TOP10 best closed back headphones for gaming [ALL BUGGET]

TOP10 best closed back headphones for gaming [ALL BUGGET]

Gaming has been taken to a different level now with how it has been professionalized. Having Best Closed Back Headphones For Gaming makes your experience that much greater. Imagine headphones that direct all the sound to your ear and guarantee that there’s no leakage.

As a gamer, you strive to stay focused and finish all your missions to the best of your ability in order to buying Best Closed Back Headphones For Gaming in 2021 , and having headphones that pick out even the smallest of details while you’re playing will only make you a better gamer. Now to all gamers out there

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Image Product Details   Price
1-3 SteelSeries Wireless Gaming Headset Premium
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4-3 ASUS Gaming Headset ROG  Value For Money
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2-3 ASUS RGB Gaming Headset ROG Delta Budget Friendly
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5-3 Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE Affordable
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What is ​closed back ​gaming headphones?​

Closed back headphones are those type of headphones that direct all the sound to your ears and not outside to attain a more flowing type of sonic experience. One night argue that closed back headphones don’t give the natural sound open back headphones give you, but with closed back headphones, the sound might not have a more naturally sounding feel.

But honestly, that doesn’t matter when your whole ear is swallowed by a leather based ear cup with comfortable foam, that you can wear for hours, where you have the best sounding headphones that minimizes leaking to its fullest. This allows you to completely be soaked into your gaming experience, and if you’re a professional gamer, then having these will make you extremely competitive.

What is the Importance of gaming headphones?

Gaming can be classified as a virtual experience you get by playing whatever game it is you’d be playing at the time. The importance of having headphones specifically made for gaming means that the manufacturer would understand the virtual aspect of it and will therefore cater to that specific need.

Another aspect of having gaming headphones is that they give the feel that you are in the game. You can hear the footsteps of enemies, dangers if an opponent is going to shoot at you and if you are playing with teammates, having headphones dedicated to refining the audio to make sure that you don’t miss a thing will make your entire gaming experience a lot better. The surround sound gaming headphones have make give you the ultimate gaming experience because you can pick up even the slightest of sounds.

Most closed back headphones have noise canceling. It has been proven that headphones that leak sound the least are closed back, so this is another reason why their great for gaming. Having headphones that are dedicated to keeping the sound in and around your ear and nowhere else is important, particularly when you’re a gamer.

TOP11 Best Closed Back Headphones For Gaming -Review ▼▼

1.SteelSeries Wireless Gaming Headset [best closed back headphones for gaming with noise isolation]

Founded by Jacob Wolff-Peterson in 2001, this Danish company has manufactured gaming headsets, accessories, keyboards and mouses. They have maintained the production of quality products such that they have placed themselves as one of the leaders in gaming headphones. The most astute gamer would be amiss to not want to try these because SteelSeries have been a mainstay in giving gamers the ultimate experience.

Fitted with background noise cancellation, it makes getting the best out of your gaming experience possible. Imaging playing Call of Duty and instead of properly hearing what you teammates are saying, you have to struggle with hearing backgrounds noise, thereby affecting your focus. The very premise of noise canceling is to allow you to attain maximum concentration, which the Wireless Gaming Headset gives you.

With the 2.4G wireless audio, it transmits perfect audio and has a longer reach, giving you the unfiltered and clear sound quality. It has 2 batteries, which are easily interchangeable. While charging one, you can use the other for a period of 20 hours, giving you plenty of time to start and finish your missions.

The sound quality is characterized by providing you with an almost virtual and realistic feel, with it’s surround sound quality produced by its premium speakers. The microphone that’s fitted in these headphones is considered to be the best and the clearest in the gaming industry.

• Durable.
• 20 hours of battery life.
• 2 interchangeable batteries.
• Fitted with backfire noise cancellation.

• very expensive.

2. ASUS RGB Gaming Headset [Best closed back headphones for gaming for 100]

When Tun, Hsu, Hsieh and Liao founded ASUS, they had the ambition of creating a legacy of being on of the leading computer hardware and customer electronics corporations. Founded in 1989, this Taiwan based corporation has its foundation from four hardware engineers who used their problem solving capabilities to establish their own brand and ultimately place their brand as of the worlds leading corporations.

When headphones gives you pin point accuracy, meaning that sounds of every obstacles are clear, you can accurately predict the positioning of enemies and know where to go to complete missions to the best of your ability, you know those types of headphones are worth their price.

This is made possible by its high resolution specs that give you clear audio, and boost the speakers to give you a virtual and almost 3D like experience. This is why you know that the ROG Delta is an elite product. Because elite products give you a cereal experience and set a bar so high that even thinking of getting a competing product is unthinkable.

• The ROG Delta have control buttons that are easily accessible that give you the option of turning the volume up or down.
They even have the option of turning the lightning feature on or off.
• They are very comfortable.
• The microphone offers clear and audible communication which is also removable.
• The ROG Delta is compatible with PS4, MacBook, PC and cellular devices.

3.Audio-Technica ATH-G1WL

In 1962 Hideo Matsushita has the foresight to establish a company that was going to be determined to produce and manufacture products of good quality. Having started as a phonograph cartridge manufacturer, Audio Technica then ventured into producing microphones. This turned out to be a master stroke as they became the worlds leading brand when came to quality speakers and microphones, supplying even the US government with its products. Now they have combined all that experience to present to us the ATH-G1WL.

If you’re completely focused on a mission, pausing to increase or decrease your volume isn’t an option particularly when you’re playing online. The control buttons that are fitted with the ATH-G1WL makes your playing time and the use of these headphones very convenient.

With 15 hours of undisturbed use, you can play to your hearts content and not have to worry about charging tour headphones every 2 minutes because you have been allotted with enough battery life to enjoy your gaming experience. For 15 hours of gaming time, the ear cups have to be extremely uncomfortable and not make your ears numb or strain your head or neck. Fortunately for the avid gamer, these headphones are extremely comfortable.

• Clear and audible microphone.
• offers playback to make sure that you know if your voice is subtle or not and make the necessary adjustments.
• Control buttons to make your gaming experience convenient.
• 15 hours of battery life.
• The microphone is detachable.

• Clearly visible wires.

4. ASUS Gaming Headset ROG

Taking headphone technology to its best, ASUS presents the Gaming Headset ROG like a high spec detailed piece of technology. It’s no surprise that they have taken this approach, given how they have endorsed the Republic of Gamers with this piece of technology. Placing them as the preferred gaming headset for professional gamers.

In order to appeal to the very best professional gamers, headphones have to meet a certain criteria, and that criteria amongst others has to offer very specific features. ASUS has been doing that for more than a decade. From premium surround sound with studio quality, to ear cups that are breathable and very comfortable and even noise cancellation.

The microphone offers untethered audible sound which offered clear voice communication. On top of that, the convenience of in game audio adjustments is fitted with the headphones. There is nothing conventional about these headphones. Because they have seen what conventional is and decided that to be the very best, every feature must be taken to its limit and stretched to offer every gamer the ultimate experience.

• Premium surround sound.
• Untethered and clear communication because of its microphone.
• Control buttons.
• Noise Cancellation.

5.Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE

Founded by Andy Paul, Don Lieberman and John Beekley, this California based company manufactures computer peripherals and hardware. Founded in 1994, it’s been a mainstay in the manufacturing of peripherals and hardware. It’s then by no surprise that it’s gaming headphones have taken a similar projection and are synonymous with being quality products. Not many expensive products make you feel like you’ve paid more than you’ve bargained for, but the RGB Wireless SE makes you feel like you’ve actually gotten a bargain.

Audibility is quite an important feature when you’re gaming, particularly playing with other professional gamers, this is why the SE is fitted with a microphone that makes being audible seamless. The microphone is also detachable. The quality of the microphone is high end, affording you clarity to engage with the Discord community.

The SE is fitted with ear pads that sit according to the shape of your head and provide you with hours of comfortability while you’re locked in on your gaming experience.

• Comfortable earphones with foam filled ear pads.
• Surround sound quality.
• Detachable microphone.
• Undisturbed connectivity.

• They have a tendency of overheating.


There aren’t a lot of headphones that look and feel like pilot type headphones, but The GSP 670 have that presence. The look and feel of these headphones is exactly what every professional gamer is looking for. And they never disappoint. From an aesthetic pint of view, they are a marvel to behold and for good reason, because at that price point, you should expect nothing less. And Sennheiser knows this, that is why they have taken it upon themselves to manufacture the GSP 670.

The fact that you’re neck deep in your game doesn’t mean that the rest of your life should be on standby until you finish your game. Having the dual connectivity feature means that you can connect two devices at the same time. Life throws us emergencies all the time, and what if you have an emergency while you’re playing pursuing a very important mission on Call of Duty? The dual connectivity means that you can quickly answer your phone while the game is still on, and seamlessly be returned to your game at the conclusion of your call.

Being a gamer doesn’t mean you have to ignore the rest of the world. You should have the option to do so If that’s what you want, but to not be forced into it.

• Noise Cancelling microphone.
• Wide range connectivity.
• Up to 20 hours of battery life.
• Comfortable wear for hours on end.

• 7.

7.Sennheiser GSP 550[best closed back headphones for gaming audio quality]

The Sennheiser family continue to manufacture the very best of trendsetting products. Having founded their company in June 1945, they have maintained their innovative mindset to manufacture different kinds of audio products. From headphones, headsets to microphones. The German based company takes audio engineering to the next level and with the GSP 550, it is understandable why they have been at the top for so long.

With it’s surround sound quality, the GSP 550 offers customers the quality sound and the sound that makes sure that you enjoy your gaming experience. With it’s four sound equalizer mode, you’re able to toggle between different audio settings to find the right one for you, to make sure that even if you’re competing at a professional level, you have an absolute advantage. Communicating with your teammates on a professional stage is made easy with the crystal clear communication supported by its microphones which further has noise cancellation. This gives you an edge that allows you to focus and concentrate on your gaming experience and nothing else. Gamers really love this.

The fact that it’s headphones are comfortable and fit every head perfectly means that you can go hours one end playing your games and it still wouldn’t strain your neck or make your ears sweat.

• Active Noise Cancellation.
• Control buttons.
• Comfortable fit that works for every head shaped.
• Surround sound quality that is proudly brought to you by Dolby.

• Fitted with a wire.

8.ASUS Gaming Headset ROG Theta 7.1 [best closed back audiophile headphones for gaming]

Appearing in BusinessWeek’s InfoTech 100 and Asia’s Top 10 IT companies, ASUS is staking it’s as one of the best audio engineering companies out there. They pride in making sure that they manufacture high quality technological devices.

Nothing comes close for a gamer such as an unbeatable sound system. The very essence of gaming is not only to test your hand eye coordination, it is not only focused on testing your hand speed or communication proficiency, it is also rooted in making sure that you enjoy the almost virtual experience with the sound that is generated by the game. If you’re able to deduce what your mates are saying , the directions and shots from different directions, this will make you a successful gamer. Because you will have been equipped with the Theta 7.1 that makes you completely unbeatable.

They have now introduced a different type to noise cancellation, that which is influenced by artificial intelligence. It is fitted with the ability to eliminate over 50 million different sounding environments, to enhance your gaming experience. That means that you have no excuse but to be the very best gamer you can possibly be.

• Active noise cancellation.
• Comfortable ear cups and head strap.
• Compatible with different consoles.
• Surround sounds quality that has powerful bass fitted into both ear cups to give you a boost when you’re competing to complete the most difficult of missions.

• The decided shape of the headphones is not suitable for everyone.

9.ASTRO Gaming A40– meadrange

Formed in the year 1994, Astro Studios is a California based company that formed a spin off company called Astro gaming which then started manufacturing headsets. They have been one of the most sought after brands by esport athletes, streamers and content creators. You have to understand that for professional gamers to consider your product as a must have to take into consideration that they have to meet certain rigid criteria, and the A40s to do that perfectly.

When it comes to design, the A40s tick the right boxes. Before you even start to unpack the product to see what features are in store for you, you’re left in awe of how impeccable the design really is. Now back to the features, fitted with a microphone that can be fitted on both sides of the headphones, this gives you the best possible connection and pick out the best possible vibrations to make sure you’re as audible as your can possibly be.

The design of the A40s are not only aesthetically pleasing and are very comfortable. They allow you the pleasure of being the best professional esport athlete by fitting in the very best features and the fact that it has epic comfort that means you won’t have to worry about being uncomfortable while playing for hours on end.

• Switchable microphone.
• Extremely comfortable.
• Studio sounds quality.
• Speakers are customizable.

• Expensive.

10.LucidSound LS35X

The very fact that the LucidSound has a reputation of winning awards shows that it’s not only a product that appeals to customers, but the industry as a whole sees the quality that the LS35C has. And for this and other reasons, it’s a product that is very reputable amongst the gaming circles.

The LS35X is a completely wireless headphones which means that your gaming experience is not restricted by wires, making your Xbox experience that much better. One of the things that make its easy to stay connected to your game is the thought of being absolutely comfortable with your headphones and not being strained by using your headphones.

It is really designed for comfort and you can’t ask for anything better. The memory foam in the ear cups makes your ears fall easily on the earphones. The microphone is detachable and offers clear cut chats with people on the other line.

• Detachable microphone.
• Clear cut sound quality and chat.
• Quick access control.
• 15 hours of battery life.

Buyers guide-Best Closed Back Headphones For Gaming

  1. Price

Being a gamer requires not only a lot of time, concentration and discipline, but also the financial muscle to make sure that you have the best gaming equipment available. This also means that the money you have the best gaming headphones out there. Particularly if you’re a professional.

They do not come cheap, whether you okay games for recreational or professional purposes. As such, customers have to consider the sort of headphones they want at at which price points they are comfortable exercising that decision.

  1. Noise Cancellation.

Gaming needs focus, and headphones give your that focus by directing the sound into your ears. But there are occasions when background noise impedes your ability to gain a competitive advantage on your opponents.

Noise canceling headphones allow you the benefit of blocking out external noise. This gives your the awareness to know if enemies are approaching or if there’s imminent danger. Subtle noises that will compromise you are easily exposed because your focus will only be on the game and nothing else. This makes having noise canceling headphones such a must for any gamer because, whether you want tot turn pro or whether you’re gaming with your friends for recreation.

  1. Battery life.

We all know that a single session of a video game can last for hours, and to be honest , if you’re a serious gamer, chances are you won’t be only playing a single session and calling it quits. This is why battery life plays an important part in deciding what high earphones you pick because you don’t want them dying on you when you need them the most.

Brands differ in the type of battery life they offer. Some have what we call quick recharge, which allows you to charge for minutes but have several hours playtime you at your disposal. These are some of the things you should be on the look out for.

  1. Comfortability.

It is important to know that the headphones you pick will not leave tour eats socked with sweat or leave your neck needed hours rubbing. Being comfortable is very important, which is why when you’re gaming for hours on end, you don’t want to be thinking how your of headphones are straining you. You have to make sure that you’re picking right.

  1. Warranty.

Gaming headphones don’t come cheap. I don’t know if you know or if you haven’t been told, but this is not one of those cheap products. As a customer you want the protection of know that even if you’re spending this money, you will be protected in the event that something horrible happens and you are not at fault.

Best brand to buy gaming headphones?

LucidSound,ASUS,Sennheiser,EPOS,Corsair is the best brand to buy gaming headphones. Given how they cover all the basics and do a lot more to make sure that you get more than what you’ve bargained for, it’s not surprise that we consider them as the best. From producing surround sound quality headphones, to malign sure that the bass needs are catered for. The fact that they have now designed wireless headphones for hammers means that gamers now have the freedom of movement, not only because they are devoid of any wires, they have an excellent range connection.

You don’t have to be stuck to your console. You can sit as far as is reasonable, and still not lose your connection signal. The mice are detachable, and have great noise canceling to give people at the end crystal clear audio. They feature control buttons a lot so that you don’t have to struggle with convenience. What they want you to focus on is getting the best of your gaming experience.

Closed Back vs Open Back Headphones?

  • Closed back headphones are the type of headphones that close in the sound on you ear. They are a type of on ear headphone that closes in the audio and channels it directly into your ear. Closed back headphones are especially useful when you want to enjoy even the minute of sound when gaming. People argue that the fact that closed back headphones trap the sound in and around the makes the audio unnatural. But that argument goes straight into the water when you realize the effect making sure there are leaks have on the overall sound.

Closed back headphones are the best when it comes to making sure there are no leaks. This means that noise canceling feature works at its best because the closed back cups assist in keeping in the sound.

  • Open back headphones allow the sound to flow out the of the headphone. The gives you a more naturally sounding feel and gives you that overall acoustic experience. It’s been argued that open back headphones are a lot more healthier than their nearest counterpart , but what is most important is the sound quality.

Considering how open back headphones have a tendency of leaking sound, you would be forgiven in thinking that they aren’t that good. But they are. What they lack in stopping the leak they make up for in giving you a type of sound that is excellent. They try to counter this by having noise cancellation, and even though it helps to a degree, it doesn’t completely block out external noise.

Comparing the two is quite difficult, especially when they both have pros and cons. But for gaming, closed back headphones work well overall. Of course it’s up individual customers to decide which works best for you, but for pro gamer, closed back headphones overall provides better quality.


what is the best closed back headphones for gaming?

The best closed back headphones for gaming are undoubtedly the Sennheiser GSP 550. They have all the features you’d want from our gaming headphones. They design is enough to convince that the features fitted with these headphones is the best. From noise canceling, to surround sound quality, to the best microphone and all the necessary features makes these the best.

Are closed back headphones good for gaming?

Closed back headphones are good for gaming simply because they keep the sound in the headphone. There is hardly any leaking and this is solidified by the fact that they have noise canceling.

What headsets do pro gamers use 2021?

Professional gamers use the SteelSeries Wireless Gaming Headset to make sure they
have a competitive edge and help to make sure that they keep winning.

Are audiophile headphones good for gaming?

Absolutely. They are the best for gaming because they provide gamers with surround sound and the ability to notice everything that happens in the game.


Gaming has become more than just something that people for fun. It has emerged into a proper sport that should be taken seriously given how much money is being injected into it. And even for gamers who haven’t turned pro yet, they still are as competitive. This is why looking for the best features available from the best closed back headphones will only make your gaming experience even better.

Now that you have the guide that shows you which headphones offer which features. Now that you have also read what to look for in closed back headphones, what are you waiting for? Carefully read this and go make your purchase.

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