TOP11 best noise cancelling headphones for travel [NEW]

TOP11 best noise cancelling headphones for travel [NEW]

Traveling is always such a serene experience, and the thing that better enhances that is having Best Noise Cancelling Headphones For Travel. Noise canceling makes it very easy to filter out the airplane noise, train track noise or even noise from traffic. There are times when you want to be in your own mind or have moments where you want to enjoy your most calming playlists, and having the peace of mind to completely shut off external noise intensifies your listening experience.

People are social creatures by design, but we all have moments when we want to keep to ourselves, be it coming back from work, commuting back to whenever you make your living or simply taking a walk, you don’t want your music to be mixed up with an airplane taking off, tracks of train or the madness of traffic.

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones For Travel (2021) doesn’t only mean your headphones block out noise, there’s some that are fitted with passive noise, which means that they are fitted with systems that can allow you to have conversations or be aware of the sounds in your environment, particularly when in traffic. It’s not only about just blocking out everything, as this guide will show.

OUR RECOMMENDED Best Noise Cancelling Headphones For Travel (2021)▼▼

Image Product Details   Price
10-2 Beats Studio3 Premium
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3-2 Bowers & Wilkins PX7  Value For Money
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9-2 Bose QuietComfort 35 Budget Friendly
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7-2 Sennheiser PXC 550 Affordable
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What is ANC headphone??

Active Noise Cancelling is the ability of the headphones to block out external noise to enhance your listening experience. This technology helps you with shutting out the external elements to maximize your audio time.

The latest in ANC technology seems brands extending this technology by having them be adaptive to the environment around them to automatically adjust accordingly to optimize your listening experience. This is such a great addition to any headphone because it allows you to lock in your work, to get you in the zone and make sure you listen effortlessly to your audio.

Brands such as Sony, Bose or Beats have always pushed the envelope concerning how far they can take noise cancellation. Some have eleven levels, while others have three layers, which all makes it easy to automatically adjust to any environment.

If you’re a frequent traveler, either using airplanes or commuting via trains, or even the regular person who travels in taxis being exposed to traffic can benefit enormously from noise canceling. Especially in moments where you need to shut down the world for a couple of hours. This allows you so much freedom to choose when you want to socialize or to enjoy your own space.

This feature is available on premium quality headphones. Customers should be aware that they need to pay a premium for this type of feature. But for the price it commands, you will surely reap all the benefits because it allows you to enjoy the best of the latest technology.

should you prefer noise cancelling headphone?

Noise canceling headphones come in different variations. There are active, passive and adaptive noise canceling headphones.

Active noise canceling has set frequencies that are put in place to help pick up external noises. What then happens is that the particular frequency is matched up with an opposing frequency to cancel it out so that it doesn’t disturb your listening experience.

Passive noise canceling works such that when you’re in environments where you are compelled to speak or listen to people, or whether you have to be alert to airplane or train announcements, your headphones automatically adjust themselves by reducing the volume, thereby allowing you to hear those respective announcements or pick up when people are speaking to you.

Adaptive noise canceling is always alert of the surroundings, and caters to your audio respectively. By this we mean that it is always alert to picking up different types of environments. If you’re in traffic, it tailors to your audio needs accordingly, if you are in a quiet place, it reads that and adapts to that sort of space. If you happen to be in a coffee store, or a mall, whatever the case may be, it will adapt to your environment automatically.

The benefit of having noise canceling headphones is that you can shut off external noises when you need to. You are then fortunate to have options of how you want that external noise to be countered. This works well for everyone because we all need our private moments at times.

TOP11 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones For Travel -Review

1.Sennheiser Momentum 3

Back to its very best and now fitted with comfortable and sleek leather designed head strap, Sennheiser now wants to make permanent inroads to the best of active noise canceling with an all rounded headphone that is in line with what Sennheiser is best known for.

When it comes to active noise canceling, I don’t think people understand how important this feature is. You see, people are often stressed, either because of work, school or general stresses of life, and the fact that you can get lost in your own mind by having undisturbed time when listening to your music.

And when you’re traveling, the last thing you want when you don’t feel like making small talk, is having to listen to airplanes or rain noise when you want to get lost in your own music. This feature plays a part in making sure that passive and outside noise is completely shut out.


• The very best of noise canceling technology that recognizes your environment and adjusts the ANC accordingly.
• You now have a Personalized Control App that allows you to control your listening experience.
• Fitted controls to pause and play your music, fast forward and have ultimate control.
• Voice assistant that is in tandem with your device.

2.Sony WH-1000XM4

Maybe Sony should name it’s brand Industry Leading Noise Cancelling because when it comes to ANC, not a lot of brands come close. They really take ANC to the next level and it’s no surprise that they are regarded as the best when it comes to Active Noise Cancellation.

Let me try to break down why people consider Sony as the leader in Noise Cancellation technology. They have fitted in each ear cup microphones that pick up on ambient noises, processes those noise with their chip they have named the QN1, they adjusts accordingly the appropriate level of noise cancellation. Of course this is all done automatically. I don’t know if any brand that comes close to this.

Those microphones fitted in each cups also play a dual role in that they offer voice clarity when you are on calls. You could even argue that those microphones on each cup goes on to further make sure that the headphones pick up your voice when you speak. Every time you speak, the music is paused to slow you to have your conversation. I don’t know if Sony thought of us people who sing along to songs, and what effect that might have.

Pros :-
• World leading Active Noise Cancellation.
• Quick attention mode enable. To activate this you just place your right hand on the right ear cup.
• They have introduced what they call Speak to Chat technology which pauses your music when you speak.
• High call quality.

• A lot of customers have raised the price as an issue.

3.Bowers & Wilkins PX7

Bowers & Wilkins have always been known for manufacturing high quality and sonically impressive speakers. They have decided to take their expertise and design their very own headphone that can go toe to toe with the best in the industry, and they haven’t disappointed.

A feature which might be available to many brands but not as refined as it is with B & W is it’s wear sensor. This feature is popular in earbuds. That when you remove the earbud the music stops playing. What B & W have done is fitted their headphones with sensors which automatically access standby mode when out do to converse battery life.

It’s multi-functions allow two devices to be connected simultaneously to the headphones. This allows you to be able to take calls on one device and still stream your audio on the other one. Your streaming will stop when you receive a call and continue when the call is finished.

Pros :-
• Passive noise is enabled to ensure that when you’re walking with your headphones on you are aware of your surroundings.
• Excellent Active noise cancellation.
• Up to 30 hours of listening.
• Active sensors.

Cons :-

• Bowers & Wilkins PX7 are not as portable as other headphones. Folding for that on the go experience is a bit of a challenge.

4.Shure AONIC 50.

Combining decades of audio and headphone experience to produce the AONIC, Shure have surely outdone themselves this time. Having tapped into its own knowledge pool to sample their own active noise cancellation, they have staked their claim to play with the big boys.

In the category of Active Noise Cancelling and adjustable noise cancelling particular in different types of environments, the AONIC 50 is in the company the best brands to pull this type of feature off.

Alongside their design that sits well on many ears, being made possible by comfortable ear cups , coincides with its up to 20 hours of battery life that will leave you not wanting to take them off.

Part of the drawbacks of having wireless headphones is their tendency to disconnect with your device every now and then. This makes listening to your music or audio very uncomfortable and it can be frustrating. Shure has fitted the AONIC 50 with up to 30 feet of stable connection to counter this very problem.

• 20 hours of battery life
• Personalized app to control your listening experience.
• It’s sound is comparable with that of studio equipment.
• Active Noise Cancellation.


• Because the mic is so fine tuned, it can have the effect of enhancing background noise.

5.Bose Noise Cancelling BT 700

Just when you thought Boise couldn’t go any further in terms of manufacturing a better quality that their predecessors, they go and design the 700s. They have continuously made sure that they insert themselves amongst the best in Noise Cancellation and overall leader in headphone manufacturing.

They take noise canceling to a whole different level. The fact that they have maintained their eleven noise adjustable settings to cater to a wide range of noisy environments sets them apart from other brands.

Headphones shouldn’t be complicated to maneuver and Boise understands this. Their intuitive controls are as simple as simple can be. In that they have need fitted with controls to reduce or increase volume, manage calls and music with just a simple touch.

• Eleven settings of noise control.
• Voice assistant capabilities.
• Up to 20 hours of battery life.
• Active Noise Cancellation.

• Only caters fully to people with Androids users.

6.Sennheiser HD 450BT

The test of any company is its ability to remain productive over a number of years and still have the ability to innovate and stay relevant in its respective industry. Sennheiser has been doing that for over 70 years, and they still continue to innovate, with their newly released HD 450 BT.

You might be forgiven for assuming that the ear cups are heavy and will strain your ears and head. But at 16 ounces, they are relatively lightweight. This ensures that your listening experience is not affected or becomes uncomfortable.

Not having to worry about your battery whilst using your headphones has to be the best thing about these headphones. It has a quoted 30 hours of battery life, meaning that you could use them for the entire day without stressing about a a quick recharge.

• Smart control app.
• 30 hours of battery life.
• Active noise cancellation.
• Stable Bluetooth connection.

• The 450BT is not equipped with fast charge.

7.Sennheiser PXC 550

Sennheiser keeps pushing the bar it terms
innovation and wanting to be considered as the best brand. This German company has been in the game since 1945, operating as a family company and is still being run as a family company. The same ideas that have run and sustained the company and are now present with the new PXC 550.

Also known as the travel companion, the PXC 550 is equipped with all the right equipment to make sure that you never want to leave them behind when going somewhere , or even make excuses to make sure that you always have them on because of how comfortable and portable they are.

The fact that they are foldable and come with a case means that you can always put them away without stressing about storage. The PXC 550 really makes your life easier and makes using them very simple. With voice assistants, available with Samsung’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri or Google assistant, it’s easy to give out voice commands. Particularly with the three microphones installed, you’ll be able to give out clear instructions.

Pros :-
• Active Noise Cancellation.
• Up to 30 hours of battery life.
• Smart pause.
• Foldable.

• The maximum volume is limited.
• They can feel tight.

8.Jabra Elite 85h

Considered to still be amongst the best of the global brands in the audio products industry, this Danish company still looks to produce high quality products, which it hopes will wrestle and win customers favor. With the release of the 85h, it’s hard to argue with that.

In this day and age, manufacturing headphones that come with preset settings and don’t give you an option to enhance your listening experience will not gain you any competitive advantage. Jabra not only seeks to give you the best possible experience, but it also tries to innovate and broaden your listening experience.

They did this by fitting what they call Smart Sound. This personalizes your sound and allows you to enjoy quality that’s unique to your ears. This is especially the case when paired with an iPhone or an android device, where this personalization is automatic. You won’t have to fiddle with settings, it’ll just connect and offer your own unique feel.


• Intelligent Active noise cancellation.
• Multiple microphones that give you clear quality phone calls.
• Fitted with the Jabra Sound+ App.
• Up to 36 hours of battery life.

• Voice assistant is not excellently integrated.

9.Bose QuietComfort 35

Released in September 2017, Bose has not wavered in their attempt to always produce good quality headphones. As is evident with the QC35 II. It’s been hailed by many industry experts as almost perfect and would be recommended easily to any customer.

With a three layer active noise cancellation system, the QC 35 adapts itself automatically to the environment you find yourself in. Be it when you’re having coffee at a coffee shop, commuting on a train, getting work done in an open plan office space or studying in a library, the three layered system makes the best of every situation to give you uninterrupted sound quality.

With 20 hours of uninterrupted listening, combined with a comfortable fit, the QC 35 will prove to be your ultimate traveling companion. If you don’t want to take my word for it, try it for yourself.

• Alexa available.
• Active button.
• World class Active noise cancellation.
• Up to 26 hours of battery life.

• They are expensive.

10.Beats Studio3 [Best noise cancelling headphones for air travel]

When it comes to premium quality products, none come close to the benchmark Beats have set on the headphones market. The dominance they have had is testament to not only their customer appeal, but also to how customers have always come back to show their loyalty particularly because of how they have maintained and bettered their own quality standards.

Pure active noise canceling means that your headphones have the capability to pick up on passive noise and automatically adjust to give you the ultimate listening experience. In order to ensure that you enjoy these premium headphones, Beats made sure to fit the Studio3 with up to 22 hours of battery life and up to 40 hours on low power mode.

Now with quick recharge, you can recharge for only 10 minutes and have up to 3 hours of listening. Connectivity issues have been address with the industry leading W1 chip to enhance the Bluetooth connection.

• Pure active noise canceling.
• Clear quality calls.
• Voice assistant.
• Control buttons.

• Very expensive.

11.Beats Solo Pro 12.

Tag lined “ Style meets comfort” , the Solo Pro 12 sound as best as they look, if not better. Released after the Solo 3, the Pro 12 are a much better product all round. And they look the part. This will only enhance customers’ desire to own a pair.

The Apple H1 chip is designed to secure a connection with your device with little to no disruptions, and fitted with first class wireless Bluetooth, you won’t have to worry about a connection breaking midpoint into your favorite song.

Coming in at 267g, Beats are surely a number one contender when you look at all the features that come with the Pro12. Speech and motion detection accelerated, dual beamed microphones, compatibility with IPhone and android devices, you can see how every aspect of this headphone is carefully designed to enhance your listening experience.

• Fast recharge.
• Passive noise to enable you to be aware of your environment.
• Up to 40 hours of battery life.
• Foldable to easy storage.

• Relatively expensive.

Benefits of having a noise-canceling headphone?

  • One of the benefits of having noise canceling headphones is that these types of headphones have microphones in each ear cup that makes it easy for callers to hear your voice properly. Noise canceling gives you clear and good quality phone calls.
  • The last thing you need when listening to music is to blast the sound excessively when you need to hear your tracks because of external noise. Noise canceling helps to cancel out excessive noise and give you clear sound without having to excessively increase the volume. This is sort of like therapy for your ears.
  • When you reduce or even cancel outside noise, you’re guaranteed that your concentration levels are going to go up. Whether you’re working, studying , in the gym or doing an exercise that requires your attention, noise canceling will work in your favor.
  • Nothing is as annoying as having to be distracted by passive noise when you want to listen or enjoy all sorts of entertainment. With noise-canceling, you’re guaranteed to enjoy your entertainment experience.

Buyer’s Guide-Best Noise Cancelling Headphones For Travel

Buyer's Guide-Best Noise Cancelling Headphones For Travel

It’s never easy to part with money, especially when you have to trust brands that sell expensive products. When you’re in such a predicament, it’s always best to seek out information and arm yourself information that makes making that decision easy.

Whether it’s the latest features, the latest in technologies or wanting to know what are the world’s leading brands, so that you know which brand to align with having the right information. The following are things you should consider before buying your noise canceling headphones. From features, to the price of the product, to everything that comes with the very best of headphones in this category, you will find here.


The best headphones come at premium prices. This is why customers should consider their budget before deciding what type of headphones to buy. You should always be aware to check that the features complement the price of the headphone.

It is also true that the cheaper the headphones, the less quality they are. So you must be prepared to pay for the quality that you want. And if you’re a frequent traveller, I’d advise you to get reasonably priced headphones if you can’t pay for the premium ones because you don’t want to have to replace headphones every fortnight.

Battery life

The fact that noise canceling is such a great feature means that it takes up a lot of battery. There is a major difference when you have your noise canceling on and when you don’t in terms of battery usage.

This is why you have to consider getting the ones with prolonged battery life to make sure that you enjoy all the features that come with noise canceling. In all the major brands that manufacture noise canceling headphones, a constant feature is how much battery life they have, this is of course when noise canceling is deactivated, a major difference altogether.


Whether it’s voice assistance, touch control, quick attention mode, fast recharge, multiple layered microphones or hours of battery life, these are some of the things you should be on the lookout for. Hence this is one of the things you should consider before deciding on which brand you will buy.

This plays an important role in deciding which headphones are worth buying and which headphones aren’t. Some headphones come with the very best features, and to be honest, these features make your listening experience better than you could have imagined. This is why you should shop around till satisfied.


One of the reasons why people buy headphones is to either attain better concentration when completing tasks or to enjoy their favorite tracks whether on the road or at home. And like the rest of us, if you want to do that, nothing should stand in your way. Least of all uncomfortable headphones.

From ear cups to head straps, your chosen pair should afford you maximum comfort, and that should help you focus on whatever needs to be done or make your long trips easier. This is precisely why comfortably is a one of the many indicators of good quality headphones.

Noise Cancellation

Because this is part of the reason why you would think of buying noise canceling

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Which headphone has the best noise Cancelling?

The Sony WH-1000XM4 is considered to be the best noise canceling headphone out there. The technology they use, the multi layered microphones block out all the noise and counter it with an opposite signal. It also has adaptive noise cancellation, which adjusts noise canceling to different environments your find your in.

Why are noise cancelling headphones so expensive?

Noise canceling headphones are equipped with high quality chips that make sure to pick up external noise and filter it to block it out so that you enjoy undisturbed sound. This of course doesn’t come cheap and it’s expensive to fit in all that’s necessary to give you the very best of noise cancellation.


Traveling can be the most exciting experience anyone can ever have. If you’re traveling to your favorite holiday destination, or simply commuting to work or school, having the best noise canceling headphones for traveling amplifies any traveling experience.

This guide looks to help pick out the very best and know what you’re spreading your money on, because honestly speaking , we are talking about expensive products, and you should be equipped with the right information to make that decision. But when it comes to headphones that have noise canceling, it’s hard to want to try out other headphones when these one head and shoulders above the rest.

Now what ware you waiting for? We’ve shown you the very best noise canceling headphones for travel, now it’s up to you to decide which ones you go for. Take this guide as your go to and make the best of it to make the best of your headphones experience.

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