tOP12 best headphones for metal music IN 2021

tOP12 best headphones for metal music IN 2021

Metal music lovers know that the amount of instruments used by this genre means that they can’t afford to miss any of them sonically, which is why this article is bringing you best headphones for metal music. It helps neither artist or listener to miss out on important elements of any song simply because they don’t have the right headphones dedicated to making the most out these songs.

The fact that there’s a solid core of diehard fans who worshipped metal music, means that there really should be headphones that sure that producers and artists alike have the best equipment to make the best songs , which gabors them and their customers.

As a customer, you need to know the difference between different brands, the terminology, and what to look out for when making this type of purchase. And luckily for you, we are here to simplify knowing which brand to go to and which best headphones for metal music in 2021 to buy. So sit back, relax and read on.


Image Product Details   Price
6-6 Sennheiser HD 600
Premium Check Price NOW
3-6 Audio-Technica ATH-M50XGM
Value For Money Check Price NOW
1-6 V-MODA Crossfade LP2
Budget Friendly Check Price NOW
10-6 Bose QuietComfort 35
Affordable Check Price NOW

Worth buying headphones for metal music?​

Buying headphones for metal music is definitely worth it when you think of how they are especially designed to give you the best experience particularly for that genre. Whether it’s emphasizing the different types of guitars, drums and the little sonic details that make the genre what is it. Producers and artists alike benefit from knowing that there are headphones specifically designed for them and making sure that they make the best possible music.

Headphones specifically designed for a certain type of genre make it worth it. You know that the manufacturer went into the design process with you the producer or the artist in mind. The little tiny details other headphones might have missed, you know for a fact that those headphones are made with you in mind.

Top Product Review For Best Headphones For Metal Music

1. V-MODA Crossfade LP2

Founded in 2004, Jospeh Bucknall saw fit to start his own company that produces high end audio products. Based in Hollywood, California, you already know the sort of high end products that people in that vicinity expect, and being part of the entertainment epicenter of the world, they lived up to expectations. They are widely recognized as the first to set trends that make fashionable headphones, and who can argue with their foresight giving their area code.

Whether you’re a producer, a musician or a someone who enjoys listening to music, having the best surround quality especially for heavy metal music means that the different elements acoustically must be heard on your chosen headphones. The LP2 give you that surround sound feel because it has been designed for musicians and travelers alike.

Having been fitted with a feature that is widely known as passive noise, it cuts out the external noises to allow you the opportunity to listen to your music very well. The other part that they have covered is the fit of the headphones. They made sure that the foam fitted in the cushions is that which won’t make your ears numb and the head strap will not hold your skull captive.

• Authentic noise cancellation for ensuring that your musical experience is not disturbed by external noise.
• Foldable design that comes with casing to make sure that they last longer and are well protected.
• Seamless connectivity.

• Compares with other V Moda headphones, it isn’t up to par with them.

2.OneOdio ( Y8OB)

There has never been a substitute for great quality headphones. The fact that you are or might not be a well known brand doesn’t not mean that you should rest on your laurels and not claim your share of the market. OneOdio recognized that no matter how people might be drawn to certain products, it doesn’t mean that they can’t offer up to par or even better products given their extensive knowledge and experience in designing and producing audio products.

Let me try to contextualize this for you. A day has 24 hours, the battery life of the Y80B has an estimated 80 hours of play time in a single charge. That means that charged only once , you can actually use them for up to 3 and a half days. That releases the pressures of having to worry about charging your battery and not listening to music.

Being vocal and heard by people on the other side of the microphone is very important, particularly if you want to give out clear and meaningful messages while listing your music. The YB08 gives you the pleasure of doing all that.

• It’s ergonomic design saves space by being Foldable and portable.
• Offers you that deep bass that you associate with metal music.
• The noise is redirected seamlessly away for the headphones.

• The noise canceling feature is not up to par with the usual standard.

3.Audio-Technica ATH-M50XGM-[best over ear headphones for metal music]

Established in 1962, Audio Technica has been building its brand internationally by going as far as producing microphones for US presidential candidates. They have also made serious inroads in producing high quality audio equipment.

The ATH-MX-50 setse world alight with its design that is subtle as well unique. Designed for students, commuters, YouTubers or music producers, they work well for recreational as well as professional users.

In terms of their performance, they sound great with its allround performance. Especially for music lovers who want to exaggerate even the lowest of notes, this should prove to be a high end buy.

For audio engineers and pro listeners, the sort of headphones this type of customer uses has to have a certain element of technical superiority, and the sound has to balance and play off of the cups perfectly to produce that refined sound quality.

The ATH-M50X allows you just that. Making sure that all technical aspects of the headphones are just right and will have the mind blowing effect that will leave you wanting to listen for hours on end.

4.Master & Dynamic MH40

If you are in the business if making music or are a customer that wants studios type sound, this is the go to product.

Rated up there for its quality, it is no surprise that it’s preferred than its predecessor for studio purposes because of its combined bass and clear sound capabilities.

The headphones come highly recommended by industry leaders because they are created with high quality materials. They are technically superior because they have been designed with the sole purpose of being sonically ingenious.

If you have used the predecessor to the MH40, you’ll notice that it had an aluminum finish, while these ones are more of a plastic finish. Customers might complain about this, but the idea here is to make them a lot lighter and easier to fall on your skull. If you ask me, it’s a suitable compromise.

5.Master & Dynamic MW65

Founded in 2013, Master & Dynamic pride itself in the manufacturing and designing of headphones, speakers and audio accessories. John Levine and Vicki Gross went about to design headphones that not only sound good, but are also easy on the eye. It wouldn’t make sense to have an expensive pair of headphones on your head all day long that look hideous. They understood the very premise of making sure that their product aligns itself perfectly with aesthetically appeal.

Fitted with a 24 hour battery, this allows the acoustic capabilities of the MW 65 to shine for an entire without fail. Having being fitted with active noise cancellation, that further solidifies that fact that when you’re jamming to the next hall of famer, you won’t have to worry about the powerful bass finishing tour battery because it can last the whole day.

We have always maintained that having headphones on should not mean that you don’t the option of relating to the outside world. If you isolating is by choice, then so be it, but it shouldn’t be something that is forced on you. The MW 65 has a microphone fitted to give you clear calls and chats with different settings for noise cancellation.

• Active and passive noise cancellation.
• Up to 24 hours of battery life.
• Built in microphone for easy chat, entertainment and voice assistant

• Very Expensive.

6.Sennheiser HD 600-[best studio monitor headphones for metal music]

The very sentiment that an artist gives his music and the feeling that they want to capture should it be taken away by headphones. Headphones responsibility is to maintain and even enhance the artists soul that is an extended through his music. The HD 600 captures that sentiment Timor’s fullest. For more than 50 years Sennheiser has been trying and succeeding, I might add,
to attain a product that does not distort the original feel went to making that particular song, something Sennheiser completely get.

Not a lot of headphones feature aluminum in their headphones as a means to sort out acoustic issues and to further make their headphones extremely light weight. By doing this, you’re making the customers life even better because they won’t be worried about head straps that strains them.

The finishes of the HD 600 are sleek to say the least, and give you that minimalist feel but still have that draw me to you type feel to them that makes them absolutely perfect. One thing that you don’t want to be wrestling with when listening to music is connectivity. This is not even a challenger or a matter of concern seeing that they have address this very sore point, which sometimes makes relying on wireless headphones a bit of challenge.

• Detachable capable.
• Strong connectivity.
• High quality ear cups.

• It is not completely wireless.

7.Mackie MC Series(MC-450)[best closed back headphones for listening to metal music]

Greg Mackie started out as a manufacturer of affordable and wide ranged pro audio mixers in the year 1988 based in Seattle with the idea of manufacturing LOUD technologies. The experience gained from running a successful business selling pro audio mixers gave Mackie the confidence to branch out the diversify his product range. Mackie then moved into the headphones space and started making significant strides and becoming a world renowned brand.

It matters not if headphones have the best bass boosters, the latest in noise cancellation, the very best and well positioned control buttons or the worlds fastest quick attention feature if they are simply not comfortable. The one feature that ties l this together is that fact that you can actually wear your headphones for hours on end with feeling like you want to throw them away.

The MC series makes the most out of this feature, considering the fact that they have laced their headphones with high end quality leather and ear cups that conform to the shape of your ear and not vice versa. The fact that you can get premium studio quality headphones for person use goes to show how incredible the listening experience is for any listener, whether it’s professional or causal.

Pros :-
• Studio quality headphones.
• Comfortable fit that conforms to the shape of your ears.
• High end Surround sound quality.

• Aesthetically they are not as pleasing.

8.beyerdynamic DT 880

The fact that Beyerdynamics has been the same family that founded it in 1924 in Heilbronn Germany is absolutely amazing. The trade secrets and audio technology know how has filtered through to generation to make sure that they not only stick to their core values as a company, but still remain innovative and competitive in such a demanding industry is testament to how adaptive they are as a company.

The DT 880 follows the DT 770, which then adds and improves the shortfall we saw with the DT 770. This generation is set on being the ultimate companion for audio engineers and producers. You know this has to be a high end product Tudor producers to even consider putting their hands on it. Because when you think of the amount of effort it takes to record and then master a song, you have to be able to have equipment that picks up even the minute of details so that you produce not only music but works of art. The 880 is such a product.

Sometimes it takes hours to master and then produce a song, and you honestly don’t need to be having to take out your headphones for a time and again because of how uncomfortable they are. You need to be possession of headphones that make your life easier and the DT 880 does that and so much more for tour professional needs.

• Studio sounds quality.
• Fitted with a comfortable foam to make the ear cups suitable fits.
• Lightweight.

• It can be classified to fall on the expensive side.

9.Sennheiser HD 700[the best headphones for heavy metal music]

There are things your associate with certain countries because of what they have historically been renowned for. And with Germany, engineering wise, they are known for efficiency and manufacturing high quality products. That’s what Sennheiser have designed with the HD 700. Following the success of the HD 600, it’s clear that this German company was under pressure to make sure that the followed up with a similar or better product and they did not disappoint.

With it’s studio like feel, the HD 700 produces a sound that professionals will gravitate towards. Delivering an almost pressurized sound that doesn’t lose quality and maintains its balance throughout, even when playing the most robust of songs, they will make you feel like they are almost at a breakpoint but still maintain its composure. That’s how they have made sure that when you’re in the quest of enjoying your metal music, all the acoustic elements are catered for.

The ear cups are fitted with foam that ensures that you have a comfortably fitting headphone your can wear for hours on end. The are what you’d consider luxurious ear cups that go hand on glove with the head strap.

• Comfortable ear cups.
• Stable connection.
• Great sound quality.

• The HD 700 is expensive.

10.Bose QuietComfort 35-bugget

Widely known as the closest competitor Beats, Bose has positioned itself as a leader in active noise canceling features and has continued to produce comfortable headsets.

One thing that customers complain about is how headphones have a tendency of being sweaty and uncomfortable after hours of listening. Bos has counter this problem by designing cups that will not strain your ears and will not make you sweaty.

What Bose has done with the QC35 is make sure that their cups are comfortable and can be worn during long flights and make commuting that much exciting without having to worry about being strained. This is complemented by its 20 hour battery life that will surely excited even the most stubborn customers.

11.Sennheiser Momentum 3

Listening to music at your own terms has never been this evident. Sennheiser has once again come with the an extra layer of genius to their already impressive repertoire. Adding to their catalog, they have now designed the Momentum 3 which, for all intents and purposes, is a trendsetter, a standard maker and an overall impressive piece of technology.

There is no way you don’t lose yourself listening to music from these headphones when you think about how well balanced the sound quality is. The smart pause feature allows you the option of quickly pausing to answer a call or to have a conversation. Whatever it might be , the smart pause feature enables you to have quick access to your surrounding environment without taking anything away from your musical experience.

Now with the three advanced modes of active noise canceling, you can dictate the level of your presence in any environment. You can choose to either have active, passive or transparent noise cancellation. All three make it easy for you to Eritrea get lost in your music or stay tuned into your music and still be present in whatever environment you found yourself in.

Switching between all three modes and optimizing your listening experience is made possible by the Smart Control App. Whatever settings you want , however you want to customize or personalize your music experience, all that is in the palm of your hands.

• Active Noise Cancellation.
• The Smart Control App lets you personalize your listening experience.
• Smart pause.

• The Momentum 3 is on the expensive side.
• The metal head strap might not appeal to everyone.

12.Sony MDRV6

The quality of any brand is how they stand the rest of time. And won’t have shown how they have stood against innovation after innovation and still remained as one of the most sought after brands when it comes to headphones. This is why the MDRV6 ticks every box, because Sony has used its ingenuity to create an audio product that stands the test of time.

Aesthetically Sony has once again produced an exceptional product. The design of the MDRV6 is exceptional and will appeal to almost everyone. They didn’t just knock out the park audio aspect of the headphones, but made sure that the manufacture a pair of headphones that look as good as they sound.

It’s no wonder why professionals consider them to produce the best possible music and why the avid listener deviates towards them to get the best musical experience. When it comes to how comfortable they are, the weight is evenly distributed so that you aren’t uncomfortable and offers your hours of listening without any sort of disturbance.

• Wide, comfortable ear cups.
• Excellent connectivity.
• Folding ear cups.

• Some might find the MDRV6 a bit outdated.

Best brand to buy best headphones for metal music?

Sennheiser,Audio-Technica,Bose,V-MODA is the best brand to buy for metal music. From the surround sound, to the design, to the noise cancellation, the Sennheiser stands head over shoulders from other metal music headphones. Given the level of technological advancements included to make sure that these headphones are dedicated to being the very best.

You have to consider how for 75 years Sennheiser has been manufacturing the very best audio products. And they have continued to innovate to a point that even producing headphones is committed to making life easier for producers and artists who live for metal music. And for fans of this particular genre, knowing that you have a pair of headphones that artists and producers have used to make the type of music they love and live for.

Buyers Guide-Best Headphones For Metal Music

  1. Price.

If you’re an avid listener of metal music, the fact that you know that the headphones you want are those that are used by producers and artists alike means that the features they want in order to help them create the very best music, means that the price of those headphones are going to come at a premium.

This is one of the things you must consider before buying those types of headphones. But you must be rest assured that the price you pay for represents the value you will have attain by making such a purchase.

  1. Sound quality.

If you know anything about music you’ll know just how loud it is. And the fact that there are soo many instruments that are dedicated into making just one song, as a fan of metal music, you won’t want to miss a beat. This is why not is important that you consider the type of sound quality your preferred headphones produce because it goes a long way into helping you make that decision.

The sound that you require as a metal music fan is a sound that will take you to a place where you feel like you’re attending a rock concert, when in fact you’re just going about your business at home.

  1. Battery life.

It is important to know how much battery life is in any headphone. The battery life is in direct correlation between the amount of joy you’ll get compared to the amount of frustration you’ll have to endure while waiting for them to charge.

Buying headphones with a longer battery span will make you enjoy all your creating and listening to music. For producers, knowing that you can get a full days worth of battery life will only make you want to get a pair that has an extended battery life.

  1. Comfortable.

Comfortability is a major selling point when it comes to headphones. You want to know that when you’re blasting the best metal sound, you won’t have to worry about your neck being strained or your ears very sweaty. When you have to listen to the music for long hours on end, you want to know that the ear cups and the head strap in your favor and not against you.

  1. Noise Canceling.

Whether it’s passive or active noise canceling feature, you know that when listening to your music nothing will disturb you. The fact that noise canceling feature is one of the things you must consider goes to show that it goes a long way into making your music experience better.

It’s important to know that you have no disturbances when you have to produce or listen to music.


Does Higher Bass Damage Headphones?

A lot of people think that having an amplified bass means that your headphones will be damaged but that could not be further from the truth. Manufacturers use the right technology to make sure that whatever additional equalizers you choose to use, like apps, they will not damage your headphones.

Which headphones are best for music production?

The Blue Satellite Premium Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphonesare the best headphones for production. They ear ups, sound quality, design, noise canceling and everything about these headphones makes that the best when it comes to production.

Which headphones musicians use?

Most musicians use Beats to help them create the very best music and art they can possibly make. It has all the features that a musician requires to help them only focus on creating the very best art they can create.


Metal music headphones are so exceptional on making sure that they are dedicated to giving you the experience that you require sonically to make the best music you can possibly make. It goes without saying that if you have the option of buying headphones that are dedicated to your specific genre, then considering other options would be just dumb.

Headphones are supposed to make your life better and if you use them for professional purposes, then you should be convinced that they will make your work life easy. This should be done by picking out the very best headphones for your individual needs as people’s needs differ. But what should be remain constant is how your musical experience will not change.

You should be convinced by the ones you pick that they will not only enhance your work life, but they will also give you a surreal musical experience. Features like surround sound, the level of bass your headphones produces, noise cancellation, the headphones you chose must be of a standard that not only makes you happy, and agrees with your pocket, but also makes whatever experience you use them for a lot easier.

Customers have always been blessed with choice. The choice to choose which headphones you use for your particular needs goes along way into the bettering your overall music experience. If you’re a producer, then this is the best guide for you. The fact that we have made this guide to help you means that we appreciate your time and want to help save time by reviewing these products and giving you a clear map into what you should look for and how you should analyze these different products.

Now for all you metal music fans, for all you metal music producers and creators, take this guide this and make sure you find what works for you and create the best sound out there with best headphones for metal music. Rock on!

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