12 best center channel speaker for dialogue in 2021 [new]

12 best center channel speaker for dialogue in 2021 [new]

Home entertainment has been around for years, bringing families together to enjoy shoes that they love with a sound that has always been produced by Best Center Channel Speaker For Dialogue. Not everyone enjoys watching TV with subtitles on, so it is important that you have clear dialogue coming from your speaker.

When watching your favorite shows, to receive the best experience possible, you just need to be here and lay back and let all your appliances do the job that they were designed to do. Fortunately, center speakers play that role to perfection.

Center speakers bring everything together. The balance the right and the left speaker needs comes from the center speaker. Not only does the center speaker bring you clear dialogue, it also brings you clear audio. This makes sure that the entire audio experience is all in sync. It needs to be in sync to offer you the best entertainment experience.

That is where this guide comes in. You might know how important center speakers are, but you might not be sure about which to choose because there are so many of them. Stick around and go through this as we list the ones we would recommend and what to look for in best center channel speaker for dialogue clarity.

It is worth it to buy ​center channel speaker for dialogue ?​

When you have two speakers carrying the weight of your sound, the sound might seem a bit distorted and unbalanced because it goes from the side to side. Even watching your favorite movies would leave you missing the important parts because the sound might not be as clear. A movie has so many different sonic elements. From special effects to the dialogue, two speakers might not do any of this justice because it just doesn’t have the capabilities to carry it out effectively.

The center speaker is the glue to it all. As the most important speaker of any sound system, it clears up all the dialogue and gives you accurate sound. Because most of the action happens in front of your screen, having the sound bouncing off between two speakers distorts the quality of any audio. This is why you need the center dialogue speaker. Not a lot of people don’t want tot be reading subtitles when watching movies because it’s distracting to them. But a center dialogue is the icing of your audio cake. It is definitely worth it to buy a center channel speaker because it enhances not only your audio but also gives you clear and accurate dialogue as market has Best Budget options. like Best Center Channel Speaker Under 200$ Better Sound In Affordable Price

TOP12 Best Center Channel Speaker For Dialogue -Review ▼▼

1.Klipsch R-25C

With its black and cooper design, the R-25C gives you not only a sleek aesthetic appeal, but also the sound quality to match. It has been proven time and again that the center speaker holds the audio performance of an home entertainment system, with almost all the movies dialogue and soundtrack coming from the center speaker.

The R-25C packs a heavy punch in that respect. Offering you a sound quality that permeates throughout the enter room. This means that you can be sorted anywhere in the room and you would still feel like you’re next to the speaker. That’s the effect that the R-25C has. You will enjoy your movies a bit better because the sound will not be distorted in any way.

Providing the cleanest sound possible means that what is playing will be exactly what you hear. And you won’t even have to strain yourself to hear it because the sound that will be produced will not need any sort of interpretation from anyone.

The terminals are like no other. With a dual 5 way binding post that gives you the benefit of bi-wiring and bi-amping , you will not have to worry about having to connect to your devices. The versatility the R-25C gives you makes your movie experience that much convenient.

• Gives you a sound that can be heard from anywhere in the room.
• Sleek designed.
• Powerful tweeter.

• The design comes with a single color.

2.Klipsch RP-600C

With it’s matured look, the RP-600C looks like an impeccable piece of furniture that has the ability to produce the most powerful sound for movies and lyrics. The acoustic and sonic background that Klipsch has brought over the years is evident in this product because of its high end design is. It shows that it’s been produced by people who have experienced this field.

Whilst most indoor sounds might not be as clear because of the bouncing of the wall effect indoor experiences have, the RP-600C gives you a clear and detailed sound quality possible. This is made possible by its Tractrix horn-loaded technology which gives you a premium sounding center speaker.

Distortion is a complete no no when you are trying to enjoy your favorite movie or listen to your favorite songs, this is why the Linear Travel Suspension comes directly fitted with the RP-600C, to help minimize the distortion of the sound to a bare minimum.

High frequency reproduction is only made possible by the Vented Tweeter Design, which ensures that unintended effects of any acoustic element doesn’t get in the way of your viewing and listening experience. This is a high end feature that is only found in the premium of center speakers, which is a hallmark of the RP-600C.

• Removable grille.
• Vented Tweeter Design.
• Premium furniture finishes.

• Very expensive.

3.Klipsch RP-404C [Best center klipsch center channel speaker speaker for dialogue]

The thing about the cinema experience is that the sounds and the visuals are high end to a point that you will feel like you’re one of the actors. The sound is almost so surreal that you feel like you’re being given an entirely out of this world experience. That is what the RP-404C gives you. Not the visuals, but the sound that matches any visual you might be watching.

The RP-404C is a premium center speaker. The finishes compliment any type of furniture and blends perfectly with your home theme and setting. This is only made possible by the premium look that’s been afforded by the RP-404C.

Given the fact that the center speaker holds together the entire acoustic experience, it is important that external waves be dealt with so that they don’t give you any sort of distortion. The Vented Tweeter Design plays that part to perfection because it gives you a high frequency reproduction that deals with any and all unwanted sounds.

Minimum distortion and maximum efficiency encapsulates what the RP-404C gives you. In its class it produces the very best of high quality sound, and for its price you will not feel deprived because the value you get from this is surreal. That is part and parcel of the signature of any Klipsch product.

• Accurate-to-live acoustics.
• Furniture finishes.
• Removable grille.

• Very expensive.

4.Bose VCS-10

The VCS plays a great supporting role. Like any good support structure, the idea is to take the spotlight off of the supporting cast and magnify on the main attraction. The main attraction here is the sound and not the speaker. Bose understands that you don’t buy the center speaker as a focal point, but you use the center speaker, with all its qualities, as an instrument or a piece of equipment that makes your entire acoustic experience better.

With its adjoining features, the VCS-10 gives you that extra push to enjoy your listening experience. It gives you a cinema-like acoustic feel at the comfort of your own home, and everyone who’s enjoying that movie or that sound will get the same experience.

Some speakers produce a certain amount of distortion when close to the TV because of a certain amount of interference, no matter how small it is. To counter that, the VCS-10 has magnetic shielding that works to prevent the sort of interference you might normally get from your television. The bass that is produced by the VCS-10 makes it possible to counter any audible distortion. This means that the bass that is reproduced will make sure that there minimal distortion.

• Magnetic Shielding.
• Electronic protection circuitry.
• Offers cinema like dialogue.

• Looks very unappealing.

5.Polk Audio Signature Series S35

American HiFi has always been personified by big surround sound speakers that have the ability to produce an all round sound quality good enough for any movie or any soundtrack. That is what Polk has built its brand on. The ability to offer you a sleek center speaker that permeates a sound that fills up an entire room

There is no better way to enjoy your favorite songs or watch your favorite movie than when you do it with the best possible sound that offers you that delightful experience. With its High-Resolution Audio Performance, the Polk S35 gives you a clear and high resolution acoustic experience.

Ideally you’d want your center dialogue speaker to fit in spaces where they won’t disturb the aesthetic but also fit in seamlessly where you’d want them to be placed. It’s Tall Slim Profile gives it that edge to fit in places where other channel speakers might not be able to fit in. Which plays to yours and its advantage.

When you’re playing your movies or music, you want the minimum amount of distortion possible, so that it doesn’t take away from your sonic experience. Polk’s PATENTED POWER PORT TECHNOLOGY ensures that the completion of the bass response and its turbulent diffuser works against the distortion to give a cleaner sound.

• Cinema like sound.
• Tall slim design.
• Delivers bass that minimizes distortion.

• Very expensive.

6.ELAC Debut 2.0 C6.2

When certain speakers have back firing ports that are close to the wall, that can lower the sound quality because it would be bouncing off the walls. The fact that the C6.2 has front firing ports means that you can find a spot to port it anywhere without having the sound automatically bounce off the walls.

The tweeter of any speaker works as a balancing act between the bass and the dialogue to give you a wide range of sound quality. With its newly developed 1″ soft-dome tweeter, it offers you a well rounded experience.

As much as it is important to have a tweeter that holds everything together, having a tight and clean bass gives you that all round feel and gives your sound experience an extra edge. It’s important to have a balanced sound. A tweeter with the accompanying tight bass means that you have a sound that gives your entertainment the best supporting cast.

Having these types of speakers means you have solid furniture like structures which gives you zero turbulence. It’s been fitted with internal bracing that reduces vibrations of the cabinets. And cabinets that do not vibrate produce an undisturbed and better sound quality because there is no turbulence whatsoever.

• Front firing ports.
• 1″ soft-dome tweeter
• Rigid cabinets.

• They are a little on the expensive side.

7.Polk Audio PSW10

So it happens that you have minimal space but want the most powerful sound you can get to enjoy your favorite movies and play your favorite songs, but there’s nothing you can find. The PSW10 comes in to fill that gap. With its high performance subwoofer, the Polk Audio will go a long way in giving you the ultimate acoustic experience from such a miniature product.

If you want a speaker that blends perfectly with the rest of your sound system, the PSW10 will complement any all round sound speaker. That should bode well for your listening experience without any hassle whatsoever. With its wooden finishes, the PSW10 has an almost stylish look that will compliment any setting and give your entire entertainment area an appeal and uplifting look.

It is fitted with a rotary volume control which gives you easy access to how you want your volume to be. The adjustment allows you to decide the sort of power you want the speaker to produce and it’s complemented by its low pass filter which ensures that the sound has no distortion whatsoever.

• Powered subwoofer for extra bass & punch
• Easy to integrate with existing systems.
• Compatible with most home theater av receivers.

8.Bose TV Speaker

With its elegant design, the Bose TV speaker works to give you clear audio with precise pronunciation and vocals. Taking a mere minute to set, it gives you a wide range acoustic performance. The entire premise of a TV speaker is make the most of the audio you get from your TV. That means the sound you get from your TV speaker will be clear and fill the entire room with the sound bar occupying the minimum of spaces in your entertainment area.

With its Bluetooth capability, the TV speaker gives you the option of connecting your phone via Bluetooth and dancing to the beat of its tune. When playing music, the sound is as powerful as when playing your favorite TV programs. Connecting your device is made simple because they believe that you shouldn’t struggle to do connect but have it made easy to enjoy your entertainment to the fullest.

As the entire premise of the TV speaker is to give you clear sounding speech. The Bose TV speaker has the dialogue mode that enhances the speech of whatever you’re watching to make it sound a lot of clearer for your ultimate experience.

• Enhanced dialogue.
• Portable size that fits wherever you’d want to put it.
• Comes with a remote control to give you convenient access.

• Might not be as powerful as a center speaker.

9.JBL Studio 520CBK

Taking its roots from the massive JBL speakers that produce sound for movie theaters and music concerts, the Studio 520CBK is rooted in excellence, particularly if you trace its origins and the sort of technology that is fitted to ensure that you have the best possible sonic experience. To make sure that there’s minimal to no contact distortion with walls and furniture, a controlled directivity compression driver is installed. This delivers high frequency sound and with love like sound quality.

In order to give you a clear sound that is not only powerful, but resonates with the audio that comes from your entertainment, they have fitted the 520CBK with Symmetrical Field Geometry technology. This goes a long way in ensuring that you receive the very best clean and powerful sound capable of being produced by JBL speakers.

It’s a common theme that when you lower the output levels, the sound might not be as clear as you’d expect and making out what might be coming from the speaker might be an uphill challenge, this is why even at low output levels the one-piece Teonex® diaphragm/surround with 1″ voice coil will still significantly clear the audio and give you accurate sound.

For all intents and purposes, the wavy design sets it apart and will surely add a bit of character to your entertainment area. You don’t need a piece of equipment that will stand out offishly in your room, and the 520CBK does the exact opposite. It’s outstanding.

• Beautiful design.
• High-Frequency Compression Driver.
• ultra-ribbed MDF Enclosure

10.Polk Audio CSI A4

With its timber finishes, the CSI A4 gives you the aesthetically appealing design that will complete and improve any entertainment area. The other thing about Polk Audio systems is that they are easily compatible with other home theatre systems. This allows you to create a multi channel music system.

The inches of any cone gives you an indicator of how well that element of the speaker works, and with two 5.25 inches, the CSI A4 has dynamic and polymer composite cones.

The tweeter the CSI A4 has been fitted with is a 1 inch silk composite dome which gives you the most accurate sound and clearer audio and audible speech.

• Silk Composite dome tweeter.
• neodymium magnet.
• low viscosity.

11.Klipsch R-34C

Historically, placing a speaker next to a wall had an abrasive effect because the sound would bounce if the walls and create an echo like sound that distorted the quality of your audio. With the improvements made by center speakers, this is no longer the case. With the R-34C , even placing the speakers right in front of a wall, the Dual front-firing Tractrix ports give you the pleasure of knowing the sound won’t bounce off the walls and dampen your sound quality and entertainment experience.

When you fit your home with a sound system that matches your TV, you don’t do it so that you house is filled with audio, but for you to distinctively hear what your music or TV programs dialogue is saying. The TRACTRIX HORN TECHNOLOGY gives you this ability. In order to get high efficiency and improve resolution and detail, Klipsch have decided to use the Kapton. Now this is a light and rigid material that ensures that the tweeters performance is of a higher standard.

When you want to match your entire sound system together, it’s important to make sure that you have all the right components. The R-34C with its Tractrix Port, allows for a clear airflow and little to now distortion. This helps you derive the maximum amount of satisfaction from your sound system.

• Clear sound.
• Beautiful design.

12.Denon HEOS Bar 3-Channel Soundbar

Arguably the pinnacle of sound bars, the HEOS gives you the ultimate cinema like experience you can possibly imagine to ever come out of a sound bar. This is because they have made it their prerogative to give you a high quality sound bar. With its high resolution audio support, you won’t have to worry about your listening needs not being met.

Its Bluetooth integration means that you won’t have to be concerned about too many wires as this will be easily connected by Bluetooth. Not many soundbars come with an app, but this is why the HEOS is top tier because it offers you things other brands do not offer you.

• Bluetooth integration.
• App and streaming services.
• Wide range.

• Expensive.

​Really a center channel speaker improve movie experience? ​

Picture watching a movie with only the right and left speaker, and maybe a subwoofer.

You have both speakers bouncing off each other and unclear because it is bouncing off of each speaker and the bass carrying the dramatic effects. This might be sufficient if you don’t mind having to pause and play your movie because you keep on missing out on what your favorite character keeps on saying. But for the rest of us, this just simply isn’t enough.

You want the entire movie experience that goes along with the audio, special effects and the dialogue because that all forms part of a great movie experience.

The center speakers give you that all round feel to enhance even the smallest of details your audio. The fact that the dialogue is clearer and accurate means that you will enjoy your movie experience because you will not have to struggle making out the dialogue.

You really shouldn’t have to guess the speech because your speakers don’t have the ability to give you clear and accurate sound. The center channel speaker improves your movie experience by giving you a clear and accurate sound especially when it comes to speech.

​channel speaker VS soundbar?​

The fact that the center channel speaker and the sound bar are situated on the same spot, maybe look a bit similar doesn’t mean that they are the same thing. A sound bar gives you an all in one solution. It doesn’t have to be connected with any surrounding sound systems. Depending on the specific brand, the sound bar is received at the right, left and the center sometimes.

Which makes it an all in one because it makes sure that you don’t necessarily need anything else. Sound wise. Sound bars are meant to be stationed directly beneath the TV to give out that ultimate sound as the drivers or speakers might be positioned in the front of the cabinet.

Also, depending on the size of the room you place your sound bar, the sound might not be as powerful if it doesn’t bounce straight from the ceiling or if the walls are too far apart. So the size of the room has a direct implant given how the sound bar works.

A center channel speaker works is a speaker that forms part of a set. Generally a home theatre sound system consists of 3 to 5 speakers, with the center channel speaker being responsible for putting the sound together. The audio and speech are mostly accurately produced by the center channel speaker, and the bounce from the left and right speakers are put together by the center speaker. Placed either directly under the TV or in a similar position, the center channel speaker is a part of the unit that makes up the home theatre system. One of the many distinctions between the two is that the center channel speaker has a single driver, forward facing towards the listener in many cases.

The fact that these two are widely considered to be similar doesn’t make them out to be similar. A customer can only pick between the two based on their one private individual needs. The center speaker forms part of a system to give you that surround sound quality, which might mean three to five speakers, making your space cluttered. Or you might be comfortable with a sound bar that has three drivers and can produce the sound you want from just a single cabinet.

Buying Guide For-Best Center Channel Speaker For Dialogue

Factors to Consider before buying ​center channel speaker for dialogue​.

  1. Compatibility.

Compatibility plays a huge part in how you pick a center speaker. Because it’s part of a unit, the one you buy must be in unison with the rest of your home theatre system. This is largely because you want the right and the left speakers to be balanced out by a center speaker is sonically Compatible with your speakers. The fact that the center speaker is meant to be the piece that puts everything together, must be able to match the acoustic singles of the right and left speaker to give you that sound that you want. You might want to consider buying all your speakers from the same manufacturer because it will only play to your advantage to have a shine theatre system from the same manufacturer as acoustically, it sounds better.

  1. Size.

Theoretically speaking, when buying a center channel speaker, the size of the room you’re going to place it in alongside the rest of your speakers matters. This is because you want to know what sort of power you might need to fill out the entire room and get that excellent sound quality. The size of the speaker is determined by the size of the room. So you should always pick a center speaker that directly correlates with the size of your space.

  1. Placement.

Placement plays a part in your decision to purchase a center channel speaker because it goes a long way in determining the sound your system is going to produce. The manner in which you’re seated when enjoying the sound makes it imperative to know which speaker you’re going to buy. You have to think about the angle to sound that is disseminated to the listener, so that it doesn’t come out in a manner that wouldn’t work for you.

  1. Bi wire capability.

This relates to the rear end connectors that determine how clean and accurate your sound is. One connector is primarily for high frequency drivers while the other plays as a move of a low driver frequency. The distinction of the two frequencies is made when you have to enjoy your sound, which comes out cleaner because your frequencies are separated and can compliment each other without having to flash and distort the sound. This is particularly helpful when you consider the fact by having to separate wires, when you need high frequency sound, that’s what you’re going to get and distinguish between low frequency ones.

  1. Price.

The price should determine what your needs are. As a customer, what you buy depends solely on you can afford. You might want to romanticize the idea of having the best and most expensive center channel speaker but without the buying power to make that sort of a purchase, you might want to be a title meek on your decision. The are a variety of center speakers that differ in quality because of their prices and you must know which ones fit your pockets and which ones don’t. ​


  1. What are the most important thing to look for in a center channel speaker?

Compatibility is probably the most important thing in any center channel speaker. The fact that a channel speaker is part of a system means that it has to work in unison with other speakers to ensure that you have the best possible sound. But that can only happen if all your speakers, never mind the ratio, are compatible with each other.

  1. How high should a center channel speaker be?

A center speaker should be in line with the listeners ear level. The speaker situated below or above the TV must be in line with the listener’s ear to enhance their listening experience.

  1. Above or below Should be center speaker for TV?

This honestly depends on how you have set up your TV. It plays perfectly well whether you placed it on top or below the TV. Ideally you’d want to place it in a position that is directly in line with the listener’s ear.

  1. Can you use any speaker for center channel?

No, When placed in the right position, given that it is not a subwoofer, any speaker has the capability to play as a center speaker. You might want to do this ideally with a speaker that is horizontal.

  1. Should the center channel be louder?

The center speaker does not need to be louder. It just needs to be properly aligned with what the right and the left speakers are producing. Yes some customers would want the center channel to be loader because of its intended clarity of dialogue, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be louder.


Watching your favorite movie with your family is always an exciting experience, particularly when the sound that it produced by your speakers match the audio and the expectations of your listeners. This is why having best center channel speaker for dialogue makes sense because it gives your movie and music experience a better quality.

Now that you’ve been given a guide on what to look for, you now know which is which and what the purpose of this speaker is, go and get yourself one that suits you and your listeners experience.

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