you’re listening to music to music without any lyrics, then you need to hear what the audio is saying. I’m willing to bet that you listen to audio with dialogue and well as movies with speech. If that is the case then going and assembling your home theatre system without a center speaker, means that you will miss out on the dialogue that comes from your TV.

Almost all the dialogue that comes from the TV comes through the center speaker. So without that speaker , you’re losing a significant part of a movie experience. Not only does it make sure that you get the best available audio, it also works to balance out the sound. The entire unit relies heavily on the center speaker to give it that balance. The balance ensures that there is distortion and there is no echoing going on so that nothing takes away from the audio quality.

How much you should expect from a Best Budget Center Channel Speaker?

The only difference between highly priced center speakers from budget ones is the quality of components they use. And that largely relies on the brand which makes the center speakers.

Every available feature that you can find on budget center speakers. Which means you can go about having the best experience. The fact that there is a significant difference in price also doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t expect quality from the ones that you do indeed purchase a High Quality Center Channel Speaker(offer)..

Review of Top9 Best Budget Center Channel Speaker

1.Legrand,7000 Series, HT7157

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Dating back from 1865, and having been taken over by Frédéric Legrand in 1904, this company has its roots in making electric switches after a partnership with a then artisan Jean Mondot, they saw it fit to start with electric switches. And after a series of events which ultimately speared them towards making electrical equipment, they have gradually set themselves as a world leader in making electrical equipment. When they diversified their operations to include channel speakers, it only made sense because they were already the world’s largest maker of electrical cables, having about 75% of the world’s market.

All that experience has gone into making the HT7157. To make sure that they produce a simple but effective channel speaker that gives you about 60% of the movie soundtrack, they have fitted three drivers and ports that work to give you a balanced sound and accurate dialogue especially when watching your favorite movies. The woofers are made out of polypropylene to ensure that they give you the best possible performance and that all round bass that complements the sound.

Silk tweeter dome equips the HT7157 with the ability to work in tandem with the woofer to produce the sound you expect from a center channel speaker. Video interference is a real issue in speakers, to counter this issue, magnetically shielded drivers are fitted in the HT7157 to endure there’s no sign of any interference.

• Reasonably priced.
• Magnetically shielded drivers
• Accurate dialogue.

• It is not aesthetically pleasing

2.Yamaha NS-C210BL

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Yamaha has been a household brand for years and years because they know how to produce musical equipment that are of a high quality, which resonates with its customer base, hence why they are still a force to be reckoned with. With its design, the NS-C210BL is compatible with flat screen TVs because of its structure. It can easily fit into small spaces when you don’t have enough space for a larger speaker.

Center channel speakers are renowned for being the focal point of any home theatre system, which is why the NS-C210BL produces high quality sound compatible with high definition sources. To attain and give you refined response time, light aluminum cones are what the woofers are made out of. The bass is not limited to only reproducing its effect one way, it’s dual action means that it can work both ways to give you the ultimate bass experience.

Knowing that center channel speakers are the ones bringing balance to the overall sound, and the fact that they produce on average , around 60% of the soundtrack and most of the movie’s dialogue, having a center speaker that is balanced is important. This is why the dome tweeters are balanced. Staying in line with Yamahas design capabilities, the NS-C210BL is a beautifully designed speaker which has some of its finishes from pianos that Yamaha produces. You have the option of choosing from three different finishes to fit your needs and match your entertainment area.

• Light aluminum cones.
• Slim enough to fit under flat TVs.
• Beautifully designed.

3.Cerwin-Vega SL-45C [Best sounding budget center channel speaker]

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Founded in 1954, Gene Czerwinski was dead set on making a company that produces professional audio components, home audio speakers and car audio components. Even though the company had a number of years making audio components, they fell into hard times and were forced to file for bankruptcy in 2003. The Gibson Guitar company acquired the Stanton Group in its entirety. From there onwards, they have been a stable company.

To ensure that the center speaker lives up to its reputation of providing vocal clarity. The center channel speaker provides a lot of the dialogue that comes from the movies. It’s especially important to make sure that the center speaker fulfills all that’s expected from it. Fitted with five, 4 inches drivers, the SL-45C, the clarity you seek from the center speaker is something that you can expect from this speaker. The whole idea of this speaker is to make sure that the dialogue that comes from the movie is clear and accurate. This accuracy makes watching movies and listening to music the ultimate experience.

A soft dome tweeter makes sure that the highs and lows are balanced. This is complemented by the stylish finish that brings life not only to your home theatre system, but also to your living area.

• Reasonably priced.
• Soft dome tweeter gives you clear highs and lows.
• Provides accuracy intelligently.
• Stylish finishes to complement your entire living space.

4.BIC America DV-62CLRS

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Everyone who said that you can only have state of the art components at high or ridiculous prices had not sampled the DV-62CLRS. They are at the top of the line in this price point. And for good reason. The components that were used to make this center channel speaker are of a high quality even if they do not cost a fortune. The bespoke components of the DV-62CLRS consist of some pretty high tech and high quality stuff. It’s no surprise that it’s being touted as the best speaker that’s reasonably priced.

To make sure that you know that the sound from the DV-62CLRS has range and depth the necessary to give you that all round almost surreal experience, two 6 inch propylene woofers for an improved and all rounded bass effect. Center speakers should release accurate and fluid audio and dialogue to be considered efficient and perform their best function which means that they will be the centerpiece of your home theatre system, which this one does properly. Having the ability to be compatible with a wide range of amplifiers means that you have the option of picking any amp that works well for you because it will work with a lot of brands.

Because you won’t just place a center speaker anywhere, you need to place it in such a way that it’s going to complement your entire living area. The design of the DV-62CLRS has a stylish design that is highly attractive.

• 7 year warranty.
• Stylish design.
• Two 6.5 in. poly graphite woofers.

5.Bose Solo 5

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When it comes to audio equipment, Bose makes the most out of quality components. They have had a stronghold in the market because they continue to make the products that they excites the customer and keeps on coming back. With the VCS-10, they continue their undying trend of manufacturing high quality audio products.

Center speakers are always placed either on top or underneath the TV which can cause a certain amount of distortion particularly with the visuals coming from the TV. The distortion makes watching out favorite movies a literal nightmare. But to counter this, speakers have a magnetic shield that prevents any sort of distortion. To give you that surreal cinematic experience, Bose have fitted the VCS-10 with components that complement your existing TV and home theatre system. Articulated Array Drivers
ensures that the dialogue from either songs or movies is solid.

Bose offers you a bit of range concerning how far you can place your speakers from its receiver. Compared to other brands , they recommend a 16 gauge wire to maximize the frequency. This makes sure that you don’t lose the sound quality and even works to intensify the quality you’ve grown to expect from Bose. In terms of placement, the speaker has four pre attached feet and an additional four self adhesive rubber feet to give the speaker grip so that it doesn’t fall off while you’re enjoying your favorite movies.

• Compatible with different amplifiers and home theatre systems.
• Offers cinema like sound.
• Magnetic shielding.

6.Jamo S 81 CEN White

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In terms of design, the CEN White really has little to no competition. The finishes that the cabinets have been fitted with complement any sort of space. For that modern style, this would be the center speaker and the unit you’d want to go for because even if it’s on the minimalist side, it is still one of the best looking units available. To further enhance that minimalist vibe going on here, the grills are completely magnetic, this means that they don’t have any pins or holes which give them a clean design. The grilled in and of themselves have a heavy texture that creates a sort of ambience around the design of the speaker.

Placement of speakers is very important because it can either widen your range in terms of where you place them or it can limit your options. The CEN White has Front firing speakers which ensures that you have diversity of placement. The audio shouldn’t only focus on the person sitting straight in-front of the center speaker but also around everyone in the periphery of the TV. The CEN White gives all round sounds which fills the entire space to make sure that no one fills hard done by because of their sitting. With 1″ soft dome tweeter and Dual 4″ polyfiber woofers, you can expect a clean, accurate and powerful sound.

• Modern design speaker.
• Magnetic grilled to offer you a clean finish.
• Optimizes dialogue delivery.

7.OSD Audio 5.25”

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OSD prides themselves in using the latest cutting edge technology to create the best products possible. This is why their network consists of acoustic, mechanical and electrical engineers. This then, by default means that the know-how that goes into this product is one that you can be comfortable with. The solutions they offer to everyday sound problems are not only unique, but practical for your everyday sound consumption.

The audio of any movie is not linear, it has highs and lows. The speaker that you’re using should be able to compensate and handle that. The carbon glass fiber cone woofers ensure that the frequencies are excellent. Since this is an in wall center speaker, the ports are Front firing, which gives you the comfort of knowing that there will not be any sort of echoing going on instead the sound will fill the room to give everyone seated a cinema like experience. The grilles are designed in such a way that they blend in with your existing theme and do not take away anything from your aesthetic arrangement.

The Audio 5.25” has versatility in that it can be used as a front, center or a left speaker. This then gives you the option of diversity to suit your audio needs the way you like. You can personalize your sound to your liking with the adjustable switches that allow you to intensify your sound even more.

• Can be used as a Left , Center or Right speaker.
• The sound is adjustable to your needs.
• Brilliantly designed.

8.Polk Audio CSI A4

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This single channel center speaker offers you compatibility with other multi channel music systems. This gives you diversity as to which home theatre systems you can actually pair the CSI A4 with. The fact that you have a wide range to choose from not only widens your horizon, but also gives you the flexibility other center speakers might not be able to do.

Having two drivers which aren’t balanced will always work against you because even if the sound might be powerful, the fact that it will be all over the place will impede your ability to derive the best possible satisfaction from your audio product. This is important because the CSI A4 has Two 5.25 Inch dynamic balanced drives with polymer composite cones which work to give you a sort of balance that will work well with any of your favorite or new movies. Whichever one you like.

Coming with a single inched dome tweeter, which is the industry standard for center speakers, you can expect the effect this sort of tweeter delivers to be quite precise and to work well with the woofers to give you the best dialogue and clarity we’ve grown to expect from center speakers.

• Compatible with any Polk Audio home theater or multi channel music system.
• Polymer composite cones.


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With its impressive two way three drivers which are 5.25 inches, the 52CLRB not only offers industry standards at a reasonable price but makes sure to couple that with impressive sound which makes your listening experience very good. It’s drivers make listening to your favorite songs and watching your favorite movies a great experience because of how well balanced they are with the coated woofers and the poly dome tweeter.

The standard position for a center speaker is either beneath the TV or above it. When you want to get creative with it, you can mount it on the ceiling. But if you’re just going to place it in an orthodox place, then you might be worried about interference caused by how close your frequencies give the speakers position. The 52CLRB is not going to interfere with your visuals as they are shielded from the magnetic interference which might occur. This bodes well for you because not only are you going to have visuals which are shielded, you’ll also have clear and accurate sound. Which, if we admit it, is the reason you’d want to have a center channel speaker.

Having a black laminated finish means that dust won’t easily stick on the speaker and cleaner will not be a mission. The design is sure to complement your living area and even enhance your furniture because of how aesthetically pleasing the speaker is.

• It has two polymer coated woofers.
• The video is shielded from any distortion or interference.
• Laminated finishes.


What is the best budget center channel speaker ?

The Polk Audio CSI A4 is the best overall center speaker for people buying on a budget. It has all the features that ensure quality of listening to music and watching movies. From its unique drivers to its impressive woofers and its dialogue capabilities, it stands out on top of the rest.

Should the center channel be louder?

A center speaker doesn’t need to be loud. It just needs to be able to make sure that the dialogue is clear and accurate. The fact that it plays a balancing act for the entire unit is good enough to make sure that it stamps usability. Even if it’s louder, that’s only an advantage to you.

Is a plastic or wooden body good for sound?

A wooden body has high density, which amplifies the sound and gives you a much refined sound. For sound, a wooden body is a much better option as it’s considered to be a synthetic product which makes sure that there is no air flow. This in terms gives you the best possible sound.


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The fact that you might not have much money in the bank doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enjoy the best possible sonic experience. There are a variety of products in the market that ensure that you have the best featured center speakers at any price point. Even at cheaper prices, you would be surprised at how many different brands produce center speakers that are reasonably priced so that you and I can be able to afford to put together a decent home theatre system.

This guide is geared towards ensuring that you have the information you need to buy Best Budget Center Channel Speaker available. All you have to do is check the compatibility, surround sound and the dialogue capabilities of each brand and see how best you complete your home theatre system. Take this guide and make the best decision for you and your family. Having armed yourself with this useful guide, use it to enhance your home theatre system…

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