#TOP15 best surround sound system for the money- From All brand, Type, Budget

#TOP15 best surround sound system for the money- From All brand, Type, Budget

Listening to a normal music system not gives you the best experience as you want? If you are searching for the best surround sound system for the money.

Then your wait is over, here I came with the best surround sound system for you.

Surround sound system gives you the enriching sound quality in your listening experience whether you are listening music, watching your favorite movies, or playing games it’s always gives you best sound quality.

Surround sound feels like sounds from all sides and listening music on this is like a concert. If you are listening sounds on your normal music system and you are not fully satisfied because that not match your level of listening.

It’s not all about listening music or watching movies or playing games sound system is something that takes your listening experience to the next level.

But this experience you can never get on your ordinary sound system.

So if you are thinking to upgrade your sound system to surround sound system and wants to have best surround sound experience then I came with solution for all your problems.

With lots of research and knowledge I had shortlisted many of surround sound system for you. So without wasting time just go for best surround sound system for money in 2021. and Top14 Dolby Atmos Speakers For An Ultimate Experience

Recommendation Table:-

Image Product USP Price
1-1 Sony 7.2 Channel Best Sony system Check Price
5 Onkyo HT-S3900 Best system under 500$
With Receiver
Check Price
10-1 Logitech Z906 5.1 Best system under 300$ Check Price
11-1 Logitech Z506 Best system under 200$ Check Price
7-2 Logitech Z-5500 Over All Best Check Price


What Is Surround Sound?

Surround sound is a method for improving the depth and other factors of sound reproductions. The surround sound utilizes various audio channels from speakers to produce a high-quality sound to the listener. The most used example of surround sound is the sound channels in movie theatres.

Earlier to the use of surround sound, generally three loudspeakers located in front of the audience (left, right, and centre) were used to play “screen channels” of sound. However, surround sound lets the listener feel the surrounding sensation of sound arising from a horizontal distance, therefore, at a ground level by adding one or more sound channels to left or behind the listener from the loudspeaker.

Usually, surround sound formats differ in recording methods and reproduction. Also, the placement of extra channels from loudspeakers varies. The speciality of surround sound is that it has a sweet spot (also known as a listener location) where the sound effect is the best. It shows a firm and forward aspect of sound specialization by controlling the sound placing.

Sound placing enables the listener’s capability to recognize the origin of the sound in a specific direction and distance. This is gained by utilizing more audio channels surrounding to an array of loudspeakers.

Review for- Best Surround Sound System For The Money

1.Sony 7.2 Channel [best sony surround sound system]

Sony is one of the world’s largest Japanese Company which rules over the world with its electronic products with its large parts of contribution in electronic market. Sony is one of big company which provides top class surround sound system for best listening experience. Sony is the company which rules market with its quality products in all types of electronics products.

Sony 7.2 channel surround sound speaker comes with 7 subwoofers and sound quality of Sony definitely gives you the best experience of listening in your room. Sony 7.2 channel comes with DTS and Dolby surround sound decoding. Sony 7.2 channel have 7 subwoofers and 2 channels stereo which connects wirelessly means freedom from mess of wires.

Wireless surround sound means you don’t have to worry about wires running all over the floors and creates a messy look. Sony 7.2 channel speaker connects over Bluetooth and have NFC connectivity. It needs 145 watts per channel 6 ohms with 2 channels driven. It supports full 4K HDR compatibility enjoy the best surround sound wirelessly with Sony 7.2 channel.

*AM & FM Direct Tuning
*Bluetooth and NFC connectivity
*Turning Atmos isn’t easy

2.Sony CS-Series Speakers Bundle [Buget Friendly sony surround sound system]

A Sony floorstanding speaker gives you the best sound quality. Sony is known for its electronics products all over the world and its one of the world’s largest company for electronics products which provides wide range of products for home theaters and audio speakers for your audio system which takes your listening experience to next level.

Sony CS-Series speaker bundle comes with best variety of products which gives you latest cinematic experience with this latest innovation for your home audio system. Sony CS5 have 3 way channel bookshelf speakers with takes less space and fits in your bookshelf space and provides you the best surround sound quality for your movies music or gaming.

Sony CS3 3 way floor standing speaker which you can place on stands in corners of your room and enjoys the best cinematic experience. Sony CS series bundle speakers provides you best sound quality with a complete package of bookshelf or floor standing speakers with active subwoofers with Sony best innovative ideas and creative technologies.

Pros:- Package of Bookshelf and Floor Standing
*Clear Audio path
*Need to upgrade

3.Polk Audio T Series [best surround sound system under 500$ with Tower Speakers]

Polk audio is a big and known company for its wide range of products in home theaters and automobile speakers. It’s an American audio company which produces other products also like FM Tuners or amplifiers, etc… Polk audio makes quality products for your music system and it uses two configurations in almost it’s all varieties of products.

Polk Audio T series comes with 3 channels and center channel or tower speakers both features bass radiators for best heart thumping bass for your level best experience in listening. The best thing which makes Polk Audio T series speaker best is that it’s balance technology which gives you three dimensional sounds to every corner of the room at same quality without any deformation in sound for best.

This three channel speaker compatible with almost all types of AV receiver or home theater and it’s very easy to set up with multiple set up options which makes easy to access. Polk audio T series 3 channel home theater at this budget makes an economic friendly speaker for your home.

This best heart exceedingly bass technology of Polk audio takes your listening experience to the next level and gives you best movie watching, gaming, or music experience which makes your ordinary day to like a concert or best gaming experience at home with Polk Audio 3 channel home theater.

*Easy to Access
*Affordable Pricing
*Dynamic Balance Technology
*Without Decibel Variation Hz becomes meaningless

4.Harman Kardon HKTS 16BQ[ surround sound system under 500$ with 5.1 Channel Home Theater]

Harman Kardon is a subsidiary company of Samsung Electronics, which is founded by partners Sidney Harman and Bernard Kardon. Harman Kardon makes wide range of products for home audio system and car audio equipments. Harman Kardon provides best quality of products for your home audio system to experience best listening experience or for playing games or for movie buffs.

Harman Kardon HKTS 16BQ is a complete 5.1 channel home theater which gives you best sound quality in a very affordable pricing. This HKTS 16BQ is a best bass controls with phase switch that provides best sound quality with a very incredibly bass that gives you best listening experience. HKTS is best two-way 120W satellite speakers which matches you’re listening level.

Powerful speakers with down firing provide the best bass sound quality with 200W subwoofers. The best thing about HKTS is 5.1 channel home theaters which is upgradable to 7.1 sound systems.

*Upgradable to 7.1
*Bass-Boost controls
*Complete 5.1 channel home theater
*Non-Wireless Subwoofer

5.Onkyo HT-S3900[best surround sound system under 500$ with Receiver]

Onkyo Corporation is an electronic manufacturer specialized in home cinema and audio equipments. Onkyo Corporation is a Japanese company on which term “Onkyo” is used for sound resonance. Onkyo purchased Pioneer Corporation which makes home theaters BluRay products and other types of AV products.

Onkyo HT-S3900 is 5.1 channel home theaters which gives you best surround sound and you can connect your home theater with just one cable to TV for easy and simple AV unit installation. This HDMI cables pass the latest video formats to your display and the receiver have Dolby trueHD and Master-HD audio which is the most famous lossless multichannel for BluRay formats.

Analog amplifiers convey current to the speakers for vital surround sound. HT six speaker’s package you can put in your rooms which gives you the best sound quality from every corner of the room and you can enjoys the music or movies by USB port available in it.

The Onkyo HT-S3900 connects over the Bluetooth which gives you freedom from mess of wires and great sound quality with latest technology of connection over Bluetooth. The best part of HT-S3900 is how to connect and set up your music system is given on rear panel which helps to connects properly for everyone.

*Bluetooth Connectivity
*Ease of Installation
*USB Port
*Not Latest Wi-Fi connectivity

6.Klipsch Black Reference [surround sound system under 500$ with Cinematic Performance]

Klipsch Audio Company makes amplifiers home sound supplies and other speaker types of gear, drivers, and fenced in areas just as complete amplifiers for very good quality sounds. Klipsch sound is American Loudspeaker Company which delivers wide scope of speaker items.

The Klipsch Reference Theater Pack offers astounding sound from an extremely reduced arrangement of 5.1 encompass speakers. The included remote sub has a lot of low-end muscle. Klipsch worked in comparable parts to its full-sized speakers.

The Klipsch Reference Theater Pack offers superb sound from an exceptionally reduced arrangement of 5.1 encompasses speakers. The included remote sub has a lot of low-end muscle. Klipsch worked in comparative parts to its full-sized speakers.

The speakers are little which doesn’t creates a lot of bass in the event that you need to get the best listening experience, at that point you should put your all subwoofers and speakers towards your fundamental sitting situation to get the best sounding.

*Tractrix Horn Technology
*Ease of setup
*Small speakers

7.Logitech Z-5500

Logitech International is a Swiss-American manufacturer company of computer and software. This company also produces keyboards smart homes and Bluetooth speakers for music system its Bluetooth speakers are made for best sounding home theater. Logitech International is a multinational company which is good for making computer peripherals and Bluetooth speakers and home audio systems.

Logitech Z-5500 is THX-Certified 505-Watt 5.1 channel home theater is made for provide you best sounding experience with its speakers as you want it gives anything possible. In this there is audio inputs for six speakers to gives the best of out this, Logitech Z-5500 10 inch subwoofer is good heighted for best sounding experience. This speaker connects wirelessly which means you don’t have to worry about the messy looks of wires running all over the floors just simply connect wirelessly with batteries.

This 5.1 channel speaker provides best sounding with correct placement towards your sitting position to get the best output from these speakers and enjoys your music seamlessly.

*Wireless Connectivity
*Batteries required

8.Platin Monaco 5.1

Platin Audio is a company which basically focusing on producing best speakers for home theaters or for home audio systems. Platin Audio is working for more than 30 years for making their speakers best in the market, music is something that can change moods in seconds and on this thought the company works to make the best speakers and home audio systems for the market.

Platin Audio is basically focusing on delivering the best sounds in a very affordable pricing for each and every person by budget friendly speakers available in the market.

The Monaco 5.1 channel lets you hear the best high resolution sound simply plug the six speakers into power outlets and connects them with Axiim Link USB Transmitter and then just sits back and enjoy the best surround sound in just couple of minutes. You can manage the audio tuning with free Axiim LINK app, with this app you can manage each and every speaker individually with its advanced features.

The Monaco 5.1 connects wireless means freedom from wires here and there without creating mess you can just tap buttons connects over wireless technology and enjoys the music. The Monaco is tuned by THX to convey the best sounds possible to suits your ears.

*Wireless connectivity
*Tuned by THX
*Axiim LINK Transmitter
*Main receiver needs to be Plugged-in

9.VIZIO SB3651-F6 36 5.1 Channel [best surround sound system under $300]

Vizio Inc. is privately held American company which works on televisions and making sound bars. The Company was founded by two entrepreneurs in 2002. Vizio Inc. sound bars is designed to give the best sounding to home theaters to enjoys your music movies or for playing games seamlessly.

Vizio SB3651-F6 5.1 channel home theater comes with 5+1 speakers. All six speakers can be placed in right positions to give the best sound. The best 3 way subwoofers connect over wireless technology and boost your TV audio to convey the crystal clear dialogue. This speakers gives you room shaking bass which you can enjoy by just connecting and sitting back on your position.

You can just stream high quality audio with wifi in just one tap. Wi-Fi gives you the best experience and high quality sounds than Bluetooth because Wi-Fi contains latest technology connection than Bluetooth means freedom from interruptions of messages and calls like Bluetooth.

These subwoofers connect over Wi-Fi technology and give you incredible watching experience or listening to music with extraordinary bass to make you feel like concert or cinema halls.

*Wi-Fi connectivity
*Room-shaking Bass
*Takes time to recognize after turning on

10.Logitech Z906 5.1 [Top surround sound system under $300 with Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Certified]

Logitech International is a Swiss-American producer organization of PC and programming. This organization likewise delivers consoles savvy homes and Bluetooth speakers for music framework its Bluetooth speakers are made for best sounding home theater. Logitech International is a global organization which is useful for making PC peripherals and Bluetooth speakers and home sound frameworks.

The Logitech Z906 is powerful THX-certified speaker system which makes it easy for you to turn any room into a home theater. 5.1 channel home theater which makes your room like concert hall. You can hear every single sound produces by 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS encoding.

Logitech Z906 gives you flexibility to set up your system as you want. Place the center channel speaker on shelf in center and rest of the speakers in every corners of the room and enjoys the surround sound from all over the room and connects all six channels with your TV or your gaming console to enjoy the music, movies, or gaming experience seamlessly.

Pros:-*THX- Certified *Dolby Digital sound
*Requires other audio sources

11.Logitech Z506 [best surround sound system under 200$]

Logitech company focus on innovation and technology which takes place in people’s day to day life. Logitech focuses on computer peripherals and software. Logitech also makes home audio equipments and Bluetooth speakers for home theaters. It is an international company which makes quality products on which you can trust and gets the best surround sound speakers under pocket friendly budget.

Logitech Z506 with multiple inputs makes easy to connect to your pc or gaming console to enjoy the seamless music experience or for gaming the best gaming experience. It’s a very simple set up on which you don’t need manual to connect speakers you can simply connects each sub with RCA cable as mentioned and enjoys the best surround sound.

Ported down firing subwoofers creates a crystal clear voice for you and gives you heart thumping bass to sit and back and enjoy the rocking music or listening to favorite dialogues from your favorite movies without any sound distortion with best level of bass. This Logitech Z506 5.1 channel speaker connects with 2 channel stereo sources and on speaker bass controls lets you to control the bass levels as you want or matching with your music. CHECK MOREBudget Wireless Surround Sound System

*Multiple Inputs connection
*Bass controls
*Down Firing Subwoofer
*Wired connectivity

12.Air Audio The Worlds [Best surround sound system under 200$-Speaker Portable]

Air Audio the worlds are made by Quirky. Quirky is an innovation platform that connects innovation and companies together on same platform that specialize in a specific products category. Quirky was founded in 2009 by Ben Kaufman as per wikipedia

The Air Audio the Worlds is five speakers in one to enjoy the music together or if you want to listen solo then you can take your speaker and enjoys the music solo as per your mood.

The air audio is combinations of five individual speakers which can put as one speaker when comes close to each other and you can take one speaker away to enjoy your own solo music performance.

The air audio connects over Bluetooth, just in simple step connects your speakers with Bluetooth and then you are in control of playlist. You can connect speaker with Bluetooth or each 5 speakers individually with Bluetooth to listen your separate music. Air audio is simple and sleek in design which doesn’t needs more space to place or you don’t have to worry about the wires to plug in to listen your favorite music.

*Bluetooth Connectivity
*One in five speakers
*Each speaker needs power

13.JBL Bar 5.1 [ best 5.1 surround sound system ]

JBL is one of those huge players that like to be serious in each field of the sound business. They are as of now acclaimed for making compact remote (Bluetooth) speakers like Flip, Charge, Xtreme, Pulse. In any case, this isn’t their lone subject matter, they additionally make a wide range of home and vehicle sound, earphones, and so forth.

Foundation is extremely direct. After you set up everything and charge the include speakers, you can take them out, place them behind or near your listening position (they can in like manner be mounted at this point you don’t have to do that) turn on sound bar, subwoofer, and speakers, remain by a second or less until the subwoofer and speakers pair with the sound bar.

By then, you need to interface the change mic and place it at your listening position (at ear-level if possible), press the arrangement button on the removed and hold on until you see DONE sign on the LED show and you can start using the system. You can use your TV far away to change the volume or calm the structure. Regardless, if you need to make some general changes, you ought to use JBL far off. CHECK- TOP14 Best 5.1 Surround Sound System & Buying Guide [2021]

*4k Connectivity
*Bluetooth Connectivity
*JBL sound shift
Cons:-*Bass seems minimal

14.SVS Prime Satellite 5.1 [surround sound system with Premium Black Ash]

SVS Prime speakers is designed to deliver the best quality products and sounding also for your home theater system, from the crystal clear voice to best heart thumping bass quality.
SVS Prime Satellite 5.1 subwoofer is powerful and it’s extreme because of its 13inch cabinet.

The SVS SB-1000 subwoofer is small in size which fits in any corner of the room and with its 12inch front firing driver it delivers the best output of sounds it can. SVS Prime Satellite features 1 aluminum dome tweeter with FEA optimization for best bass and to expel the distortion from sound coming out of the subwoofers.

The power amplifier provides the best crystal clear sound and gives you the best articulate bass with this you can enjoy the most convincing home theater experience. The SVS Prime Satellite enhanced by 2 way crossover with proprietary sound match is enhanced by refined topology to provide accurate frequency response as you want from your speakers. With SVS Prime just sit back and enjoys the bass and crystal clear sound from your home audio system.

*FEA-Optimized Diffuser
*Proprietary Sound match
*Need to upgrade

15.Enclave Cinehome [surround sound system with Circuit City Microfiber Cloth]

Sensible luxury sound. An Instant fitting and play, cost-saving pack that passes on clear 360 degree certifiable 5 1 home execution community that sets up in minutes. The CineHome II CineHub Edition offers the Enclave CineHub distant transmitter boxed with 6 separate speakers fenced in zones.

The Enclave speakers have 12 individual handmade drivers constrained by 6 high power class-D intensifiers passing on a perfectly tuned and composed incorporate sound knowledge. Fundamentally plug in our 6 speakers into the divider.

Add ability to the CineHub partner through eARC, ARC, or Optical and experience reasonable sound from all your main films, TV shows, sports, and gaming straightforwardly in your parlor. Movement is fundamental profitable and basic using either the Enclave application or while using an ARC based course of action, all you require is your present TV inaccessible!

The substitution to the Award Winning Enclave CineHome HD offers unrivaled sound current arrangement and ease in all cases supportive game plan. Upgradeable to 5. 4, the CineHome II ensures a first rate far off home amphitheater experience unparalleled by any sound bar and incredible to some other distant home theater course of action in its gathering.

*Convenient System Controls
*Bluetooth Technology
*No calibration features

Safety Tips – Best Surround Sound System For Money

It’s marvellous to invest a bunch of cash for a nice complete sound system and the amp for your home, yet it’s only for the start. Many people consider wiring unimportant, though it’s the main key to effective sound placement. The way you will manage things for your sound systems, it will reflect with its varying sound qualities.

Here are some great tips you can use to hook-up audio systems for a worthy sound effect.
Use long and thin cables to generate more attenuation. The quality of wire you use directly impacts the sound quality factors of your loudspeakers, such as, noise, fidelity, and attenuation. This is because the surround speaker wires allow acoustic signals to travel from amplifiers to loudspeakers in a classic home theatre setup. This is why while landing a sound system, keep in mind the quality of wire you are choosing.

Choose an apt wiring hardware that can take up the load of your amplifiers efficiently and smoothly. For example, a 5.1 home theatre setup using a loudspeaker with a 10Ω rate must be connected using a wire having resistance low than 0.5Ω.
For a safe wiring arrangement of your sound system, always route the speaker wires along uninterrupted paths, such as walls and ceilings.

Placement of Sound System for better sound?

How you place your home theatres has a big impact on the quality of sound you hear. Proper placements of speakers can bring out a normal sounding-system to an unbelievable version for your audio listening experience.

Here are a few suggestions that can help you in excellent sound speaker placement:
Keep the angle of your left and right speakers slightly towards your seat, directly in front of your TV. This lets your left and right speakers to aim their sound area at your listening position. Therefore, when you are seated, the tweeters must be kept at ear level.
Now locate your central audio channel either above or below your TV, lining it up with its horizontal midpoint. Further, it would be good if your tilt it somewhat to ear level.
Place your surround speakers on speaker stands, or manage it on the wall – either of the places would be best.

The subwoofers produce the bass frequencies which are unidirectional. So, there is flexibility for its placement. If you place your subwoofers somewhere near a wall, it will result in more bass. Likewise, if you place it where three of the room boundaries join each other; you will get even more bass.

BUYING GUIDE for- best surround sound system for money

Preceding picking a far off envelop sound system for your home, take a few minutes to teach yourself on the principle shopping examinations to recollect.

  1. the sound quality for a far off incorporate sound system is dependent on a lot of specific points of interest, including repeat response, assessed yield power, RMS, signal-to-uproar extent, and Total Harmonic Distortion, which unite to shape a striking sound experience. Regardless, aside from on the off chance that you contribute a huge load of energy looking at the sound business, most of these numbers will be difficult to fathom or absolutely pointless.
  2. To make this more self-evident, sound quality can be immaculately part among Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Bluetooth far off include sound systems have a lower sound quality considering the way that Bluetooth development requires sound data to be pressed before it will in general be sent. This data pressure decreases the sound quality, so whether or not the speakers you use are prepared for making magnificent sound, the transmission procedure will reduce their overall limit. Wi-Fi far off envelops sound systems don’t have comparative limitation on their transmissions, allowing sound data to be sent in its special construction and size, securing its quality. Regardless, with any distant incorporate sound system, the sound quality relies upon your knowledge.
  3. The volume conveyed by a far off include sound system is assessed in decibels (dB), yet various sound structure makers use watts (W) to show most noteworthy volume limit. So to fathom the volume your far off envelop sound system will put out, you need to comprehend what assorted dB levels mean and how they contrast with wattage. Most distant include sound systems have a biggest reach between 100 to 120 dB (or 64 to 600W). In any case, recall that large number individuals leave a show with ringing ears, so you likely won’t ever have to push your far off envelop sound system to its most raised volume.
  4. Distant incorporate sound systems ordinarily show up in a 5.1 plan. With this system, three speakers are set before you having the front left, center, and front right zones. Two distinct speakers are put on either side of your central listening region, like a couch or seat, leaving one subwoofer arranged near to the center speaker. This arrangement is the most standard, and it fulfills the rules for most streaming regions with Dolby Digital 5.1 or DTS 5.1 sound associations. In any case, if you need more strong in your room, you can present two extra speakers and spot them in the back left and back right circumstances for a 7.1 game plan.
  5. Presenting a far off envelop sound system ought to be less difficult than presenting a wired association, yet depending upon the technique you get, partner with the device could be the most testing part. To evade disappointment, dodge things that require multi-page surveys, enlistments, or other dull, unnecessary pad that shields you from capitalizing on your purchase as fast as time grants. Quest for things that have clear game plan headings and information gave by the producer that shows the stages, contraptions, and structures with which the thing is reasonable. Ideally, you should find a system that basically needs to coordinate to your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to start working. While it should have other customization options open, they shouldn’t be a brief need, with the objective that you can be checking out music or survey your #1 show in a second or two.


Is 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound better?

As surround sound system both provides the best sound quality. Whether 5.1 surround sound uses 6 channels speakers where 7.1 surround sound uses 8 channels speakers which means 2 extra channel speakers then 5.1, so with extra speakers 7.1 surround sound is better in providing the best sound and extra bass than 5.1 surround sound speakers. So definitely you get better sounding with 7.1 than 5.1.

Is 7.1 better than Atmos?

7.1 surround sound speaker system uses 8 channels to provide the best sound quality and bass to experience your movies or music experience from every corner of the room seamlessly. Where Dolby Atmos adds overhead sound and calibration software to improve the sound quality to crystal clear sound which is deeper and clear than 7.1 surround sound system technology.

Is Bose overrated?

No they are not misrepresented, and partly they are somewhat overrated. I for one have a Bose Sound link Color, and a couple of Sound link ultra ear buds. Both are totally staggering. So you can simply say that Bose is not an overrated but it can give you the quality products in your affordable pricing.

How many speakers do you need for Dolby Atmos?

For setting up Dolby Atmos technology enabled speakers in your home theaters. You need at least five speakers. The placement of five speakers can provides you the best surround sound which sounds more clearly accurate and you will listen more realistic sounds of an object or a helicopter passes overhead.

Does Netflix have 7.1 surround sounds?

Yes Netflix began its Dolby atmos enabled movies to enjoy you the best experience you want. Atmos is like an upgrade to surround sound system which basically takes the setup of 5.1 or 7.1 channels which dynamically change the sound profiles of your movies.


While there are new WiSA things in progress, the current course of action offers high-performing packs at the two terminations of the worth reach. The development fills in as ensured, saving you the issue of lines without giving up sound quality by any stretch of the imagination. The encompass sound speakers makes you to associate through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth or with a RAC link, effectively to give you extra astonishing involvement in the brands like JBL, Enclave, Onkyo, Logitech, and so forth.
So without wasting time on research and spending your money on other products as I shortlisted the best products for you. Just simply with a click go and check out best surround sound system for money.

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