TOP14 best subwoofer for music only in 2021

TOP14 best subwoofer for music only in 2021

Having a home theatre is great right? I am certain that everyone wants to experience a theatre feel sound in a home theatre with high sound effects.

Yes, but how to select best subwoofer for music only?

Definitely, we will be having a lot of chaos for selecting the subwoofers for home theatre so, Give a rest to your chaos for choosing the subwoofers of your convenience. Here, I will proceed to show you best subwoofer for music only for 2021

Image Product Details   Price
9-1 Yamaha NS-SW300PN BEST IN CLASS Check Price
on Amazon
3-1 Sonos Sub BEST Wireless Subwoofer Check Price
on Amazon
1-7 Klipsch R-100SW VALUE FOR MONEY Check Price
on Amazon
6-1 BIC America F12 BUDGET FRIENDLY Check Price
on Amazon

What size perfect sub-woofer for home theatre ?

The size of the sub-woofer depends on the size of the home theatre placed in a room. If the home theatre is allocated in a large,open living room then you can go for buying large sub-woofer as it moves more air and produce more bass. Likely if the home theatre is placed in a small cozy bedroom then you can buy a small sub-woofer as it won’t occupy more space and makes a room look like clingy.

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Where to place a sub-woofer of Home theatre for better sound ?

There are two ways for considering where to place the sub-woofer:-

  1. By considering the cord-
    If the subwoofer need direct wire connection with receiver then make sure you place sub-woofer in a right place amidst hiding the wires.
  2. By considering the corners and walls-
    Placing sub-woofer in a corner of the room may increase the output of the sub-woofer which causes the sound louder. Depending upon the floor space it is viable to place it on the corners if it’s too far from listening aream

Top10 best subwoofer for music only Review


The Klipsch subwoofer is a must have subwoofer for home theatres with 10 inches spun-copper ceramettalic woofer. This subwoofer is ideal for high performance systems.

It is a brushed black polymer veneer cabinet with satin painted plinth. The dimensions are 16.3″H14.74″W15.8″D. This subwoofer will let you hear and feel music and movies by clean and deep bass and has 450 watt of dynamic power.

It has front firing slot part with exclusive internal flare technology. To avail a simple wireless connection,Klipsch WA-2 wireless subwoofer can be added additionally. It has a feature of front-firing 10″ non-resonant woven fiberglass driver with a durable rubber surround for tight musical bass. It equipped with four integrated rubber feet to help prevent against vibration and has an adjustable phase control which can be set between 0° and 180°.


  • Bass reflex housing with front diffuser.
  • wireless connectivity with optional


  • The LED quickly burnes out.

2.ELAC Debut 2.0 DS 10.2 200 subwoofer

ELAC debut subwoofer is a multi color with the speaker size of 10 inches and weighs around 20 pounds. It weighs about 47.3 pounds and the dimensions are 15.8H14.8W16.3D.The BASH amplifier uses a Class D amplifier with power supply modulation to track the input signal. The subwoofer has BASH amplifiers track with input signal and can adjust the available supply voltage to traditional class AB amplifier. The horizontal brace will strengthen and stiffen the cabinet for minimizing unwanted vibrations. Low frequencies are reproduced with precision without overhanging. It automatically power off’s after the long period of inactivity. The frequency lies between 35 to 150hz and the crossover frequency is 50 to 150hz. The sub-woofer works equally with movies and music. The sub-woofer has one year warranty.


It has great frequency range robust built quality.


It is bit expensive.

3.sono’s sub the wireless subwoofer for deep bass

The sono’s subwoofer is the black color coated subwoofer from the sono’s company. It wieghs about 36.3 pounds and has a different shape with a little window like acoustic slot through the middle of its slot. It hasTwo Class-D digital amplifiers perfectly tuned to the acoustic architecture. It connects to your home WiFi network with any 802.11b/g, 2.4 GHz broadcast-capable router for uninterrupted wireless streaming. It uses the wifi which is easy to setup and expand your system overtime. It includes two force cancelling speaker positioned face to face to offer the deep sound with zero rattle. The subwoofer can be placed anywhere in a work and it works with all sono’s amplified components.


It has seamless integration into the sono’s system


4. Klipsch reference R-112W subwoofer:-

The Klipsch R-112Sw is a subwoofer from Klipsch company. It is a 12- inch subwoofer which provides great bass and effects and consists of durable MDF cabinet finished with brushed black polymer veneer . It weighs around 48.8 pounds and the dimensions are 18.3H x 15.5W x 17.4D inches. It includes a black outdoor speaker of size 12. The frequency response lies between 24-125 Hz. It is a spun-copper ceramettalic woofer with all digital amplifier to provide pulse–pounding low frequency response. The amplifier delivers 600watts of dynamic power to the sub-woofer. Front slot port with internal flare technology is installed for reducing turbulence. It has a solid performing sub-woofer for the home theatre. WA–2 wireless adapter kit frees you to place the subwoofer anywhere in the room.WA–2 wireless adapter kit can be added to place the subwoofer anywhere in the room. It 5 years warranty for woofer and 2 years warranty for amplifier.


  • Frequency response of 24HZ to 125Hz.
  • 300watt RMS from all digital amplifier.


  • Placing improperly can cause the rattling.

5. Definitive technology pro sub 1000 [Best midrange subwoofer for music only]

The sub-woofer is from the definitive technology company. It is a matte black finish sub-woofer with 10″ woofer pressure coupled to 10″ low bass radiator. The dimensions are 1/16″W14-3/8″H1.8″D and weighs around 4.2 kilograms.A front mounted 10″ woofer works together on the bottom of enclosure to produce the hard hitting bass. It includes a superior detailed bass with blink fast transient response and the sould shaking bass comes to life with 300watt RMS.The subwoofer has been embedded with monocoque cabinets which are created with permanently joined and unitized construction.The combined output can be comparable to that of a traditional 12″ woofer. The frequency response is between 18hz – 150 hz. But, the subwoofer has a greater speed, musicality, and control. multiple internal bracings are used to make sure that you hear clean bass without sound-muddying and rattling. For holding the massive magnet structure and large voice coil in absolute alignment a tight basket has been implemented. The warranty is 3 years.


The volume control is suitably ascended on the side of the sub-woofer


It refers to have a status LED on front.

6.Bic acoustech PL-200ll [Best 12″ subwoofer drivers for music only]

Bic acoustech PL-200 is the subwoofer from Bic America company. The color of the sub-woofer is gloss black. . The hand-rubbed lacquer ensures each cabinet has a deep gloss shine and is more scratch resistant. The sub-woofer consists of peak power handling speakers of 1000watts dynamic output. It has a warranty of 8 years. The dimension of the sub-woofer is 11.6h12.5w 47d inches and weighs about 42.9 pounds(20.87 kgs). The voltage supply is 240v and the impedence is 80hm. The frequency response is in the middle of 22Hz to 200Hz with adjustable crossover and volume control. The sensitivity of the sub-woofer is 110-db at 30Hz. It often gives the improved bass performance and more placement flexibility.


It has a dual ports with solid and capable design.


At high volume we can face a bit of rattling.

7.Pioneer elite sub-woofer [Best subwoofer for music only under 500]

The Pioneer elite sub-woofer is from pioneer company which is black color coated. The speaker size is of 10″ inches and weighs around 34 pounds(15.42kg). The peak power handling speakers is of 600 watts. The dimensions of the sub-woofer is 33.02h33.02w33.02d in centimetres. It is powered by 300W amplifier with 30-150Hz of frequency response. The sub-woofer is designed by a down firing feature to enhance the bass-effects. It has detachable power cord. The stereo offer connectors Offer easy, secure connectivity.


It highly blends with mid range speaker system.
It has deep and versatile performance.


It may not be sufficient for very large rooms.

8.Samsung sound+ SWA-W700 wireless subwoofer:-

The Samsung W700 sub-woofer is a black colored sub-woofer from the Samsung company. The speaker size is of 10 inches and weighs about 32 pounds(14.51kg). The dimension of the sub-woofer is 32 * 32 * 34.29 in cm. It automatically tunes bass response to complement the connected sound bar.This powerful wireless sub pairs automatically with the soundbars. The placement of the sub-woofer can be anywhere in a room virtually. The design of the sub-woofer is beautifully unique and looks stunningly from any angle by blending elegently to your home decor. The RMS power range amplifiers is of 1 watt. It is Compatible with HW-MS750, HW-MS6500, and HW-MS650 Sound+ soundbars. It has warranty of 1 year.


It gives a high quality audio


9.Yamaha NS-Sw300PN 20-160hz 250w powered subwoofer:-

Yamaha NS-SW300PN subwoofer is a a black color coated subwoofer from yamaha company. The weight of the sub-woofer is 18kg with heavy duty 300 RMS. The diameter of the sub-woofer is 10″. It has a high efficiency amplifier and dual feedback circuit with new twisted flare port which contributes clear and tight bass. It is a unique design subwoofer and will match a wide range of speakers and interiors with front control panel for easy control. The input voltage is 220v. Another device that increases efficiency is a bass reflex port there’s a ‘whirl’ moulded into it that looks exactly like a reversed-out version of the ice-cream at the top of a Mr Whippy cone.The built-in power amplifier gives stable power output of 250 W with high efficiency while reducing power consumption and heat production. Advanced yamaha active servo technology cone woofer has been implemented with square wire voice coil which combines negative-impedance and constant-current principles .


It has a unique design with good quality


10.Dayton audio sub-1500 15″ 150 watt powered subwoofer:-

Dayton audio sub-1500 is a black colored vinyl finish cabinet with removable grill sub-woofer from Dayton audio company. The weight and dimensions of the sub-woofer are 60 pounds and 21.6h * 20.7w * 21.6d in inches. The sub-woofer is a enormous heavy duty long throw woofer. The amplifier additionally features low and high level inputs and high-level passthrough outputs.This sub-woofer is perfect for big home theatre room which has downward firing flared port designs for easy clean and powerfull bass. The selectable auto-on feature for satisfying power with 150w amplifier is implemented. The maximum output power of the speaker is 150watt.


There is no port noise with high quality speakers


11.Polk audio HTS 10 powered subwoofer:-

Polk audio HTS 10 is a black coloured subwoofer from Polk audio company with the speaker size of 10 inches. The weight is 37.75 pounds with power peak handling speakers and RMS power range amplifiers of 220watts. The dimension of the sub-woofer is 35.56 x 33.02 x 35.56 in cms. It is a ported subwoofer enclosed with down firing power for clear and accurate bass. The phase switch to acoustically match the subwoofer’s output to main speaker and automatically poweroff when it no longer receive signals. The frequency response is in middle of 30 to 120hz which means -3db RCA line level. It has 3 years warranty.


The built-in controls provide the users with options in terms of sound output where the other sub-woofers lack.
It has ability to handle high volume without distortion.



12.Monolith powered subwoofer-15 inch:-

Monolith powered subwoofer is a black color coated subwoofer manufactured by monolith company with 1000watt amplifier. It is a motor structured subwoofer with lower suspension and spider cone venting woofer surround. It is a THX certified sub-woofer which sets the standard for bass output,low distortion and affordablity. Indulging chest thumping bass that plays down well under 20hz it unleashes cinema level volume to convey and articulate the subtle of music. The dual aluminium rings are inserted to cancel eddy current with further stabilizes the magnetic flux and lowering distortion.


It has a wide dynamic range and heavy duty build quality


It is large and heavy.

13.Svs pb-4000 sub-woofer:-

Svs pb-4000 subwoofer is a piano gloss Black coloured subwoofer manufactured by SVS company. The Frequency response is between 13-280 hz.This subwoofer is controlled by the app. It weighs around 171.6 pounds with the dimension of 30 x 20.5 x 23.4 in inches. The high excursion 13.5 inch svs driver generates room energizing SPL’s and fathomless deep bass extension with precision at reference. The size of the port and size of cabinet determine the behavior of the port-generated output. Large cabinets and long ports will reproduce much deeper bass frequencies than small cabinets and short ports. The sub-woofer app works with apple- iOS and Android devices. It gives unleach full power and control of PB.


It is a tight controlled bass
It has a flexible setup with remote app


No automated EQ setup

14.Klipsch Reference R-10SW 10″ 300w Powered Subwoofer:-changed

The SVS PB-16 ultra sub-woofer is a black oak coloured sub-woofer manufactured by SVS company. Itnis massively 16 inch ultra with 8 inch voice coil edge wound. This ensures astonishing output and low frequency extension. It has a protective non-resonant removable steel mesh grille with screw-in rubber feet. It has a New sledge 1500D amplifier with fully discrete MOSFET output with 1500 watt RMS. It weighs around 175 pounds with dimension of 25h x 21.7w x 30.9d . The power and depth of bass makes AV experience more visual. It has a warranty of 5 years


It has impressive low end performance


Requires lot of space

Best brands to buy best subwoofer for music only

Here is a list of best brands for buying the sub-woofer.

They are:-

  1. klipsch founded by Paul W. Klipsch in 1946.
  2. Polk audio. The founders are Matthew Polk, George Klopfer and Sandy Gross. It was bought by Directed Electronics in 2006.
  3. BIC America. It is founded by BIC in 1973.
  4. Definitive technology. The Kevin Duffy is CEO of the company.
  5. Audio engine S8. The founders are Brady Bargenquast,Dave Evans.
  6. BIC acoustech. The.founder is BIC.
  7. SVS was founded in 1998.
  8. Martin Logan dynamo launched on 2004.

Buying guide for best subwoofer for music only

Sub-woofers are great addition to the home theatres as it allows you to experience deep bass sounds. Before buying the sub-woofer, we have to consider a lot of factors. Here I have listed the factors to consider before buying the sub-woofer

Sound quality-
The first big question that everybody asks is whether a subwoofer is actually going to improve my bass! The answer is your bass will improve with dedicated sub as it is going to be very deep and richer. The Subwoofers are specifically designed to give the low-end a major boost, and they work exceptionally well for both music and movies.

Size of the sub-woofer-
The range and quality of your bass will be largely determined by the size of your driver. The bigger the driver, the more energy it will be able to put out, and that means a bigger cabinet as well.The driver is essentially the subwoofer’s speaker the circular cone that makes sound. Choosing a proper sub-woofer also includes in searching the best sub-woofer for home theatre.

Sub-woofer types
There are two types of subwoofer

1.Passive sub-woofer-
It works with external amplifier like a loudspeaker. It uses power to decrease low frequency sounds. So the receiver should have sufficient power supply to handle the bass produced by the sub-woofer

2.Powered sub-woofer
It is self-contained sub-woofer and has line level inputs and outputs, an amplifier and volume control panel. It is also known as active sub-woofer.

By considering Sealed or Ported Subwoofer-
It produces a smooth bass line so that you will get an even flow of music. It a tendency to have better low-frequency ability. The transition from one note to the next is quick and clear. But also it require more power because they in lack of efficiency.

The port adds more boom and at the end the result with this box is better.The air flow can get some circulation, which will allow frequencies to produce a better boom. The port will mimic a speaker which enhance sound quality and allows speaker to play for a longer period. But it is difficult to adjust with some speakers as it causes distortion within the speaker.

By considering other factors such as-

1.Power and volume
The built in amplifiers of sub-woofer are more powerful. It gives you more option to control how the power is used. Keeping in mind that,the larger the driver, the deeper the base. You can lean to buy subwoofers that have 10 to 12-inch cones.Subwoofers usually have two types of wattage listed on their specs they are ,RMS and Peak. The key thing to bear in mind here is that wattage does not equal volume.The higher the wattage, the more likely the subwoofer is to play clean, distortion free audio at high volumes.

2.Cone mount
A single cone subwoofer can be mounted by two ways,from down firing or front firing. The way they are mounted could make a difference since the cone moves back and forth to produce sound waves. Down firing cones are mounted on the bottom of the subwoofer cabinet whereas front firing cones will be on the side of the cabinet.

The build of the case will affect the way the subwoofer functions and the results it produces. Acoustic suspension is where the woofers are inside of a box and produce a base response and sound that is produced by this type of enclosure is precise and clear.
The port basically allows some of the power produced by the woofer to come out. These enclosures are better on power but are less accurate. Base reflex casings makes the foundation bigger and more extended.

4.Wired and wireless
Wireless subwoofers communicate with their audio source via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and they work well.wireless subwoofers that connect directly to their soundbars. But despite our high praise, wireless subwoofers may not be worth your time.
Wired sub-woofer will need to be directly connected to both a wall outlet as they can draw power to your amplifier.The former is accomplished with the power cable, obviously, and

5.Frequency range
All sounds have a frequency and is measured in Hertz (Hz).Bass notes obviously have a low frequency which means that a subwoofer is capable of reaching the lowest possible frequency.When setting up your subwoofer take note of the highest frequency it can put out. This point is called the crossover.Most A/V receivers will allow you to manually set the crossover, which all but guarantees better bass sound.


What guage wire for sub-woofer for home theatre?

The thick wire of 12 to 14 gauge is recommended for long wire runs, high powered application and low impedance speakers

Is sub-woofer required for Home theatre

The role sub-woofer plays in music system is almost crucial. It improves the bass frequencies and gives a powerful sound effect. To experience a high bass sound effect one must require the sub-woofer.

Can I use car sub-woofer for home theatre

Yes, we can use car sub woofer for home theatre and actually it works as a home theatre dub woofer. The important thing to worry is the electricity requirement as the sub-woofers of car is designed to run on a lower voltage than running in the wires at home.

Ported or sealed sub-woofer for home theatre

The sealed sub-woofer is better for the home theatre as it can have better audio impact as it has better low frequency ability than ported Subwoofer.

10 vs 12 sub-woofer for home theatre

The 10″ sub-woofer is enough for home theatre as it pairs nicely where as 12″ sub-woofer consumes lot of power than compared with 10 inch subwoofer.


Here, we habe arrived at the end, choosing best sub-woofer for home theatre is a most difficult task for the individual with a variety of subwoofer choices present in a curent status. I hope the statistics given to you on sub-woofer for home theatre will help you to find the best sub-woofer of your convenience. I have certainly given the best choices of sub-woofer to clear all your confusion. The guidance mentioned is all based upon the reviews and surveys. Thank you for reading will hope for your reviews.

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