top11 best earbuds for swimming in 2021 [NEW!]

top11 best earbuds for swimming in 2021 [NEW!]

It is very annoying when you’re deep without your breath strokes and your ears get blocked up by water,

this is why we’re bringing to you best earbuds for swimming. This competitive sport requires absolute stamina and skill.

It won’t hurt to have at your disposal the best equipment to help cancel out the noise and the water that impedes your performance. This is why we’re making it our job to give you the list of the best earbuds to choose from. We know how seriously you take this and we want to give you the best information that’s out there to help you choose.

It goes without sago that they need to be wireless. best wireless earbuds for swimming gives you the opportunity to zone out of the world,

even if it’s just for that moment so that you can focus on what’s at hand and to give the best possible performance you can give.

It’s not uncommon to have earbuds on while swimming because it provides you with that therapeutic benefit. The combination of swimming and relaxing audio are two peas in a pot to be honest. Strap in and allow us to take you on ride of the best earbuds for you.


Image Product Details   Price
2-1 QLJY Bone Conduction Headphone
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6-1 Sony NWWS623/B
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7-1 Powerbeats Pro
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10-1 FINIS Duo
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What Are wireless earbuds for swimming ?

It’s always annoying to have to put your earbuds, away because there’s a little bit of drizzle or you have to hold your hand in your heart when they fall into a pool of water.

Waterproofing helps you with this issue because it uses technology to protect the chip of the device and the overall important components from getting messed up by water. This is a great invention because you won’t have to worry about being shocked when you have your earbuds on when it’s raining.

The fact that not even the elements stand in the way of you enjoying your favorite songs is proof that technology has truly come a long way.

Waterproof earbuds are the type of Swimming headphones that use components that are able to resist the pressure of water and all its effects.It therefore means that you can be rest assured that they won’t succumb to water. They feature all round performance even underwater.

You could argue that you can swim deep in the water for long stretches because they are not built to withstand continuous pressure and being soaked wet. But it is still a great leap to know that you can listen to music while you’re still swimming.

Top Product Review For Best Earbuds For Swimming

1.H2O Audio Sonar Underwater

Clear sound underwater. Swimming is. It only therapeutic, it also provides you with much needed exercise. Now imagine getting relief from stress, enjoying your favorite audio and then get some exercise on top of that. Surely sound like a great idea.

Audio Sonar grants you the opportunity to experience what it’s like to have completely waterproof earbuds. Which means that you won’t have to worry about them being damaged because they have been designed with the sole purpose of allowing you to go underwater with them. The built in Bluetooth allows you seamless connection and a range that won’t have your music buffering. They are compatible with Macintosh and personal computers which means that they don’t leave out annoying in this regard. Listening to songs underwater has never been made so easy with them having storage space of up to 8GB. Meaning that you can color and paste and many songs as you like because they will be enough space to accommodate all your tastes.

• 100 % waterproofed.
• Crystal clear sound even when underwater.
• Up to 7 hours of battery life.

2.QLJY Waterproof Headphones.[best wireless earbuds for swimming]


Having as many songs or audio files as you need is an underrated flex. We say this to help gather the necessary facts that having up to 8GB of undisturbed storage means that you can have all you favorite songs available at the top of a finger and you won’t have to worry about deleting at a later stage.

Gone are the days of having to blast music from loud speakers because you didn’t have the right earbuds to help get in the water with you. The QLJY has the waterproofing technology fitted to make sure that they don’t get messed up after a swimming session. It doesn’t mean that they only work under water, but they truly come into their one once you get in the water. Their wireless nature downs not only end in the fact that they don’t have any wires attached, it also goes as far as making sure that your connection is wireless. This gives you room to move around after pairing your device. You won’t have to worry about it not being paired right or the connection being disabled.

• Up to 7 hours of battery life.
• Up to 15 days of standby.
• 8GB of memory.

• They’re very expensive.

3.HydroActive Premium Short-Cord

HydroActive is the go to product for athletes, swimmers, bikers and people who are deep into kayaking. They chose this product because it gives them an all round experience when it comes to enjoying your music in whatever setting you’re in. This means that if you’re swimming, kayaking, riding or running, this will help you have the best possible experience.

Coming in with eleven earbud tips, it caters for different types of ears. This means that from people with small ears and other ear types, you won’t have to worry too much about it since there is a multitude of earbud tips coming with her product. Having tested how resilient they are underwater, you can rest assured that they will not leave you hanging but rather have the technology that enhances your overall experience. If you’re submerged in the water for however long you might be, they will ensure that they don’t get damaged because they are waterproof. They were very considerate in making sure that the ear cup tips are mandatory with every packaged earbud.

• Comes with eleven different types of ear cups.
•Compatible with any device.
• Seamless connections.

• The tiny wire is not for everyone.

4.Sony NWWS413LM

Wearable and wire free is that make of the game with these ones. They are the epitome of wireless and complete convenience. They offer you the ultimate experience with minimal to no fuss at all. You can load up your music with a draw to go type style to ensure that you fill up that 4GB storage you have with Sony’s headsets. This means that you can load up your favorite tracks into the 4GB memory. It should also be stated that they are completely waterproof. Even the memory that’s built in will not interfere with your listening experience and it won’t disturb your enjoying of these headphones.

With its smart design and well placed control buttons, you get convenient access to your control buttons so that your listening experience is that much smoother. Comfort is a big thing with the NWWS413LM, that’s why it has an ergonomic design made to give you comfort for hours.

• Passive noise function.
• Up to 12 hours of playback.
• 4GB of storage.

• Memory is smaller than other brands.

5.H2O Audio Stream 2 100% Waterproof
MP3 Music Player

Widely known as the best in class MP3, the Audio Stream gives you the best possible experience underwater. The time for making lap after lap of just pure boredom ends now with this great leap in underwater earbuds technology. It’s amplified bass means that you’ll get the extra kick and balance that normally would decrease because of the dissertation that happens when you get into the water.

They counter this by making sure that the headsets have a seamless connection and can give you undisturbed sonic experience. With up to 8GB of storage, the Audio Stream gives you the space to load all your favorite songs Apple Music and other platforms. It’s even made easy for you to get the songs in your memory. No converting to MP3 or any of that. Just drop your music on your memory and you’re ready to go and enjoy the best laps you can possibly imagine. The design is specially made to give you the best in water experience and as such they are completely waterproofed. They play an important part in how you enjoy your outside activities.

• Up to 8GB of storage.
• 100% waterproof.
• Compatible with music streaming platforms.

• Bluetooth does not work underwater.

6.Sony NWWS623[best waterproof earbuds for swimming]


Having a companion that relaxes you while you’re going on about your jog or your swimming has become important given how stressful the world we’re living in today has become. This is exactly why it’s important to have a pair of headsets that amplifies that very experience. With its Bluetooth and NFC, it gives you the opportunity to connect with either one. This means that if the headsets don’t work underwater, the NFC will come to the rescue.

Waterproof, dust proof and durable design means that you can be rest assured that you won’t have to fight against the elements to enjoy your songs. 4GB of audio space ensures that you get the maximum amount of pleasure you can expect from these headphones. Ambient sound that’s fitted gives you the pleasure of listening to your music as well as being in tune with your environment and having conversations and still not missing a beat of your favorite songs. Up to 12 hours of battery life and the options of a fast recharge, the Sony NWWS623 give you the ultimate experience.

• Ambient Noise.
• Up to 12 hours of battery life.
• Lasting comfort.

7.Powerbeats Pro.[best bluetooth earbuds for swimming]


Having high intensity work out means that the earbuds you choose should be able to handle and coincide with your workout routine. That’s why the PowerBeats Pro stands heads and shoulders above the rest. The design is that of hooks to make sure that they have a serious and stable grip. So when you run or swim, they won’t be falling off or causing you any sort of discomfort. Even if you have hooks, you won’t feel any discomfort because it’s made for your comfort.

It’s design is such a pleasure to look at and it’s even more pleasurable when you know that you have up to 9 hours of listening time. You will have to worry about not being able to listen and will only maximize how well you can enjoy your outdoor activities. It’s even fitted with a quick recharge mode allowing you to have up to 90 minutes of a 5 minute recharge.

• Audio Sharing.
• Dual Audio controls.
• Voice control.

8.Jabra Elite Active 75t

The Elite Active 75t not only gives you great audio for your songs, but it also gives you the ability to have good quality calls. In terms of having great audio, this means that you can enjoy the all round surround sound with a balanced feel to it. The noise canceling feature means that you can block out all the external noise so that nothing gets in the way of you and your playlist. Because we know that no man is an island, the comfort of knowing that you can activate the hearthrough mode and still be part of your surroundings without losing any beats.

The battery life of the Jabra Elite 75t gives you almost 6 hours of enjoyment. Because this comes with a charging chase, that gives you an extra 24 hours of battery life. You cannot enjoy these types of earbuds when you are not convinced that they can last for a long period of time. These ones are durable and give you a certain amount of peace of mind. With a customizable equalizer, the sound that comes will be that of your choosing.

• Durable.
• Quick recharge.
• Active Noise Canceling.

9.Jaybird Vista

With 6 hours of battery life on a full charge, the Vista charge affords you enough time to go through your playlist without any doubt or worry of having your battery depleted. It doesn’t end there, the charging case gives you an extra 10 hours of listening time. If you prefer to use a single bud, the your listening time is multiplied by 2 to a whopping 32 hours. You won’t be worried about not enjoying your favorite music because you will have enough power to do so.

Waterproof, crushproof, dust proof and sweat proof. What more could you ask for? Human proof maybe? Wireless Bluetooth technology gives you wireless connection with zero lag tolerance. You can have your own customized sound because of the equalizer that allows your to enjoy your music on your own terms. These earbuds are ultra light. You don’t even know that you are wearing them but still get the best quality sound earbuds at that. That’s incredibly quick incredible. The Jaybird also has an app that gives you the peace of mind to keep track of where your earbuds are at all times.

• Jaybird App.
• Equalizer.
• Up to a total of 16 hours of battery life.

10.FINIS Duo Underwater Bone Conduction MP3 Player [best earbuds for swimming laps]


With its sleek design, the FINIS gives you not only the aesthetic feel, but it is coupled with the very best features to allow you to experience the best of the Underwater Bone conduction. The experience of having music when you’re swimming is synonymous with these earbuds. With 60 hours of playback, that means that you can have almost 3 days of listening on a single charge. That is very impressive coming from such small headsets.

It is compatible with all the major streaming services so you won’t feel excluded when using any streaming service of your liking. From music, audiobooks to podcasts, you have the freedom to listen to whatever and still have the best experience. You can deep dive up to 10 feet for a period of 30 minutes and still have solid headsets. If you can hold your breath for that long, you’re more than welcomed to try and test this. You won’t be disappointed. While you are at it, try to go through your playlist with the 4GB of storage that comes with these headphones.

• 4GB of storage.
• Up to 7 hours of battery life.
• Clip design.

11.Swimbuds MP3 Wearable Audio

This is what you call the marriage between MP3 and headphones. The duality of it all gives you the best of both worlds and you will completely fall in love with them. With 8GB of storage, you can load up to 2000 songs, whether you’ll be able to listen to them all, I’m not sure. But this gives you the opportunity to have as many songs as you can possibly have, with ease. We know that people have different types of ears and ear sizes. The Wearable Audios gives you up to 11 earbuds with 4 designs so that you know which ones are for you.

They are made to stick on your goggles, keeping your headsets in place to allow you to swim with peace. This is why you buy these earbuds. To have the comfort of knowing that you’ll be able to enjoy them on your own terms. So if you’re going about your laps, you’ll do this knowing that you’re being hugged with a quality sound that gives the motivation to keep on swimming and get the best times, or to relax while swimming.

• 8GB of storage.
• Compatible with iTunes.
• Up to 11 earbuds.

How do you actually prevent water from entering the headphones?

Hydrophobic directly translated is literally a fear of water.

How hydroponic coating works is that a thin surface layer is placed on top of the chip to make sure that it repels water. It has a set angle that makes sure that water or sweat or moisture does not make contact with the surface.

Copied from the famous lotus flower, we’ve seen how this flower repels water and is designed is such a way that it never gets wet. It only places a the water component on in and tips it over without ever getting wet.

This was incorporated into headphones so that they would start becoming waterproofed. The thin layer that’s placed above the surface stays at an angle.

This means that moisture or water will not come into contact with the surface. It will be calmly dropped on the sides safely so that the allure of water resistant stays as it. This is pretty incredible when you think that there are headphones that enables you to listen to music while you’re immersed inside the water. This is made possible by the hydrophobic coating so that you have the comfort of knowing that even if you’re soaking wet, your headphones will be as dry as the deserts. That’s pretty cool.

How hydrophobic coating has elevated headphone technology is out of this world. From having the ability to just listen to headphones to then push it to the very ceiling by daring to have the ability to listen to music underwater is unheard of. It’s only possible because of how hydrophobic coating works. The surface of your headphones will always be protected by this thin layer no matter and and this is something that is going to elevate your musical experience.

Swimming Accessories For Better Audio That You Can Buy ?

Smart watches help connect your headsets with a device that can stay close to you while you’re swimming. Because it goes without saying that you need goggles when swimming. Especially the type that ensures that you can clip the on your strap to make for a comfortable fit. Ear tips that cater for different ear types goes a long way in ensuring that you have the best possible fit to hug your ear beautifully.

Buying Guide For Best Earbuds For Swimming

Best Earbuds For Swimming

  1. Price.

Any product has a certain value that is attached to it. And this plays as a direct guideline to see what sort of service you are paying for. The higher the price, the better quality product you can expect. The price shows you how well the features perform and how the overall headphone performance is like.

It is important to know what to expect from headphones that you’re paying your hard earned money on. And you should know what features come with high end and medium end products.

  1. Range.

You don’t expect to be limited to how far you can swim and to what depth you can actually swim when you’re in the water. The range the headphones give you is important because when you’re swimming, you shouldn’t be worried about your connection failing. Some headphones range die out when you get submerged under water.

You don’t expect to have your connection cut because you have gone under water. The fact that you have to check the range of the headphone means that there are those who won’t give you the right range and might disconnect when you go under water.

  1. Bluetooth or NFC.

The wireless technology required to connect your headphones with any device requires a seamless connection. You have option of connecting with either Bluetooth or NFC. Most earbuds will surely have a problem when you go under water because when the
fails you, NFC will kick in to save the day.

Headphones that have both Bluetooth and NFC are considered to be the best. They offer you the best connection because they work in unison to provide you with duality of connection.

  1. Comfortability and Grip.

You might be forgiven when you assume that your headphones might not be able to grip when you are into you’re deep with your intense swimming. You don’t want to have earbuds that keep on falling off at crucial point in your swimming. It’s important to know that the you won’t have to worry about not being comfortable. It should be known that no matter the circumstances, having earbuds that won’t irritate your ears and cause any type of sweating is not going to work well for anyone.

If you’re doing hectic turns and high intensity swimming, you need to have earbuds that stay put in your ears. It’s important to earbuds that will not frustrate you in their being lose.

FAQ. –

Can You Swim With Ipx7 Headphones?

Yes you can swim with the ipx7. They are fitted with hydrophobic coating which gives them a thin layer that protects the surface. It’s important because you are confident in how you’ll be swimming with the comfort of knowing that these type of headphones will not fall short of your of your water resistant needs. They have all the components that give you the reassurance that they won’t fail.
The fact that they are all types of proofed means that even the elements will not get in the way of you having the best possible sonic experience.

Can you wear headphones while swimming?

Yes you can wear can wear headphones while swimming. This though depends on what type of headphones you wear while swimming. Headphones that are fitted with waterproofing or hydrophobic coating are the ones that make swimming with headphones possible.
Any type of headphone can withstand a drop of two of rain or even a small amount of sweat, but being exposed intentionally to water will not work.

What headphones does Michael Phelps use while swimming?

Regarded as one of the greatest Olympic swimmers of all time, Michael Phelps uses the H2o Audio Surge S+ to give him the advantage when he takes to the pool. If they are good enough for him, then they should be good enough for you and I.

Are there Bluetooth earbuds for swimming?

Yes there are Bluetooth earbuds that enable you to swim with. Headsets like Delphin are a perfect example of how Bluetooth can be used for swimming earbuds. They might not be as effective and accurate in the water like they would be in normal circumstances. But you can find earbuds that operates solely with Bluetooth that can enable you to swim with them.

Do bone conduction headphones work underwater?

Bone conduction headphones wirelessly uses Bluetooth to give you clear and accurate sound. It does this in every setting possible. The way they are designed gives you the comfort of knowing that you can go into the water with the confidence that they are built to give you the best possible surround sound you can expect from headphones.

Bone conduction is to earbuds for swimming what audiophile headphones are to gaming. They give you the best possible bass balance. The fact that the connection is wireless means that you won’t have to worry about wires while you’re getting your breast strokes on.
It’s great that bone conduction works underwater and it works well. The distortion you have when the connecting is not as clear is not something you can expect from bone conduction. You don’t want to have to limit the depth you should swim in because you’re not sure if your headphones can manage, because you know with bone conduction, you have no need to worry.


Swimming has become not only a competitive sport, but it has also stress relieving exercise, which can now be enjoyed with the pleasure of music. You can enjoy this by using Best Earbuds For Swimming which only amplifies your music experience.

The modernization of technology which has now been included in the making of earbuds that offer you the experience of using them in any sort of setting. This is evident when you jump into a pool full of water and not having the care in the world about them giving in. Thats the beauty of hydrophobic coating. And without this, all of this would not remotely be possible. So go out there and get your backstroke on while bumping your favorite tunes…

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