Top12 best center channel speaker under 200$ better sound in Affordable price

Top12 best center channel speaker under 200$ better sound in Affordable price

It would be a great injustice to have to listen to your music or your movies with your tv speaker because of how much you lose. Not only do you lose dialogue, you lose the necessary sound effects that make a movie what it is. Best Center Channel Speaker Under 200$ gives you the cinema-like experience without you having to break the bank. So frankly, you have no excuse.

You don’t have an excuse to not want to offer your family and yourself the pleasure of sitting back and enjoying every aspect of the movie. You owe it for yourself and your family to hear every single lyric of your favorite song from best center channel speaker under $200. This article will outline what you should look for, from which brand and the features that are absolutely top tier.

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What configuration should you expect from a $200 center channel speaker ?

I think for $200, you’d be surprised at how many good products are there at the given you price point. The old way of looking at things is slowly coming to an abrupt end, and this makes perfect sense because you don’t need to splurge out $1000 Center Channel Speaker for a decent sound system.

For $200, you can expect the MTM Configuration. The most traditional and authentic design exists at this price point because it’s at entry level prices. This dormant means that you won’t get the best possible sound because of the price, in fact you can expect that the sound you’ll get from this Configuration to be one that fits the price tag. Because this is the most traditional of designs, with its vertical inclination, it works best to ensure that when the sound is released, it does so to enhance the audio experience of the listener as it would likely be placed in a position that’s inline with the listener’s ear. The likeliest Configuration you can expect for $500 Center Channel Speaker is the MTM Configuration.

Types of Center Channel speakers ?

The MTM Configuration.

• This is the more traditional design you find center speakers taking. It’s vertical placement and shape is that one that has set the template for all the other speakers to follow.
• There is a reason why this is the most preferred type because it’s placement gives the listener a lot less lobbying and the range is far more than what you can expect.

Nested MTM Configuration.

• To improve upon the already impressive MTM Configuration, companies started to try out a method that not only enhanced on the previous design, but ensured that the next best thing would be worth the reference. The Nested Configuration then added different dimensions in its design.
• The tilting motion that allows you to adjust it if there are vibrations is a feature that is known to this type of speaker.

W(T/M)W Configuration.

• This type of speaker enhances the capability of the bass. It’s all about how well the bass has been fitted so that it coexists with the tweeter.
• It was also an ingenious invention because it provides a consistent sound for everyone who’s listening and it’s not only focused on the person in front of it, but also the entire room.

Review of 12 Best Center Channel Speaker Under 200$

1.Klipsch R-52C

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For all intents and purposes, the center speaker really is the focal point of any home theatre system. This is because all of the dialogue comes from the center speaker and the balance it provides cannot come from any other speaker. This is the premise in which the R-52C was built on. Accuracy is as important as bass, and the center combines all the attributes needed to enjoy audio by having the best of almost everything. You just cannot do without a center speaker, especially with the quality of the R-52C.

Because it’s a home theatre system component, when watching your favorite movies or listening to your music, it really should feel like it’s tailored to your home and sonic needs. The surreal effect you get from the RS-52C makes you feel like you’re in a cinema or a live concert because of the Tractrix horn-loaded Technology. The magnetic grille is removable, giving you flexibility in deciding whether you want it on or not.

The ports are Front firing, meaning that you won’t have to worry about placement because the back is closed. You can put it up against a wall beneath or above your tv and there will not be any issues toward the audio quality. The aluminum LTS tweeters that are fitted in the RS-52C makes it an overall great sounding speaker.

• Removable grilles.
• Aluminum LTS tweeter.
• Tractrix horn loaded technology.

2.Klipsch R-25C

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More than anything, buying a Klipsch product means that you’re buying a part of history, a part of a legacy of a man who was determined to make the best audio products you and I would grow to enjoy for a long time. Depending on the type of space you live in, whether you have plenty of room or enough room for you, having a sound that has the capacity to fill the room will benefit everyone you enjoy your movies and music because the center speaker will not only be focused on the person right in front of it.

With its copper finishes, the color gives the center speaker a lot of personality to stand out in any living area. The design of the R-25C is polished and the black finishes with its book cabinets give it a refined and a mature look that will not deviate from the style you’d want to establish in your living area. The aluminum Linear Travel Suspension horn-loaded tweeter has everything it takes to give you that surround sound and complement the Dual 5.25″ copper-spun high-output IMG woofers.

Distortion is a thing of the past with the RS-25C because it’s fitted with the right components that ensure that you won’t experience any sort of distortion. The cabinets are solid enough to make sure that there’s no vibrations when you crank the volume up.

• 90×90 Tractrix Horn.
• Beautiful design.
• Surround sound.

3.Sony SSCS8 2-Way 3-Driver.

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Sony has been a brand that is renowned for producing audio products that are of a great quality. They have their hands in every sound audio equipment pie. It’s not even a matter of greed but a matter of being able to make products across the board that meet customers every need. It won’t even take more than one listen to get you to fall in love with the sound quality. With its 2-way 3-driver Center Channel Speaker, the sound will surely fill the entire room no matter how big or small your living area is.

To deliver accurate dialogue and give clear speech, Sony have had new inventions in how they deliver their tweeter. It’s all-new Wide Dispersion Super Tweeter works well through high and low volumes without any sort of distortion. Naturally you had to be seated right in front of the speaker to get clear dialogue, but now with the super tweeter, it offers you wide directionality so that the room filling feature can work to its fullest.

Vibration isolation is a thing of the past giving the front facing ports. You can place it anywhere without having to worry about any sort of turbulence. Optimized Crossover Componentry is a feature that ensures that you won’t be facing any sort of loss of signal.

• Beautiful design.
• Powerful sound.
• No turbulence whatsoever.

4. Cerwin-Vega SL-45C

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The whole purpose of any center speaker is its ability to produce seamless dialogue with minimal effort and maximum accuracy. That’s what you can expect from the SL-45C. Clear and accurate dialogue that will leave you enjoying every part of your songs and movies. With this in mind, it’s no wonder why Cerwin is regarded as a quality brand. This is because they have ensured that they use the best available components to build their speakers.

This speaker was made to give you the best dialogue possible. There are different sound frequencies in every movie, there are ups and downs that fit every scene. In order to compensate for that, you need a speaker that not only gives you dialogue, but enhances it so that the little sounds are as audible and the major ones. The stunts should be clearly heard otherwise what would be the point? The SL-45 is made to make the most out of the dialogue that comes from the visuals.

They give you the option of having the grille be removable so that you can experience the speaker with and without the impediments. The grille does not cause any sort of distortion when inserted. So whether or not you want to watch your movies or listen to your music, the grille will not be a hindrance to your audio experience.

• The grille is removable.
• Dialogue that comes from this center speaker is clear and accurate.
• A single dome tweeter makes up for all the different vibrations you can expect from any audio.

5.Yamaha NS-C444 2-Way

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If there was ever any speaker that was designed with the sole intention of being at the heart of any home theatre system, making sure that it carries the entire audio experience and gives you the ultimate movie experience that is synonymous with cinema-like quality, that product will surely have had to have come from Yamaha. With their background in making pianos and microphones, diversifying their portfolios to include sound equipment and as only natural.

They have fitted not one, not two but five dual inch polymer cons. This means that the sound is multiplied five times to give you five times the sound quality. You can go on to enjoy your audio experience with minimal fuss and minimal distortion. The fact that sound waves will directly reach your ear without any sort of bounce from walls is a feature Yamaha have worked on tirelessly to make sure that your sound is as authentic as possible.

To ensure that you get crisp, clear and accurate sound, the NS-C444 has been fitted with Monster cable Wiring, which makes the frequencies that much clearer and the quickens the response time. This is only possible because of how well the wiring has been fitted. The NS-C444 is also video shielded. Video shielding means that you can have it placed anywhere near your TV and there won’t be any sort of distortion.

• Magnetic shielding.
• Clean, clear and accurate dialogue.
• Beautiful design.

6.Fluance Signature HiFi 2-Way

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The signature of the Fluance is its vocal clarity and its performance when it comes to delivering monologues straight to your ear. To ensure that you get the best sonic experience, the HiFi 2 way is designed in such a way that even the most minute details of any audio are easy to pick up because of the components that have been used to manufacture this speaker. You surely won’t have to struggle trying to make out what the speech is saying.

Even if this is a home theatre system component, the fact that you can expect a cinema-like experience is part and parcel of the reason why it’s such a great product. The front row feel that you get from the HiFi 2 way is surely going to make you want to spend every waking second enjoying the sound that comes from this center speaker. If you have the experience of going to a cinema right at your living area, purely boosted and provided for by the Fluance Signature, then you have no reason to even leave the comfort of your house because you get the same experience sonically.

The ultra-high end Neodymium tweeters give you clear, clean and accurate dimensions and have the ability to maintain the different levels of frequencies that come with highs and lows. There are times when you feel the audio so much that you want to crank the volume up, the glass fiber provides for a rigid structure that will not cause any sort of vibrations.

• Accurate and clear dialogue.
• Rigid cabinets make sure that there’s no vibrations in high volume.
• Dual 5 inch midrange drivers.

7.Cerwin-Vega XLS-6C

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The Cerwin Vega has a vintage type look that not only pays homage to its predecessors but also paves a way forward towards its future. The design of the XLS-6C is rigid but also fit enough to carry out its duties without any sort of difficulty. With its flexibility in positioning, you can have the freedom of placing it anywhere you like. Whether that’s above or beneath your TV, there won’t be any sort of distortion. Magnetic shielding helps to prevent any sort of wayward sound waves distorting your image.

This is important because you don’t want any sort of distortion possibly damaging your television because of stray sound waves. The ferrofluid works in tandem with the soft dome tweeter to ensure that the sound quality is on point with delivering accurate dialogue that is clear and clean.

Because the structure is rigid, when you have to blast the volume up, there won’t be any sort of vibrations because of how well insulated the speaker cabinets are. This is such an important feature because if you want to place something on top of the speaker, you don’t want it falling on the ground because the speaker might not be as stable.

• Magnetic shielding.
• No vibrations when in high volumes.

8.Klipsch Synergy Black Label C-200

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Klipsch have made sure that they keep on worrying about their competitive advantage, which is producing high quality speakers at any price point. But specifically at this price point, the C-200 is an exceptional product. To prove that this product is of a high quality, the sound is linear, meaning that the audio will come right at you. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone else won’t enjoy or experience that same sonic experience.

The fact that the speaker is also linear gives you the flexibility to fit it anywhere you like because you won’t be restricted in placement. The fact that it has small cabinets means that you can place it anywhere you like. It would be a problem if flexibility in placement wasn’t complemented with flawless design, but it is. The finishes are beautiful and the cones are made to blend in with all sorts of furniture.

You wouldn’t want to buy speakers that are going to stand out in an office sort of way. The C-200 gives you the sort of integration that you can only dream of. The highs and lows of every movie are important, otherwise why would they be there? The black label lets you experience every part of the movie or your favorite songs. From the minute details to the highs, the ALUMINUM DIAPHRAGM COMPRESSION DRIVER ensures that you experience every part of your audio experience.

• Small cabinets that can fit anywhere.
• Beautiful finishes.
• No distortion.

9.Bose Solo 5

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Bose have always been renowned in making the very best audio equipments. And they aren’t letting up with the VCS 10. With this, they are hoping to ensure that you get the best out of this speaker and have the maximum enjoyment of your audio. The Bose VCS 10 is designed to work in tandem with either your television set or your home theatre system. You get the most out of either combination and that’s how they intend to make your sonic experience that much convenient.

The fact that you can place it either on top or beneath the TV without any sort of magnetic interference means that your video is protected from any sort of wayward sound waves. This is especially important because there won’t be any distortion in your visual because your image will be protected from excessive sound waves by magnetic shielding. The fact that there isn’t any sort of distortion caused by sound waves means that you can focus more on enjoying your movie experience and less on the negative side that might not complement your viewing experience.

Because the ports are Front firing, then placing them up against a wall and letting them rip means that there won’t be any sort of bounce or echoing effects. Yes the sound should fill the room, but it should happen in a way that doesn’t seem unnatural. That’s what you can expect from the VCS 10.

• Cinema like sound quality.
• Magnetic shielding.
• Compatibility.

10.JBL Studio 520CBK

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The thing about center speakers is that they give you so much breathing room and flexibility in how you choose to build your home theatre system. You have the option of building it in its entirety by buying every single piece of the entertainment system, or having a few key pieces that give you the best output of any complete home theatre system. Of course the center speaker is the most crucial part of the entertainment system, which is why if you manage to buy a speaker that is compatible with a lot of drivers, then you have a lot of options to choose from.

The petite nature of the speaker makes it easy to be placed absolutely anywhere. Of course there are sweet spots that you’d want to place your speaker in, but even that makes it easy because of the flexibility your options are in terms of placements. The megahertz that the 520 CBK releases are in line with industry standards. The high resolution dome tweeter gives you the best dialogue possible.

It’s absolutely pointless to have the best bass available with the most explosive volume without hearing a thing that comes from the audio. This is where the dome tweeter comes in. The slightest monologue from your favorite movies and songs needs to be heard. And that’s the 520 CBK offers you. That clean, accurate and clear dialogue.

• Beautiful finishes.
• Compatibility with a lot of drivers.

11.Cerwin-Vega 11. CMX-25C

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In terms of looks, the Vega 11 CMX looks like it packs a lot of sonic power. And this is a good thing because when you remove the grille and leave it bare, it will not even have a negative impact on your furniture because it will complement it and blend in with your decorations. Having the peace of mind to not have to chop and change because you’ve decided to uplift your home theatre system is a breeze, especially when you enjoy the very best audio experience.

The 25C has in its DNA the ability to perform well with other drivers. As long as the driver is highly powered to match the capabilities of the center speaker, then you can pick any driver you want because most of them will work in unison with this center speaker. The fact that it doesn’t limit your choices is a fantastic feature. The soft dome tweeter plays to your advantage in that it affords you the opportunity to sit back and relax without having to work more than you have to understand the dialogue.

Without clear and accurate dialogue, there is no way that you can enjoy movies or songs. It’s pointless to then want to want to even have speakers if you can’t maximize on every ounce of sound that comes your way. Fortunately for you, the 25C will not leave you frustrated but will make you want to always go home to watch your movies and listen to your music.

• Quick response.
• Compatibility with highly powered drivers.


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It’s no wonder why Kanto refers to this speaker as their premium product. Everything about it screams quality. The first thing you notice about it is its beauty. You’re left in awe of how a single speaker has so much character, and lights up the space that it places in. That is a rare quality to get from a single speaker. To be honest, the manner in which they have positioned the CA-SYDMBU, you won’t have to get another speaker because it has everything that you’d want and need from an entire home theatre system.

With its specially designed stand, you can place it anywhere and still get the same amount of sound capabilities as if you would’ve placed it in your traditional sweet spots. The stand gives you an entire 16 degree tilt. This allows you the leg way adjust it if there is any sort of vibrations caused by bass or high volumes. Because this speaker does not need to be part of a unit, it can function on its own. This means that the sound solely comes from it. You can control it with a remote, giving you maximum convenience.

Bluetooth connectivity is normal in sound bars, not center speakers. This center speaker is Bluetooth enabled, letting you stream with favorite sounds without needing a lot of admin. The nostalgic part about the CA-SYDMBU is that you can pair it with any vinyl Surely this feature will resonate with music purists.

• Bluetooth enabled.
• 16 degree tilt provide by the stand.
• It can be placed anywhere.

• Expensive but worth the money


What is the best center channel speaker for the money?

The Klipsch R-25C is the best speaker for $200 or less. It’s quite surprising that Klipsch have managed to make such a high quality product and somehow managed to price it as reasonably as this. From its surround sound, to its high performing drivers, to stunning finishes, powerful sound, the R-25C really is an exceptional product.
The accuracy and clarity in dialogue it provides ensures that you have no difficulty in making out the audio from your movies or your favorite songs. All of the above and the rest that you still have to experience yourself makes the Klipsch R-25C the best center channel speaker for this price.

Is a center channel speaker necessary?

It is fair to say that every speaker plays its part when it comes to a home theatre system, it’s also fair to say that all of them as a single unit give you an audio experience you probably wouldn’t get elsewhere.
But leaving at that would be doing an injustice to how important the center speaker really is. It brings everything together and gives it a sort of direction that without it, won’t be possible to get any other way. It makes no sense to play a movie and not hear the dialogue. The fact that almost all the dialogue comes from the center speaker says everything you need to know about the importance of it. So, yes the center speaker is extremely important.

Should the center channel match the front speakers?

This really depends on what type of center channel speaker you go for. There are center speakers that are compatible with almost any driver as long as it’s powerful enough to meet its needs. And then there are center speakers that come to their own when you pair them with similar branded speakers.
This really differs from brand to brand.

Who makes the best center channel speaker?

Overall, Klipsch makes the best center speakers. A good center speaker follows similar patterns that accentuates its ability to give you the best possible all round feel. A decent center speaker should be able to give you almost all of the dialogue you’d get from a movie and the lyrics of your favorite songs. It also should be able to do this with minimal effort. It should be able to complement all the other speakers in the home entertainment unit if you opt to have an entire system.
Looks matter because you won’t hide it away in the walls but place it in a position that can be seen by you and your visitors. It should be able to blend in seamlessly. The furnishings should be of a great quality. Klipsch covers all the basics and then some to give you the best center channel speaker.


Home theatre systems have evolved over the years. We see this by the different configurations that keep on being introduced and the sort of variations that are now available that to meet this ever changing technological advancements, companies have to keep on innovating. And this innovation helps customers because they are starting to make good quality products at prices that people can now afford.

It was unheard of to want to purchase a good quality speaker at this price point. Now having Best Center Channel Speaker Under 200$ doesn’t sound as far fetched as it once did. Now you can have the best components, the very best features and enjoy your movies like never before.

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