13+ Best High End Center Channel Speaker IN 2021

13+ Best High End Center Channel Speaker IN 2021

Today we are going to discuss best high end center channel speaker which acts as the perfect link
that balances the sounds among all the surrounding speakers. With that you will be able to watch
your favorite movies or listen to the music with a reverberant surround sound, raising your show

high end center-channel speaker improves the sound quality in such a way that there will be blooming and booming of sound from each part of the area. If you want an attractive sound quality, then a center
channel speaker is the most suitable choice.
The best quality of center channel speakers is that they output about 70% of the sound mix in
any movie or music. So to open the wide option of center channel speakers, this article is going
to discuss

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What is a Center Channel Speaker and why use it?

A center channel speaker does most of the work in a surround sound setup. Most of the
dialogues, actions, and music in the movies happen in the front of the screen, (Choose best center channel speaker for dialogue for a better experience)

thereby it
is the center channel speaker producing it. It supports the left and right channel speakers
and creates a real home theatre experience with its quality and sound. It also gives a
beautiful look to your living, thereby fitting into any type of decor.

Center Channel Speaker vs Soundbarwhat you should choose

The major difference between the both is that a soundbar uses all three front channels
whereas a center channel speaker uses especially in best center channel speaker under 1000


Soundbars are ready right of the box to be plugged into the receiver whereas you require other speakers those are very slim unit and for that reason, those fit into any room under the tv and you are barely seen, for playing soundbars you don’t have to require any technical knowledge like “plug and play” and the most important part is those are not too much costly

but on other hand, there are some units you can easily afford like best center channel speaker under 500 when you are really passionate about sound and music.

13+ Best High End Center Channel Speaker (Product Review)

The list below contains a variety of Center Channel speakers so as to make the best choice.

1.Polk Audio Signature Series S35

The Slim Polk Audio Signature Series S35 is especially designed to deliver a big, reliable
surround sound. It gives you a cinematic aroma within the four walls of your room.

It features an,exclusive power port bass enhancing technology, precision crossovers, modern cabinet styling,
an anti-diffraction magnetic grille and a dynamic balance designed acoustic array, thereby giving
an elevated sound for music, TV and movies in a completely transformed way.

It presents high resolution audio performance, thereby delivering a perfect, detailed, high
frequency of 40KHz. It also presents a reliable dual power port technology with an amplified
sensitivity and compatibility. Check out more affordable options like best center channel speaker under 200


  • Extremely affordable with solid bass and rich response
  • Sound Signature is perfect and clear.
  • Splendid deetail, chiefly in dialogue


  • Some voice ranges may get boomy.

2. Klipsch RP-250C

Klipsch is one of the very famous brands, well known for its quality and sound. The RP-250C
engages the listener completely in its sound and dialogue. It features a 90×90 Hybrid Tractrix
Horn which creates the cleanest and the most natural sound possible.

It also features an excellent MDF Cabinet with Brushed Polymer Veneer Baffle Finish. Its Linear Travel Suspension
minimizes distortion for detailed and enhanced performance. Its twitter provides efficiency,
highest in its class. And also it has two rigid and lightweight woofers.

One of the very special qualities in RP-250C is that its detachable grills help in installation,
thereby providing a refined look.


  • Extremely portable due to its lightweight
  • Saves energy by using less power.
  • Gives consequently higher performance due to its elegant sound effect.


  • For fuller bass, you have to purchase a subwoofer

3.Elite SP-EC73

The professionally designed SP-EC73 by Andew Jones, delivers a quality and robust sound to
your living room, thereby creating an enhanced listening experience. Its precise sound effect
lessens interference between midrange and tweeter, thereby balancing the sound directivity.

It has a small elegant cabinet which makes it easy to integrate with your monitor and equipment.
It features a marvelous concentric driver which is the heart of this speaker ensuring sound
direction. It gives massive attention to details which makes it more special and a bestseller.
Its surround sound system increases its value double fold because of its awful performance.


  • Producing solid low bass extension
  • Fantastic center at a fantastic price
  • Clean and loud highs


  • Needs receiver rated for 4 ohms

4.Definitive Technology Procenter 1000

The compact Definitive Technology delivers enhanced qualities within its small size. It is
especially designed for those who prefer a compact setup with ultimate performance.

It features twin BDSS drivers along with two bass radiators on the enclosure’s side, thereby delivering loud
and clear audio with high tonal accuracy. It is consistently rated as the best available due to its
big sound. It carries a s much as 75% of a movie’s soundtrack, giving lifelike details. It is
therefore easy to use and easy to place.


  • Easy to use and easy to place due to its compact size.
  • It has high quality finish with powerful and balanced audio.
  • Much portable, considering its lightweight.


  • Higher price due to its extreme qualities.

5.Sony SSCS8

The Sony SSCS8 2-way 3-driver Center Channel Speaker delivers original and realistic
performance with energy and passion to listeners. Due to its 2-way capability, it can be paired
with any speaker, presenting its versatile nature.

It produces clear and quality sound with simple design. It features a wooden speaker cabinet which is meant to provide natural sound vibration. It
also features some additional technologies, thereby minimizing distortions when it comes to
bass. The elegantly designed Mica Reinforced Cellular Woofer delivers a big bass response.
Additionally, it has 3 speakers within which the bass operates, thereby giving it higher rankings.


  • The build up quality is very attractive.
  • Best speaker at worthy price.
  • Extremely natural sound vibration and great bass response.


  • Not suitable for a smaller area or room.

6.MartinLogan Motion 8

The innovative MatinLogan delivers a stunning sound. It is designing to provide excellent
performance and flexibility. Its innovative Folded Motion Tweeter produces an engulfing, clear,
precise and high dynamic sound, thereby pleasing your ears and soul.

It features an extremely,elegant style, ready enough to fit with any decor. Its curved design makes it very flexible to
direct towards the desired listening position. This motion 8 style comes with convenient speaker
terminals, allowing you to use a banana plug instead of bare wire. Its highly versatile nature
allows you to mount it anywhere, be it horizontally or vertically.


  • Clarity, especially in the speaker carrying most of the dialogue.
  • Impressively curved cabinet.
  • Compact and powerful bass technology.


  • May not please in larger rooms.

7.Klipsch RP-504C [Best high end home theater center channel speaker]

The Klipsch RP-504C is designed to give crystal clear sound for your music lyrics and movie
dialogue. It features vents tweeter design which reduces unwanted harmonics created by standing
waves, thereby resulting in high frequency reproduction.

Its woofer ensures minimal distortions and maximum efficiency. Its exterior gives an ultimate look to your living room. Its Tractrix horn-loaded technology gives you a lifelike, front-row listening experience, thereby creating a full home theatre feeling. Its redesigned tweeters are now vented, thereby providing a more clearly defined high end.


  • Massive sound effect and presence
  • Great bass response
  • Gorgeous to sight


  • Extremely heavy weighted

8.Klipsch RP-440C

The RP-440C provides clarity and accuracy to your stylish home theatre set up with its brushed
baffle and four cerametallic copper woofers. It delivers the most realistic detail and emotion,
creating your home theatre, an ultimate experience.

Its design makes it easy and creative to be incorporated in any type of decor. It also features a Dolby Atmos which engulfs the listener completely in the music or the movie.

Its unique and new Reference Premiere ports allow for the most efficient, fastest air, thereby creating the cleanest and the most powerful low frequency
on the market. Overall it’s a must buy center channel speaker which will make you fall
in love with music.


  • Immersive and clear audio quality.
  • Gives an ultimate home theatre experience
  • Beautiful design, fits into any decor.


  • Size is too large to fit a smaller area.
  • Clear enough to expose defects of any recorded material.

9.Klipsch RP-500C

The Klipsch RP-500Caims to deliver the ultimate home theater solution. It gives crystal-clear
sound to your movie dialogue and music lyrics with the awful acoustics.

Its Tractrix horn-loaded technology promises to give you a lifelike and a front-row listening experience. Its Linear
Travel Suspension minimizes the distortions for enhanced, detailed, and quality performance
which is also supported by vented tweeter design. It provides the highest speaker efficiency
when woofers are paired with LTS.


  • Minimizes distortions with increased efficiency
  • Delivers a crystal clear sound, making you a music fan.
  • It will take your entertainment to great heights.


  • It’s a very large and heavy speaker.
  • You can be blown if you go too near with full sound

10.Definitive Technology ProCenter 2000

ProCenter 2000 features the most advanced drivers i.e. (2) proprietary 5-1/4″ BDSS driver
coupled to (2) 5-1/4″ bass radiators, and a 1″ pure aluminum dome tweeter, thereby giving
detailed audio and deep powerful bass.

This compact center channel, is especially designed to
handle the most action-packed sound sequences, so that you can easily get utmost exceptional
sound reproductions with no distortions, even at the highest volumes.

It creates a complete, procinema system, thereby giving a thrilling and immersive home theatre experience.
It also features multiple placement options, thereby providing options of Shelf, ProStand or Wall


  • Best sounding speaker to your home entertainment system.
  • Can be paired with any surround or subwoofer.
  • Produces rich, warm, lifelike audio and smooth high-frequency response.


  • Extremely deep voices may sound tough.
  • Its weight is mostly relied on in the front and if you’re not really careful with the leg it falls forward.

11.Klipsch 1064562 RC-64 III

The legendary RC-64 III center channel speaker features an all-new titanium compression driver,
90×90 compressed molded-rubber Tractrix horn, redesigned bifurcated cabinet, cast basket
andCerametallic woofers.

It is designed and finished in a premium, furniture-grade wood veneer.
It delivers a real-to-life, front row, cinema-quality acoustics for an immersive home theatre
experience. Its redesigned tatrix horn enhances the imaging and dynamics, thereby improving
high frequency response and extension.


  • Wide and even sound distribution.
  • Premium furniture grade wood veneers.
  • Amazing home theatre lifelike experience.


  • You will need a nice size platform as it is huge.
  • A bit expensive due to its excellent qualities.

12.Martin Logan Motion 50XTi

The new Motion 50XTi delivers wide soundstage with pinpoint details, due to its Folded Motion
extreme tweeter, thereby creating a significant impact in its audio system. It features dual
6.5–inch aluminum cone woofers vented.
It gives lifelike details from lightning–fast Folded Motion XT tweeter,
give authentic midrange performance, coupled with deep, musical bass response. These
impressive performance technologies have been enhanced by the slightest of modifications,
including the drive–stabilizing dust cap design and stiffened motor suspension.


  • Maximizes power handling capacity without any distortions.
  • An incredibly powerful and precise sound.
  • Outstanding design to fit into any decor.


  • A bit costly, but worth the cost.
  • Its clearity can disclose distortions in recorded material.

13.Polk Audio AM3365-A TL3

This Polk Audio features a ring radiator tweeter that has never been used in any compact
loudspeaker before, thereby producing an incredible accuracy and detail. Its driver can move in
the smallest space, thereby achieving the kind of clarity and volume much better than a larger

Its Patented PowerPort bass venting works with the steel reinforced enclosure, hence
giving impressive responses. It’s especially designed for a limited space area, giving astounding
performance than a larger one
by giving a perfect home theatre feeling.


  • Crisp dialogue, wide soundstage, and realistic special effects.
  • Music and movies can be played aloud without any distortions.
  • The compact design makes it easier to fit in the smallest area or room.


  • Lacks the ability to fully recreate lower voices since the drivers are extremely small.
  • It May did not give a great effect in larger rooms.

14.Definitive Technology Demand Series D5c

The Demand Series D5c delivers full range, room filling home entertainment, thereby giving the
higher performance. It delivers perfect reproduction of vocals from movies and music & a
precise soundstage.

Its patented, dual BDSS woofers configuration and the aluminum dome
tweeter, coupled with 20/20 Wave Alignment Lens produce deeper lows, smoother highs and
natural mid-range timbre. It features clean, modern industrial design with an extruded aluminium
front baffle and hand-crafted cabinet,

thereby giving the speaker a timeless look and allowing it to fit into any decor. The sleek center channel speaker perfectly complements the Demand Series
tower and bookshelf speakers to create a truly immersive home cinema experience. Its magnetic
grilles ensure
natural, uncolored sound when placed on the speaker.


  • High Gloss Finish, blending seamlessly with your lifestyle.
  • Delivers full range sound with elegant styling.
  • Perfect fit for any kind of decor.


  • May blow you in a smaller area.
  • Good cost due to worthy qualities.

Things to Consider before buying a center channel speaker

  1. Size: It is one of the major components to know before buying a center channel speaker.
    The larger size is considered to be the most ideal one as larger the size, more wonderful
    will be the sound effect, however if you have a smaller area, you can consider compact
  2. Frequency response: The frequency response should be selected in such a way that it
    doesn’t irritate the human ear. An ideal frequency response is considered to be between
    20Hz to 20kHz.
  3. Placement: The speaker should be befitting and congruous. The tweets of all three
    speakers should be at the ear level of the listener.

Best brands to buy a center channel speaker.

  1. Klipsch: This is one of the very famous brands for a center channel speaker. Its
    speakers rated among the best 10 due to its reliability and excellent quality. It has
    a very long history of making a quality speaker.
  2. Polk: Polk speakers are well known for its consistency and performance. It
    delivers a robust sound effect thereby making anyone an audio enthusiast.
  3. Martin Logan: This brand of speakers are well known in the market for its great
    sounding. It gives excellent bass response and promises to please the listeners. It
    delivers speakers in a fairly affordable range.
  4. Definitive Technology: This brand of speakers are well known for its clear and
    deep sound. It gives excellent quality and sound for the great price. It creates a
    complete home theatre experience without much distortions.


Is a center channel speaker necessary?

So if your family or friends watch movies together, it will definitely add crisp to ut, but if
you are alone, avoiding a central channel speaker won’t make a difference, but if you are
an audio enthusiast, you should surely prefer it.

Can soundbars be used as a center channel speaker?

If all the connections of your soundbar and your receiver matches, then you can surely
use it in the place of a center channel speaker but otherwise it won’t give the same effect
and quality as a center speaker gives.

Can I use the center speaker as a front?

Obviously the centre speakers used for the front left & right speakers would be placed
vertically, but on the other hand it can destroy the quality of sound and can detract from
the theatre.

How important is a center channel speaker?

A center channel speaker is one of the most important speakers in a surround sound setup
because it does the major work. By not splitting the audio information among the left and
right speaker, except what’s supposed to be there, you let each speaker focus on part of
the job, letting each one do its job better.

Does a center speaker make a difference?

It won’t make any difference for a non music lover but if you are a great audio enthusiast
and prefer home theatre setup than a center channel speaker can make a lot difference,
thereby adding crisp, glory and quality to your experience.


Hence, a Best High End Center Channel Speaker will provide a balance to your left and right speaker,
thereby adding quality to your surround sound set up. If you are highly into music and
movies, then a center channel speaker can be a best choice for you, which will give you
satisfaction, quality and entertainment to the fullest. The above article discussed some of
the Best Center Channel Speaker, which will help you to choose according to your
preference and set up.

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