Top12 best center channel speaker under 500$ in 2021

Top12 best center channel speaker under 500$ in 2021

Enjoying your favorite movies means that you need the right type of speakers and it doesn’t come any better than Best Center Channel Speaker Under 500. A lot of customers don’t think that they can get a decent sounding center channel speaker for this amount. To their surprise, we will be showcasing the fact that you can get top tier center channel speakers without having to part with your limbs.

The very best features that are available on this price point. That means that the features you would expect from the very best center speakers might be available on this price point. But the only way to find out is to stick with this guide and see what a center speaker is, the benefits you should expect from a channel speaker and what to look for when going to buy one.

Nothing is as frustrating as having to struggle to make out what is coming out of your audio system because it’s of a poor quality. If you don’t know how to enhance your listening experience, this guide is here to help you navigate those challenges with plump and get you enjoying your movies and music with best center channel speaker under $500

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Do you really need a center channel speaker?

Center channel speakers are the unsung heroes of accurate and clear surround sound quality. The reason you’d even consider buying a center channel speaker is to make sure that the right and left speaker have the perfect accomplice to give you the best and accurate sound. When you combine a 2.0 system to a 2.1 including the center speaker brings everything together seamlessly to give you an enjoyable experience when watching movies and music.

The center speaker carries the dialogue of the movie or the lyrics of a song on its own. That’s impressive given how small the center speaker is compared to its counterparts. A center speaker delivers the best sound no matter your sitting arrangement. The left or right speaker bounce off the sound on each other, and this might mean that certain sound waves get lost in the air and can’t make it properly to your ears. When this bouncing off lands on the center speaker, with its in red drivers , it produces an unbelievable effect.

So you definitely need a Best High End Center Channel Speaker. If you live alone, you might let it slide from the fact that you can stomach poor audio quality, but a family when you have movie nights, it’ll definitely work in your favor.

worth buying ​Best Center Channel Speaker Under $500​?​

It is definitely worth buying center channel speakers under $500. At this price point you are more than welcome to demand the very best features. Although it might not be at the top tier of some brands, who charge a lot more for their front channel speakers, you’re at the right place to get some of the best features you can get in dialogue speakers under $500.

Features like multiple drivers or ports, which some are made of aluminum and others made of cooper, give you the best balanced sound. The drivers you find in center channel speakers of this price point aren’t that different from top of the range ones. Like we earlier stated, you don’t necessarily have to go broke buying a center speaker.

Features like the ability to connect with other devices are common in center speakers under $500, this enables you to connect with other devices and make your channel speaker compatible. Because living areas differ from customer to customer, there’s no sure way to have a standard product that works for all households. This is why it’s important to have flexibility in placement and what you can expect from this price point.

Distortion makers listening to your music or watching your movies are unpleasant exercises. Especially when you want to crank the volume up but the vibrations and the distortion work against you. At this price point, center channel speakers make sure that there’s minimal to no distortion even at high volume levels.

Just because you want to spend $500 or less doesn’t mean you should accept lazy design in your cabinets. On the contrary, some of the designs at this price point look a lot more expensive than they are, which goes to show that it is definitely worth it to spend $500 or less in buying center channel speakers.

Review Of- 12 best center channel speaker under 500

1.Polk Audio Signature Series S35

With experience in the speaker making game, Polk presents the S35, the S35 is thinly structured but delivers a big surround sound feel. Your entire living room will be filled with quality audio that is clear and very much accurate. To deliver this high resolution performance, it has a support of a minimum of 40 kHz which ensures that your listening experience is of a studio like experience. Imagine watching a movie and feeling like you’re there when it was made , where you could hear everything and not have to struggle with making out what every character was saying or missing out on the special effects.

Having different ratio setups, you could build your sound system to suit your listening needs. The S35 is compatible with the following ratios[ 2.0, 2.1 , 3.1 , 5.1 , 7.1 & 9.1 ].
What this means is that you can either have only the right and the left speakers to carry the weight of your sound, or have multiple speakers to balance everything out. This solely depends on your budget and what you want for your sound. Polk’s PATENTED POWER PORT TECHNOLOGY goes a long way in ensuring that you receive the best listening experience coupled by a serious bass and canceling out the turbulence you might be grown to expect

• Ultra thin speakers to fit anywhere and not take up a lot of space.
• Compatible in any given ratio.
• Presented with a stylish look.

• Only available on a single color.

2.Klipsch RP-500C [Klipsch500 center channel speaker]

The acoustic range of the RP- 500C gives you clear and accurate sound so that you can enjoy your movies and music. Klipsch is able to manufacture such high end products because they have been making audio products for more than 70 years. This should give you the confidence that they actually know what their doing.

1” Titanium LTS Vented Tweeter with Hybrid Tractrix Horn means that the tweeter not only makes your sound quality accurate, but also reduces any sort of distortion. Distortion means the changing of an electric signal or sound wave during processing. You don’t want any of the sound waves that makes it possible to enjoy the ultimate sound quality to be changed in any way when you’re listening. The hybrid tractrix ensures that you don’t have to experience this.

In order to give you clarity in a high frequency reproduction, Klipsch have fitted the S35 with a vented tweeter design that clears any standing waves that might make your sound a bit unclear. Acoustically, you don’t need any sound waves that work against giving you smooth sound quality.

• Stylish finishes that will complement your furniture.
• Tractrix Ports.
• Flexible grille.

• Absolutely none.

3.Definitive Technology ProCenter 2000

The test of a good quality sound system is it ability to be clear and accurate at all volume levels. The ProCenter 2000 gives you the clarity and accurate sound at high volumes without any distortion. Some brands struggle to maintain clear sound when you crank up the volume because the drivers aren’t capable of withstanding the power that’s being produced. This is not the case with the ProCenter because the reproduction of sound at high volume levels make it sound even more clearer.

If you want the entire cinematic experience, given how the center channel speaker pulls everything together, you might want to consider pairing the ProCenter 2000 center channel with a ProSub 1000 Subwoofer and 4 ProMonitor 1000 satellite speakers for that unbeatable sound quality. This is only possible because of how compatible the ProCenter is to other Pro audio speakers. The compatibility gives you the assurance that you can build the ultimate home theatre system.

You may think you’d struggle with where you’d want to place the center channel speaker, but that’s not even an issue given it’s compatible with a ProStand. Which makes finding a place to put them a breeze. You want to shift your entire entertainment area to find a place for your home theatre system because the manufacturer has thought about this on your behalf.

• Exceptional Sound with no distortion.
• Compatible with similar brand speakers for an entire home theatre system.
• ProStand gives you the peace of mind of solid placement.

• Some features don’t come with the product and may need to be bought separately.

4.DALI – Oberon Vokal

The Oberon Vokal center channel speaker combines all the sound from the adjacent speakers to bring you the overall sound experience that you would expect in a cinema like set up. Focused, clear and accurate sound is what you should expect from the Oberon Vokal because that’s what they know customers appreciate especially when it comes to watching their home theatre systems. Why go to a cinema when the cinema can be found in the middle of your living room?

With two inch 5.25-inch woofers that are easily compatible with the all Oberon drives speakers, this means that building your home theatre system is made that much easier. Everything you expect from a center channel dialogue speaker is available and accentuated in Oberon because they want to give you the ultimate experience you are right to expect because of your hard earned money. Oberon honestly punches above its weight class when you compare it with direct competitors because it shouldn’t be this good of a product but it is.

With its ability to produce different harmonic sounds, mechanical and a different type of distortion, it stands out from the others. They aren’t stuck in forcing customers to choose a single color, that’s why they offer you the Oberon in different colors. That’s the characteristic that built the Oberon, one that put the customer first.

• Cinema like sound.
• Compatibility with similar brand subwoofers.
• Shelf or Stand placement.

• Speaker cables aren’t included.

5.ELAC Debut 2.0 C6.2

With front facing ports, the ELAC Debut allows you to place it where it suits you. This is primarily because it doesn’t not bounce the sound off the walls. The sound comes straight to you as you listen. There’s no echoing effect and therefore no disturbances in your listening experience. Even in instances where you want to place the center speaker in front of the wall, that won’t be a problem because they won’t have any bounce off the walls whatsoever.

The alignment of the tweeter and the bass should be complementary to each other so that they work to give you the best possible sound. With its soft dome tweeter, it gives you that ultimate surround sound feel. The aramid fiber woofer works to give you a smoother high frequency reproduction that complements the tweeter and in unison, they produce a clean and powerful sound.

Sometimes when you blast the sound, it can get hassled up inside the speakers cabinet because it might not be well insulated, this is why the ELAC Debut has rigid cabinets which also have internal bracing to counter the vibrations that might be caused by the sound waves, which can sometimes alter you listening experience.

• Cabinets have internal bracing to avoid vibrations.
• Front firing ports.
• Solid build quality.

• Boxy finish might not appeal to the broader market.

6.ELAC Debut 2.0

Possibly one of the stand out features of the ELAC Debut is the fact that it is compatible with almost all AV receivers and stereo amplifiers. This then gives you flexible choices when it comes to how you’d want to pair your home theatre system. Whatever amplifier or AV receiver suits your fancy, can be paired with your ELAC Debut 2.0.

For both music and movies, you’d want clear and accurate sound, which would give you a powerful bass effect and matches perfectly with highs and lows that come with every movie or song. The challenge with other center speakers was that they had drivers that were both at the front and the back. While this is a good idea in theory, making placement can be a challenge as you don’t want the sound to be backing up against a wall. This makes your sound a lot less smooth.

The front facing ports of the ELAC Debut means that the sound is directly channeled towards you. Even if you placed it against a wall, it won’t pose any challenge because the sound comes straight to you. Placement for front facing port speakers is very easy because there is no lag or distortion because of back facing ports.

• Front facing ports.
• Woven Aramid-Fiber woofer.
• Custom Concentric driver.

7.Klipsch RP-440C

When Klipsch designed and manufactured the RP 440C, they wanted to achieve the sort of realism customers only dream about. They wanted to get them so close to touching distance that they could actually feel I like them to touch their sound.

The fact that they pushed boundaries to create a clear and accurate sound center channel speaker that is produced by the four cooper woofers means that they are serious about business. The 90×90 Hybrid Tractrix Horn is a hallmark of how to produce clean and authentic quality sound. The design complements everything Klipsch wanted to achieve with this speaker. They pay so much attention to what they want to achieve that they set trends with how they design and manufacture their products.

How center speakers operate is that they bring the right and the left speakers audio together and balance it out to give out the most accurate and clear sound possible. When watching movies, the dialogue is as important as the visuals, so you don’t want to be struggling to make out what the characters are saying. The grille is removable. If you want that raw sound that’s not impeded by anything, you can just remove it.

• Linear Travel Suspension (LTS) Titanium Tweeter.
• Strong and fashionable cabinets.
• All New Tractrix Port.

8.NHT C Series C LCR

Acoustic suspension speaker design means that there are no leaks in the speakers. This in turn makes the LCR only focuses on realizing sound in the most appropriate of manners. The accuracy, low distortion are all dynamic that have been covered to give the best possible sound. Drivers or ports as some would refer to them, help the speaker to produce clear and accurate sound based on how good the product is. In the case of the C Series, the drivers that are fitted are aluminum, which provide clear details and give you a certain sense of realism.

The cabinets are designed with a bespoke style feel that sees them hand polished a whooping 7 times with the first coat and twice with another coat. It really doesn’t matter whether you’re in an enclosed space or you live in an open house, the spurt of sound that you get from the C Series speakers will accommodate your space because of the 2C and 3C that we’re combining to design this new product. The drivers are not going to get overwhelmed because the load is evenly spread across the drivers to take care of the frequency and accuracy of the sound.

• 5 way binding post.
• Strong and fashionable cabinets.
• Multiple drivers

9.MartinLogan Motion 8i [absolute best center channel speaker under 500]

Not many center channel dialogue speakers have the technology that you’d only find on gaming headphones. If you know anything about gaming then you’d know that they require high quality sounding headphones, and to find that same feature on dialogue speakers should make you feel even more excited. What’s more noteworthy is that you get this feature without the price you would normally pay for an audiophile.

The tweeter’s light-weight diaphragm combined with a large surface area makes sure that the performance of the Motion 8i is second to none. The clarity and dynamic range is jaw dropping because you wouldn’t even expect this from a center speaker. Unlike other tweeters that standard at one inch long, the Motion 8i has a much longer tweeter done to provide you with the best sound accuracy.

All the speakers in the Motion 8i are mountable in the wall. The placement doesn’t limit you to putting your cabinets on the ground as you can mount all four speakers on the wall. You can even place them upside down if you like, so that you can bespoke your setting to your own home. The custom air core coil inductors, low DCR steel laminate inductors, and polyester film goes along in ensuring that the center speaker has the ultimate sonic and acoustic experience.

• Mountable cabinets.
• signature perforated grille.
• The Motion tweeter is foldable.

10.Klipsch RP-600C

The Hybrid Tractrix Horn Technology goes along way in making sure that the artificial reverb is taken care of to avoid unwanted echoing that might be as a result of the sound bouncing off the walls. To achieve clear, accurate and detail sound, you need a speaker that works to cancel out the distortion.

Some people argue that aluminum cones perform better than any other cones. This is disproved by Klipsch as they have fitter their cones in copper. They produce an even better quality sound and offer you a very stylish design. The aesthetic appeal coming from the copper design is and will complement any theme you might have in your house.

The vented tweeter design is an additional feature that makes sure that there are no standing waves that goes against giving you that smooth sound that has no unwanted lag so that the reproduction is clear and has absolute clarity. The cream on the top of the design of the RP 600C is how beautiful the cabinets are.

• Beautiful cabinets.
• Vented tweeter design.
• Hybrid Tractrix Horn Technology.

11.KEF Q650c

With its bossy design, the KEF maintains its signature look and adds to its imperious look and string reputation with a unique ports that aren’t rear ended so there won’t be any bouncing back off the walls which gives you
creating precise, captivating dialogue.

Uni-Q sound taken to the next level gives the Q650c gives you a unique experience in how they have designed their tweeter ports or cones. With a cleaner bass that has low to nine distortion, you won’t have to worry when you want to crank the volume up because it can actually handle the increase in volume.

CFD Designed Port gives you a unique take on how they have envisioned the ports to be like. They have made sure to improve the midrange clarity and the enhanced Auxiliary Bass Radiators.

• CFD Designed Port.
• Uni-Q sound taken to the next level.
• Uni-Q Sound.

12.Klipsch R-52C

1″ Aluminum LTS tweeter is the probably best tweeter design that’s ever been produced. It gives you crystal-clear sound for your movie dialogue and music lyrics. This is precisely why you’d want to get a center speaker that doesn’t compromise when it comes to delivering the very best dialogue because center speakers are renowned for being the ones that carry that quality of the overall speaker.

Because the emphasis is put on dialogue and speech, the tractrix horn gives you the absolute acoustic experience that accentuates even the tiniest of details to give your movie experience the extra kick it needs.

• Removable Magnetic Grille.
• Closed Back Design.
• Aluminum LTS tweeter.

Buying Guide-Best Center Channel Speaker Under 500

Factors to Consider before buying ​center channel speakers for dialogue​.

  1. Price

The benchmark for today’s guide is $500. You might think that it’s cheap to get you the best center channel speaker that will give you and your family the best movie experience. Speakers such as the Polk Audio and Klipsch are examples of how you can get premium quality speakers at a reasonable price. Even the MartinLogan Motion 8i is a top tier center channel speaker that commands a reasonable price but guarantees your premium quality.

You need to look at your budget and then compare it to your audio needs and make a decision based on that.

  1. Sound Quality.

Besides the price a center channel speaker commands, the sound quality is also an important part of your decision making process. The main reason behind buying a center speaker is to enhance your audio, and you can only do that by buying a product that boosts your already existing audio.

The factors that determine the sound you’re going to get are the drivers, the tweeter and the woofer. All these must work in unison so that they give you the best sound possible. You should be aware of how different cones operate, how the bass produces vibrations and if that will not impede your listening experience.

  1. Compatibility with other speakers.

Sometimes you might not be in a position to but the whole home theatre system all at once. You might only afford to buy and build it piece by piece. When you do this, it’s important to make sure that you buy speakers that are compatible with each other. This helps stop distortion or breakage when listening to your audio.

The connection speakers of a similar brand of have with each other makes it wise to want to match speakers. If for example, you have already bought a left and right speaker of Polk Audio speakers, the wise thing to do is go for a center channel Polk audio speaker and a likewise woofer to ensure that there’s a stable and unfiltered connection.

  1. Placement.

After figuring out which center channel speaker works best for you, the next step is to figure out where you’d want to place it. To get the most out of your center channel speaker, you might consider placing it directly under or above your TV. Center channel speakers work well when placed directly in front your the listener.

You want to place it in front of you so that you can catch the dialogue, speech and audio perfectly. Also it is advisable to place it there because there are no distractions whatsoever and you can get the best out of the speaker.

  1. Warranty.

Warranty helps in case there is a fault with the product. As a customer, you must be able know that you’re protected in case something unexpected happens. If you buy a product with a warranty in place, the company is duty bound to either replace the faulty product or give you your money back.

Before you commit to buying a product, you might want to look at the type of warranty that’s in place with a certain product. You have to know what the company is holding itself liable for and what the remedies are in case anything happens to the product.


Can I use my TV speakers as the center channel for my home theater system?

Yes you can. You’ll need to do a few settings adjustments before you can use your TV speakers as the center channel for your home theatre system. You’ll need to have an optical cable or an additional HDMI cable to connect to the TV or the AV.

How high should the speaker be placed?

The surround sound speakers should ideally be about 4-5 feet above the listener. The placement should be spot on to give you the best sound possible. The height should not be too high to create an echoing sound but just high enough to be able to get you to enjoy your sound.

Can I install the center channel speaker in the ceiling?

This goes down to the height of your ceiling. If you have too high of s ceiling, then this might not be such a good idea. But if you have standard height sizes ceilings, then this will actually help you use ceiling mounted speakers to be used as center speakers if they are positioned just right

Can I install the center channel speaker in the ceiling?

This goes down to the height of your ceiling. If you have too high of s ceiling, then this might not be such a good idea. But if you have standard height sizes ceilings, then this will actually help you use ceiling mounted speakers to be used as center speakers if they are positioned just right

How do I check whether the center channel speaker is compatible with my home theater system?

The easiest way to know if your center speaker is compatible with your home theatre system is to buy the same brand of speakers. Other than that you can enquire from store assistants as to whether they are compatible or not.

When must I install a center channel speaker?

Once you have the left and the right speaker, including a subwoofer, you can install a center speaker. Because no home theatre system is really complete without a center speaker. The center speaker is the cream on top because it pulls everything together and the fact that the dialogue is mostly heard through the center speaker.


Center channel speakers are arguably the most important part of any home theatre system. This is largely because they generate most of the dialogue and the speech produced by a home theatre system. And when you want to buy a center speaker, you don’t have to break the bank as this guide is dedicated to displaying the best center channel speakers for under 500.

This is a reasonable price that allows you to enjoy the best of your movie experience with your family. Having the ability to bring everything together makes the center speakers an integral part of the home theatre system.

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