top11 best car subwoofer for deep bass in 2021

top11 best car subwoofer for deep bass in 2021

Throughout time people have created memories by traveling together. This exercise has been fruitful because not only does it connect people with their loved ones,

it also gives people much needed time to themselves. The common denominator in all this is music. Having your favorite playlist playing while you laugh, sing and have fun together has always been the recipe of memorable moments. This is why it’s important to have the best subwoofers for bass

because they create an ambience and surround sound that a system with only tweeter effects doesn’t not have the capabilities of producing.

When it comes to car sound, bass carries more weight that the surrounding tweeter speakers. In a lot of cars, the standard of audio components mostly don’t include powerful subwoofers. It’s only a few brands that fit their automobiles with subwoofers that can have a serious impact. But for those that don’t have a subwoofer, there are countless options that fit the size of your boot and the voltage that will not complicate your car’s internal wiring.

It’s simply not enough to have a standard stereo in your car when you can customize it to your liking with the best car subwoofers for bass in 2021.

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What is deep bass car subwoofer?

A sound system has different elements that each plays according to their strengths. Regular speakers unfortunately only work to produce high end frequencies which might not help capture the importance of the low end frequencies. The fact that these low end frequencies are not captured doesn’t mean that they are of less importance. If you work only to exploit the high end frequencies and neglect the low end ones, you stand to lose out on the more heightened frequencies that make sure most of the sound.

This is exactly where a subwoofer comes in. The term sub means low. The low end frequencies are a specialty for the subwoofer because they are produced to give you the bass effect you are not going to get from regular speakers. The difference between regular speakers and subwoofers is that with regular speakers , they allow you the pleasure of hearing the effect of the bass, but can’t necessarily give you the feeling of the bass. The subwoofer lets your whole body feel the bass. You might be familiar with this feeling if you have been inside a car that has a subwoofer.

Why is the car subwoofer important for bass?

The car’s stereo is simply not designed to produce the megawatts that are needed to produce the sort of power needed to have that bass effect. There is a limited space because most car stereos are fitted with inside a cars door or in the dashboard to give you a sound that fits your audio needs.

There simply isn’t enough space for the subwoofer to coexist with the speakers because within the parameters of the normal and standardized designs of most cars. A standard car stereo has the speakers to produce a balanced sound because the speakers are place in such a way that there’s a balance.

This balance however is not good enough if there is no subwoofer fitted in your car because for all the components needed to give you a sound that you can enjoy, a subwoofer is needed to produce the bass that complements the audio quality. As an analogy, imagine having all the right ingredients to make a perfect meal but only using a selected amount of ingredients. The meal might be okay-ish but with all the great elements it will turn out to be a perfect meal. To avoid any sort distortion and to give you an excellent sound that has all the elements to exploit every bit of sonic element there is.

What type of subwoofer is best for bass?

The Rockford Fosgate (2) Punch P3D2-12 is the best subwoofer for bass. This is purely because it produces low end frequencies that create a bass effect that you can feel in your body. The wattage of the Fosgate Punch gives you a bass that makes your sound chill. That’s how powerful the subwoofer is. All the components that are used to make this subwoofer are of a good quality. Especially and not limited to the carpet that is used to make the speaker.

The front facing port gives you the ability to ensure that you can place the speaker anywhere you like. There won’t be any sort of distortion because you would’ve placed it against the walls of your car’s boot. As an overall subwoofer, the Rockford Fosgate (2) Punch P3D2-12 gives you great low frequencies that amplify the quality of your audio.

Review for Best Car Subwoofer For Deep Bass

1.Skar Audio Dual 10″ 2400W

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The Skar Audio has positioned itself as a subwoofer that gives you a powerful bass without any sort of effort from you. Given that installation is a breeze, you will not have to commission someone to do it for it. The right cable is easily accessible and the ports to connect the sub are also easy to find. Dual 10 is designed in such a manner that the two SDR-10 D4 subwoofers give you bass without any sort of distortion. In many cases, when you have a powerful sub, the turbulence from a closed boot can take away from the quality of sound. And with 2400w, it’s enough to bounce up and down the boot and create a sort of turbulence that might cause vibrations. Luckily, the Skar Audio has a sort of airflow that mitigates against such.

The black carpet that is fitted all round the Dual 10 is made from high quality materials that blend in with the scheme that you normally find in standard boots. The size of the subwoofer is appropriate enough to allow all the components that are needed to give you a memorable bass, but also small enough to not take up a lot of space you might need for your own personal needs. The material that’s been used to cover the speaker of a high quality, which goes together with the quality of the speaker.

• Capable of producing 2400 watts.
• Two subwoofers.
• 1200 watts for RMS.

2.MTX Audio TNP212D2

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MTX are renowned for making the best subwoofers for automobiles. They have understood since their inception that a plain sound when you are in a car will not suffice. Given that you use your car so such, whether it be for work or leisurely purposes, the right sound will set the mood of your trip. Every song sounds different when you add bass to it, and for the listener, having the pleasure of not only listening to your songs with tweeter speakers, but with seriously powered subwoofers makes all the difference.

To get the most out of your subwoofer, it comes with an amplifier. When you combine the bass of the subwoofer and the assistance you get from an amplifier, the sound is not only loud but it’s also clean. The wattage of the amplifier is counted at 250. The subwoofer mainly focuses on the bass of the audio. You might be forgiven for thinking that the bass is just a linear type beat that has no highs and lows and doesn’t differ in frequencies. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The highs and lows are compensated for by the filtering system that offers 40Hz–400Hz range.

The dual 12 inch subwoofers are capable of giving you a clean and clear bass without any distortion or vibration. Normally the vibration would occur when you ramp up all the 1200 watts.

• The subwoofer comes with a TNA251 amplifier.
• 1200 watts maximum power.
• 40Hz–400Hz range.

3.Rockville RV12.2B 1200W Dual 12″-[Best car subwoofer kit for deep bass]

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There are bodies in every industry that regulate the products that are made and sold on each respective industry. The importance of these bodies is to protect customers from brands that are not entirely true, to make sure that customers get the value from the products they buy, and to hold companies accountable for delivering products that they promise customers will.

In terms of subwoofer standards, the RV 12.2B matches and even exceeds industry standards with its CEA 600. You have to understand that a lot of brands state that they comply with certain standards just to position their brand as one of the best, but they would be falsifying these statements because they don’t meet the standards they claim to comply with. That’s not the case with the RV 12.2B. It bodes well for customers there are brands who do not intentionally mislead them.

The 1.5″ aluminum 4-layer voice coils produce a clean bass to give you a quality of sound that you can appreciate and thoroughly enjoy. The coupling of the subwoofer and the amplifier works well because both have capabilities individually that when they come together they offer you a sound that you can be proud of. The subwoofer peaks at 1200 watts, the same as the amplifier. Together they have a combined 2400 wattage.

• 2400 watts.
• Designed to be adjusted at an angled that gives you a clean bass.
• The carpet used is of an aviation grade.

4.Cerwin-Vega VPAS12ST 12″ 2Ω 600W-[Best car 12 inch shallow subwoofer for deep bass]

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Founded as Vega Associates, which eventually was later changed to Cerwin Vega by aerospace engineer Eugene J. “Gene”. Having been the first to engineer an amplifier in 1957. From that time onwards they have continued to champion the advancement of sound equipment which are of a high quality. This has been a feature of all their speakers and amplifiers. The fact that they have deviated from that stems well for the customer because you know that not only are you getting a good product, you’re getting it from people who have been innovators in the field and have set everyone has had to follow.

Part of the reason why people become discouraged to even think of trying to enhance their car stereo is because the fitting process tends to come with logistical issues which are unnecessary. The VPAS12ST is easy to install. Because it’s easy to install, you won’t face any challenges with mis-wiring which might cause problems later in. This is a completely wireless product. Having installed the subwoofer, you can expect a clean and clear bass. What this means is that you won’t have any vibrations or distortion whatsoever.

The VPAS12ST is designed to fit in the space tire region according to the following dimensions: 16.5” X 16.5” X 6.5”(L X W X H)
419.1 X 419.1 X 165.1 mm (L X W X H).

• Remote subwoofer: It is completely wireless.
• Remote controlled.
• Fits most spare tire regions.

• The dimensions of the spare tires might not fit other car models.

5.Rockford Fosgate (2) Punch P3D2-12 6.

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Founded by an American inventor who was an engineer by profession and entrepreneur by occupation, James. Fosgate, first named his company Fosgate electronics may later rebrand it and with a change of name, Rockford Fosgate was born in 1983. The combination of all his prowess, knowledge and skills led to the emergence of Rockford Fosgate as a leader in car subwoofers and amplifiers. And with good cause because they would take everything by storm.

Most amplifiers have an issue of overheating particularly at high levels because all the systems are now operating at maximum levels and a shutdown is in most cases a realistic expectation. With a wattage of 2400 in both subs, the Punch can withstand being used at capacity levels. Temperatures up to 100 degrees aren’t much of an issue because the aluminum voice coils provide a superior resistance to high temperatures. This has been tested because Cerwin has been given approval according to the CEA 2031 standards.

A common issue raised by customers is how sure are they that continued use at high levels will not cause any wear and tear in the long run that might result in them not being able to enjoy the best of the Punch. The sinking cone is made out of aluminum, which is the preferred substance for cones as it gives you the best possible sonic experience.

• Heat dissipation of up to 100°.
• Complies with CEA standards.
• Durable.

6.Earthquake Sound SubZero-15

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With regards to the frequency response and the accuracy in the speed you’d normally expect from normal subwoofers, the subzero works at a very different spectrum. It’s spectrum is one that demands absolute excellence for the price tag it commands. The components used to create this product are of a high quality. Which is why the subwoofers look like top notch vehicular type parts because the engineering that’s gone into them is absolutely amazing.

But for a product produced by Earthquake, it comes as no surprise because it has. 3.25 aluminum voice coils. With a grand total of 2500 produce an wide range of different dynamics when it comes to sound quality and variations. The handmade nature of the Sub zero give it a bespoke design, so no one subwoofer is exactly like similar to another one because it is handmade.

You would now have the option to have the ideal blend of looks, execution, steady quality, life length, and effortlessness of foundation. The SubZero in like manner displays its TCT Coil and shaft cooling advancement, notwithstanding the PSP terminal square that grants sound framework and mono impedance changes just by flipping wires. The fact that some of the components are military grade only goes to show you how determined the SubZero are in making a product that will stand the test of time and give you maximum satisfaction.

• A maximum of 2400 wattage.
• Aluminum coils.
• Temperature checker.

7.Power Acoustik MOFO-152X- [Best 15″ car subwoofer for deep bass]

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The MOFO is refined to deliver a quality of bass that will make customers not want to switch off their sound. To deliver such top tier bass, the subwoofers are tailored to produce 3000 watts. This is 600 more than what you get from a lot of brands. Such wattage allows you a deep bass with thumping effects, but is fitted in such a way as to not cause any sort of vibrations that make the audio sound horrible.

The minimalistic design of the subwoofers means that the focus will only be on the performance while being able to appreciate the beauty of it in the small details. It is also covered with foam to give you that clean bass. Power Acoustik is regarded as one of the best manufactures of car audio because the components they use are of a high quality. The manner in which they build their subwoofers is in a manner that makes you get the best out of every watt. With cloth paper composites, the 15 inch woofer couples that with aluminum reinforcements.

• 3000 watts.
• Composites are made out of paper.
• Light weight.

8.AudioPipe TXX-BDC4-15D

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The fact that there are a wide range of products in the market that cater for audio stereos specially for cars, means that different brands have to think outside the box to create a suitable and sustainable competitive advantage. AudioPipes competitive advantage is their high quality performance subwoofer. The 15 inch composite cone delivers a clean and clean bass. AudioPipe does this because they know that a bass that’s all over the place is not going to deliver the effect you want if it’s not released in a manner that’s fitting to cars’ audio need. The 4 layered coils work in such a manner that even in high volumes, there’s little to no vibrations that can’t take away from your audio needs.

To achieve a clear and accurate sound, AudioPipe has dedicated resources to ensure that even at high volumes the distortion and turbulence is at a minimum. This bodes well for you as the customer because you won’t have to limit the volume or impact of the amplifier because they have designed a subwoofer that can handle maximum volume. The spider ring is designed to create a parallel to give you a custom audio quality. You might be taken a back with the fact that the installation might be a hassle. This is not the case with the TXX-BDC4-15D because it is easy to install. This goes for most cars. So it doesn’t really matter what car you drive as long as the dimensions of the back of the boot fit the width and breath of the subwoofer.

• 2800 watts.
• Fits in most cars.
• 15 inch sized subwoofer.

9.Kicker Dual 43DCWR122-[Premium car subwoofer deep bass]

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There are a lot of subwoofers that sound great and produce a bass that not a lot can compete with, but there’s only one subwoofer that gives you the surreal feeling of thinking that you’re at a hip hop concert. The surround sound bass the Dual 43DCWR122 offers you comes with such an unrealistic quality that goes over and above the expectations you’d have of a cars audio system. This is only possible because of the 2000 watts that’s available per system and the enclosure that all work to maximize the bass.

The subwoofer is fitted with a black carpet which is of a great quality. This black carpet blends in directly with the carpet that is fitted with most day to day cars. This bodes well for you because you won’t have mismatching themes that contradict each other when it comes to blending it together. The enclosure of the Dual 43DCWR122 is designed in such a way that gives you a great quality sound. A great quality sound is why you even want to improve your sound in the first place, and with an impedance of 2 Ohms and a sensitivity of 98 dB, it goes a long way into giving you a type of sound you’ll be proud of pulling up at red light in.

The sort of confidence this gives you is something that you cannot even put a price tag on. That’s the sort of unintended consequence you’ll receive without even paying a single cent for it.

• 2000 watt peak power.
• Polypropylene cones.
• Easy installation.

10.Rockford Fosgate R2S-1X12

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Designed to fit into the tiniest of spaces, more particularly when you don’t have room to fit in a subwoofer, the R2S-1X12 caters to your audio needs, irrespective of the space. This bodes well for you because you won’t have to move mountains or make adjustments just to fit a subwoofer. This is possible because of the it’s depth that’s 3.25 inches. This means that you can place it at the wall of your boot because the woofer is front facing. The fact that it has a one way port means that putting it up against the walls of your car won’t create a distortion that might end up messing up the sound.

We all know that every song has highs and lows. These highs and lows complement different dimensions which every song has. The subwoofer is proven to deliver the different sonic elements. The front facing ports give you those highs and lows, especially with the bass effects that come with those highs and lows.

• High density carpet.
• Slim subwoofer fits in tight spaces.
• 12 inch subwoofer.

11.Rockford Fosgate P3-2X12

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With probably the best enclosure for a subwoofer, the P3-2X12 has airtight seals to ensure that no air flows out and the airflow only works to give you the best bass effect. You need a bass box that enhances the bass and gives it a clean sound.

With its black finishes, carved with a black carpet that fits it to perfection, the P3-2X12 not only sounds good but looks good too. The components that have been put there to build this subwoofer are all high quality. From the voice coils, to the sub box , the internal wiring and the ports are all of a high quality. Which ultimately results in a clean and accurate bass that you can hear but also importantly, feel.

In the entire P series of the Rockford Fosgate, the P3 has the highest power handling capacity. 2400 watts RMS makes sure that you get all the bass you heart desires without missing a single sonic element.

• Punch loaded enclosure.
• 2400 watts RMS.
• 1- ohms load.

Buying guide for best car subwoofer for deep bass

Buying Guide For Best Car Subwoofer For Deep Bass
  1. Power.

There is no way around it, the reason behind wanting to buy a subwoofer is rooted in wanting to enhance the quality of your car’s sound system. The speakers that are fitted in every car are only automated to enhance and reproduce high frequencies, which is not a bad thing, but you miss out on so much when you do not get to feel and hear the low frequencies which are part of every song, irrespective of genre.

Every sound enthusiast wants to blast their cars stereo. And to have that surround sound, you have to have all the elements that reproduce the sonic elements of the song, which includes the highs and lows, of which the latter can only be reproduced by a subwoofer. When buying a subwoofer, you have to focus your attention on the RMS rating as this is the most honest depiction of the subwoofers power.

  1. Size.

This will probably never be an argument that gets closed. There is a certain group of people that believe that the bigger the subwoofer, the better the bass. If you have the luxury of space, then you should for all intents and purposes go for the biggest subwoofer. This is because the speaker that produces the low frequencies is big and produces a lot more power.

The power of the bass isn’t actually associated with how big the subwoofer is. There are elements that you need to consider, such as the RMS , the enclosure of the speaker and the sort of power that the speaker has. With that said, this doesn’t mean that for everyone who doesn’t have space to buy a big subwoofer, then there are no available options for you. We shouldn’t underestimate the capabilities of smaller woofers especially if they are designed just right and their RMS is set in such a way that it can go toe to toe with the bigger subwoofers.

The ultimate yardstick of a good subwoofer is not its size, which matters, but how the specs have been designed to give you the best power.

  1. Enclosure Type.

The enclosure makes such a big difference. There is a difference in how the sound is produced particularly given how the subwoofer has been enclosed. Free standing subwoofers might produce a decent sounding bass depending on the sort of specs the subwoofer has.

Enclosed subwoofers however give you a great and all round sound. They have the effect of producing a bass that sounds clean without any distortion, sounds a lot more powerful because not only can you hear the bass, you can actually feel it. That’s the sort of effect enclosed subwoofers have on the overall sound quality.

  1. Sensitivity.

We have to bare in mind that to get the most out of the subwoofer, a lot of elements have to come into play and perform their respective duties so that you can experience quality sound. When it comes to sensitivity, this determines how much power a subwoofer needs to produce the low frequencies that gives you the bass effect you most certainly want.

Depending on the sensitivity of the subwoofer, you can rest assured that it plays an inverse effect on sensitivity and power. The higher the sensitivity, the less power is needed to kick out the bass effect and vice versa.

  1. Price.

As with anything that needs to be bought, unless you have endless resources, you have to consider their price you have to pay when buying a subwoofer. The price of a product is used as a determining factor to separate the mediocre subwoofers from the really, really good ones. This is because components that are used, such as magnets, voice coils, the wiring, the actual speaker, whether it is made out of paper or aluminum, and the enclosure differs according to price points.

You have to know your pocket and what your budget affords you to get. As a general rule, the very high priced subwoofer gives you a memorable bass that makes a grocery store visit sound like a music concert, but of course this comes at a premium. You have to know what sort of power you want and how much you’re willing to pay for it.


What size subwoofer has the deepest bass?

For the deepest bass, the size that is suitable and tailored to give you the best bass possible is a 15 inch subwoofer. This is because it’s large size regulate a lot more power than its smaller counterparts. The only disadvantage is that it takes away space from your boot.

What a good deep bass car subwoofer on a budget ?

The Bbox E12DSV Pro-Series 12 inch dual vented enclosure is the best sub box for deep bass. This is because it doesn’t allow any air to flow out of the enclosure and it optimizes the low frequencies.

How do I get more bass out of my subwoofer?

There are a few things you can do to get the best out of a subwoofer. First would be to ensure that you’ve paired your subwoofer with an amplifier. Most amplifiers have a bass boost function, you might want to turn it up to a level that works for you. Amplifiers have equalizers, you can switch them and customize them to your liking.

How can I get bass without a subwoofer?

The only speaker capable of producing low end frequencies is the subwoofer. So you can’t get the bass without a subwoofer unless you stuff boxes behind the rear speakers to fabricate a box feeling.

How do I increase the bass on my sub box?

There are a few things you can do to improve and increase the bass on your sub box. First would be to remove any sort of distortion that might affect the bass. Because the subwoofer enhances the low end frequencies, you should look into opening the low pass filters. Having done all that, adjust the sound to the amplifier.

What is the hardest hitting 12 inch subwoofer?

The Rockford Fosgate P3D4-12 is the hardest hitting 12 inch subwoofer. The RMS gives you the best power for a 12 inch subwoofer. The components used to make this subwoofer make it the best in its class giving you an unbelievable and unbeatable bass.


Audio enthusiasts appreciate great quality sound. And this is understandable when you imagine that regular boring trips to grocery stores can be turned into concert-like experiences because of how hard your car stereo would be. Subwoofers play an important part when it comes to your overall sound quality.

Because no other speaker offers you the joy of hearing low end frequencies, the subwoofer picks out the low end frequencies and clears it up so that you can experience it. Best Car Subwoofer For Deep Bass is capable of reproducing such frequencies. This is why you should get your car a subwoofer.

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