#TOP11 best surround sound system under 500$ – For the best experience

#TOP11 best surround sound system under 500$ – For the best experience

Music listening, watching movies, or playing games with your normal speaker is not something that makes you feel like the way you want.

So just take a break and think watching movies in ordinary speakers is like you are living in that old era, think why you need to upgrade your audio system to next level. Speakers are that adds a level in music listening, watching movies, or playing games.

Speakers in budget with load of features are like boon in audio system for your home. Choosing a right speaker is also very important. If you are not satisfied with your normal speaker so here I came with best surround sound system under 500 with the best features available in this pricing.

In watching movies, listening music, or playing games this surround sound system always gives you the satisfaction that you desired to be needed under this budget.

Finding a best surround sound under budget keeping in mind the purpose you need and features also then it’s a very difficult task to analyze every possibility and then choose what to go for. Then here I did everything for you keeping budget in mind with loads of features you just have to scroll down and go for having best surround sound system under 500 in 2021.

Image Product Details   Price
Best wireless Dolby Atmos – Damson S Series Best wireless surround sound system Check Price
best “wireless” 5.1 surround sound system Sonos 5.1 Surround Set Best “wireless” 5.1 surround sound system Check Price
best tv surround sound system SAMSUNG HW-Q70T Best tv surround sound system Check Price
123 Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro 7.1.4 VALUE FOR MONEY Check Price
with receiver Onkyo HT-S3910 With Receiver Check Price

What Is Surround Sound?

Encompass sound is a strategy for improving the profundity and different components of sound proliferations. The encompass sound uses different sound channels from speakers to create a top-notch sound for the audience.

The most utilized illustration of encompass sound is the sound stations in cinemas. Prior to the utilization of encompass sound, by and large, three amplifiers situated before the crowd (left, right, and focus) were utilized to play “screen channels” of sound.

Notwithstanding, encompass sound allows the audience to feel the encompassing vibe of sound emerging from a flat distance, in this manner, at a ground level by adding at least one sound channel to left or behind the audience from the amplifier.

Normally, encompass sound arrangements vary in chronicle strategies and generation. Likewise, the arrangement of additional channels from amplifiers shifts.

The forte of encompass sound is that it has a sweet spot (otherwise called an audience area) where the audio effect is awesome. It shows a firm and forward part of sound specialization by controlling the sound putting. Sound putting empowers the audience’s capacity to perceive the root of the sound in a particular way and distance. This is acquired by using more sound channels encompassing a variety of amplifiers.

Why Do You Really Need Best Surround Sound System Under 500?

Surround sound is something that gives you the best listening experience where sound coming from all the direction towards you and it feels like you are into it.

In normal two speakers are enough for creating a surround sound for your music or movies watching and if you want to the sound to make you feel like you are the part of the movie or music listening feels like the artist performing live in front of you, if you want to have the feel like this then it’s a definitely yes you need a surround sound system for you. It’s assumed that sound from multiple sources was mixed to force the location of each source.

Surround sound is something that gives you the listening experience like if you are watching movies then you can feel that from where the sound is coming or from where the action is taking place the sound is coming from that direction and it makes you feel like you are part of it and gives you best movie watching experience ever.

If you are a lover of music or love to watch movies then you must need to upgrade your home theater into surround sound system with Dolby Atmos Technology.

How will Work Best Surround Sound System Under 500 For You?

Surround sound system technology gives you the sound from all the directions if the function is happening in left side then you can listen the sound coming from left side and that gives the best listening experience with surround sound.

Surround sound system works with Dolby Atmos Technology with the help of this sound coming from the direction where it is happening and that gives the amazing feel with Dolby Atmos.

You need proper two to three speakers in front of you and two to three speakers beside you to create a proper surround sound experience. Surround sound is something that gives the best listening experience from where the sound is coming from all the directions towards you and that makes you feel like you are into it like you are listening music as a live concert or watching movies feels like you are in the action zone.

You can create a whole environment of surround sound with your home theater system with help of speakers putting them from all over the room and place them towards you so that the sound is forced to coming out from the speakers individually from where it is happening.

review- Best Surround Sound System Under 500

1.Klipsch Black Reference [best surround sound system under 500 dollars]

[amazon box=”B0779GRFWF” template=”horizontal”]

Klipsch Audio Company makes enhancers home sound supplies and other speaker kinds of stuff, drivers, and fenced in zones similarly as complete intensifiers for awesome quality sounds. Klipsch sound is American Loudspeaker Company which conveys wide extent of speaker things. Klipsch Audio Company focusing on creating speakers and headphones for home theaters as well as for studio quality products.

The Klipsch Reference Theater Pack offers shocking sound from an amazingly decreased game plan of 5.1 incorporate speakers. The included distant sub has a ton of low-end muscle. Klipsch worked in practically identical parts to its full-sized speakers. The Klipsch Reference Theater Pack offers brilliant sound from an incredibly diminished game plan of 5.1 envelops speakers.

The included far off sub has a ton of low-end muscle. Klipsch worked in relative parts to its full-sized speakers. The speakers are little which doesn’t makes a great deal of bass if you need to get the best listening experience, by then you should put your all subwoofers and speakers towards your essential sitting circumstance to get the best sounding.
Plus Point:-
*Easy Installment
*Tractrix Horn Technology

2.Logitech Z906 5.1

[amazon box=”B00804FNO6″ template=”horizontal”]

Logitech International is a Swiss-American maker association of PC and programming. This association in like manner conveys reassures sagacious homes and Bluetooth speakers for music structure its Bluetooth speakers are made for best sounding home theater. Logitech International is a worldwide association which is helpful for making PC peripherals and Bluetooth speakers and home sound systems.

The Logitech Z906 is incredible THX-affirmed speaker framework which makes it simple for you to transform any room into a home theater. 5.1 channel home theater which makes your room like show corridor. You can hear each and every stable produces by 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS encoding.

Logitech Z906 gives you adaptability to set up your framework as you need. Spot the middle station speaker on rack in focus and rest of the speakers in each side of the room and appreciates the encompass sound from everywhere the room and associates each of the six stations with your TV or your gaming console to appreciate the music, motion pictures, or gaming experience consistently. You can manage sound level bass and many more things are in your hands as this comes with wireless remote.
Plus Point:-
*Wireless Remote

3.VIZIO SB3651ns-H6 36” 5.1 Channel Home Theater Surround Sound Bar

[amazon box=”B08B11CBBC” template=”horizontal”]

Vizio Inc. sound bars is intended to give the best sounding to home venues to makes the most of your music films or for messing around consistently. Vizio Inc. is secretly held American organization which deals with TVs and making sound bars. The Company was established by two business people in 2002.

Vizio SB3651ns is great 5.1 channel speaker to give you great surround sound quality and its performance clarity 6 subwoofers you can get best 5.1 surround sound. Its wireless subwoofers give you the best sound and connect over wireless technology that is good for surround sound and small in size that means you don’t have to worry about placing them. Its subwoofers great bass can give you extra punch in every sound coming out from them. Vizio SB dedicated center speaker designed to provide you the best crystal clear sound so you don’t miss any single beat from your dialogues or from your music.

DTS: X sound technology gives you room filling sound that makes you feel virtualized 3D surround sound. Rear surround speakers experience is great and it comes with audio adjustable speakers placed behind them.
Plus Point:-
*6 subwoofers booming bass
*Virtualized 3D surrounds Sound

4.JBL Cinema 510 5.1 [best surround sound speaker system under 500]

[amazon box=”B00GJ0CJL8″ template=”horizontal”]

JBL is one of those gigantic players that like to be not kidding in each field of the sound business. They are as of now acclaimed for making minimal distant (Bluetooth) speakers like Flip, Charge, Xtreme, and Pulse. Regardless, this isn’t their solitary topic, they furthermore make a wide scope of home and vehicle sound, headphones, etc.

JBL Cinema 510 is a 5.1 channel home theater system which connects to any audio/video receiver for your perfect surround sound experience, its 6.5” subwoofers with 5 voice matches satellite gives you an immersive surround sound. You can adjust audio phase and volumes in the subwoofers as there is available to control with. It’s sleek and fitly design gives you freedom of thinking about where to place them you can place your speakers anywhere in the room and its design gives you great look.

You can place them towards your sitting position and then do all connections and then enjoy the best surround sound experience with JBL Cinema 510.
Plus Point:-
*2-way satellite speakers
*Easy to install

5.Onkyo HT-S3910 [best 5.1 surround sound system under 500]

[amazon box=”B07SW21ZC5″ template=”horizontal”]

Onkyo Corporation is an electronic maker had practical experience in home film and sound types of gear. Onkyo Corporation is a Japanese organization on which term “Onkyo” is utilized for sound reverberation. Onkyo bought Pioneer Corporation which makes home theaters BluRay items and different sorts of AV items.

A complete package of surround sound takes to your home with Onkyo HT-S3910. Gets an amazing experience of watching movies or listening music or for playing games you can do it all with this best surround sound package. It connects over Bluetooth technology means you have full freedom from range placement or with mess of wires you can place wherever in your room and enjoy the seamless Bluetooth connection with you can stream your favorite music and watch movies wirelessly.

Dolby Atmos height virtualized give you the best surround sound experience without any additional surround you can enjoy the virtual 3D surround sound experience. DTS playback and Dolby Atmos provides you advanced surround sound mapping so without any interruptions sound can move from speaker to speaker in your room to give you the best surround sound experience without any interruptions.

Plus Point:-
*DTS playback
*Bluetooth Compatible

6.Yamaha YAS408BL Sound bar 3D surround sound

[amazon box=”B07G1SQNV1″ template=”horizontal”]

Yamaha Corporation is a Japanese global organization with an exceptionally wide scope of items and assortments of items. Yamaha Pro Audio Inc. is a division of Yamaha Company which offers a total novices line of expert sound items for sound darlings on the lookout.

Yamaha YAS is a complete home theater system to deliver you the most satisfying surround sound experience to enjoy your favorite time as you want. It’s DTS: X virtual gives you the best surround sound experience with 3D virtualization and it’s all possible with its wireless subwoofers that brings powerful surround sound which gives you best entertainment as you want to be from your home theater audio system.

You can create 5.1 channel home theaters with its feature of Music Cast by adding it with wireless surround speakers. You can create Multi room audio setup by adding other Music cast speakers. You can simply set up with your TV and many more connections for music with Bluetooth Wi-Fi or with Spotify Connect. You can manage anything with your any Amazon echo device with the help of Alexa. You can manage audio and songs or other things without moving from your place with the help of Alexa.

Plus Point:-
*In built Alexa
*DTS Virtual

7.SAMSUNG HW-Q70T [best tv surround sound system for under 500]

[amazon box=”B06XR6HR7J” template=”horizontal”]

Samsung likewise called as SEC (Samsung Electronics Company) it is a global electronic organization. Samsung is a South Korean organization which is significant fabricates of gadgets items like batteries, cameras, and speakers too. Samsung conveys the incredible items in wide reach with extraordinary quality and it is the world’s second biggest innovation organization by income.

Samsung HW 3.1.2 channel speaker is something great in this price range. Its adaptive sound feature is great you can listen every small whispering dialogue in the movie very clearly with this amazing feature. You can connect your Samsung QLED TV with this Q series speaker to get an immersive sound effect.

You can manage your speaker in a hands free mode with the help of Alexa, Alexa can do everything for you with this speaker. Its 3 channels 1 subwoofer and 2 up-firing channels gives you an extraordinary surround sound that catches attention of every person in the room. With the help of this speaker you can show off in your group and left them in shock with this superb technology home theater system.

Plus Point:-
*Adaptive Sound
*Dolby Atmos and DTS: X

8.Sonos 5.1 Surround Set [best “wireless” 5.1 surround sound system under 500]

[amazon box=”B07XNYX6K5″ template=”horizontal”]

Sonos is an American company which focuses on making of wireless home theater audio products and smart speakers. Its Whole House Audio is a product that sync music in all house with variety of sources simultaneously. Sonos company has a deal with over than 100 companies that offers music services.

Sonos 5.1 surround sound is like a great surround sound speaker that comes under that budget. The play bar delivers powerful and some very realistic surround sound to your TV with nine amplified speakers and it’s something more when it comes to wireless technology.

You can add more Sonos speakers to your room or in your whole home with wireless audio system and transform your home into theater with the help of surround sound speakers. Subwoofers add some extra spice in this amazing speaker its two force cancelling speakers gives you deep sound and zero cabinet vibrations and these subwoofers gives you an amazing bass for your home theater system. You can latest updates of weathers, sports, match scores, news updates or anything with the help of Amazon Alexa.

Plus Point:-
*Soul-Shaking Bass
*Force Cancelling Speakers

9.Samsung Harman Kardon HWQ60R Cinematic Sound bar

[amazon box=”B07PL35GY8″ template=”horizontal”]

Samsung is a South Korean association which is huge creates of contraptions things like batteries, cameras, and speakers as well. Samsung passes on the unbelievable things in wide reach with phenomenal quality and it is the world’s second greatest advancement association by pay. Samsung moreover called as SEC (Samsung Electronics Company) it is a worldwide electronic association.

Feels music in your room with this amazing HWQ60R 5.1 channel home theater system. connect your speaker with Samsung smart TV to enjoy your favorite music or watching your favorite movies with these speakers you can get acoustic beam technology of Samsung which makes you listen every single beat of your music or every detailed sound in your favorite movies to not to miss a single word.

You can connect with your TV and then get seamless HDR 10 experience with your surround sound system. Its adaptive sound technology features you to listen every small detail of every single dialogue and beats that gives you amazing experience. Its game mode pro gives you best gaming experience by connecting your speakers with your PC or with your gaming console.

Plus Point:-
*Game mode pro
*Seamless HDR 10

10.Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro 7.1.4

[amazon box=”B087C5PR2Z” template=”horizontal”]

The course of action is all around a matter of taste and there is no far reaching significance beside we truly acknowledge that the majority of you will like it. The best thing about this framework (other than the sound) is that you can interface a wide extent of sound sources to the sound bar.

This sound bar is fundamentally a replacement for AV recipient, it saves space and makes things much more straightforward. You can relate your TV, gaming console, association or satellite box, ongoing contraption, your PC, and different gadgets to the sound bar and you can move starting with one then onto the accompanying responsibility with your distant.

Interfacing the sound bar to the entire of your sound sources, organizing it with the subwoofer, and accomplice the speakers ought to need almost 10 minutes. Mounting sound bar and incorporate speakers will take more, yet you will contribute a colossal portion of the energy changing the sound and getting acclimated to controls, programming your TV eliminated to utilize it with the sound bar, checking unquestionable EQ modes, and so on there is no altered course of action mechanical get together.

There is suggested speaker plan in Nakamichi client manual, and you should attempt to put the speakers as indicated by this recommendation to benefit by this design.

Plus Point:-
*Force. AC Input Power.
*Physical Divider Mountable.

11.Dolby Atmos – Damson S Series [Best wireless surround sound system under 500]

[amazon box=”B07B48FJFH” template=”horizontal”]

Damson is a company which manufactures the home theater and consumer audio products like home theater, headphones, speakers, and many more speaker segment. This company made classy products while keep the design in mind to look great as well with qualities.

Damson S series is a complete home theater system package with built in AV- Receiver. It connects over wireless technology that gives you relaxation from the thinking about the messy looks of wires, and gives you great sound quality with wireless technology.

You can enjoy the great surround sound speaker experience with its Dolby Atmos home cinema system. You can place these speakers wherever in the room and this speakers are great in looks also that doesn’t make you feel odd when you put speakers in range of yours. You can play your music o do whatever you want with true wireless technology you don’t need any audio cable at any cost and this is very simple to set up and use without any other apps requirement.

Plus Point:-
*True Wireless Technology
*Dolby Atmos Technology

things you should consider when buying a Best surround sound system under 500

  1. The speakers also accept a fundamental occupation in passing on extraordinary sound execution. While some home exhibition place groups go with rack speakers, some of them come bundled with floor standing speakers. Generally, home theater systems go with either 5.1 channel or 7.1 channel speakers. Here, there is a subwoofer that copies low frequencies and others are satellite speakers for the front, center and back station speakers. In your home theater course of action, you can have the speakers set on the floor or you can mount the four satellite speakers in each edge of your room.

  1. A TV is an unimaginable contraption to join a family. From survey a mind boggling film, to a TV show, or season finisher game in an agreeable home assembly room is without a doubt a wonderful family activity. Suddenly, your house is the cool spot to hang out all appreciation to the unique Home Theater structure you have. If you have a TV and it is anything, have a go at exchanging or getting another since they are basically bewildering. Also, given all the basic organization decisions, you’ll be set for what’s to come. The new sharp TVs available in the market are way more straightforward to connect with the wide range of various things, because of Wi-Fi worked in, Bluetooth, and so forth

  1. Your necessities and conveyed spending plan is what will help you thin down on the home theater decisions. Generally speaking, people spend a ton on setting up the room, inner parts and on the TV. Nevertheless, the speakers and enhancers are excused by many. The size of the room, free space and speaker position are various things to be considered. In case you have a little room, you can choose a home exhibition place group that uses rack estimated speakers. In case you have a to some degree large room, you can go for a 7.1 game plan with a group that goes with one or the other rack or floor standing speakers.

Which is the best 5.1 vs 7.1 surround sound system?

Home theater framework is relies upon its channels, it accompanies 5.1 channels and 7.1 channels. On the off chance that contrasting somewhere in the range of 5.1 and 7.1 isn’t so befuddling in light of the fact that 5.1 channels implies 6 speakers, 7.1 channels implies 8 speakers and more speakers consistently gives you more sounds and from different bearings which implies all the more better encompass sound.

Be that as it may, it relies upon room size additionally on the off chance that you have a large sufficient space, at that point you proceed to buy 7.1 station home theater framework and spot them at your solaces and towards your listening position and make the most of your #1 music or motion pictures.

Sounding is likewise relies upon what materials are in the room like tables work areas books and different things its sounding additionally relies upon the things accessible in the room. 7.1 channel home theater framework works great than 5.1 channel home theater framework in the event that you have sufficient space in the room.

More speakers implies more solid and better encompass sound insight so on the off chance that you are going to buy a home theater framework, at that point go for buying 7.1 channel home theater framework over 5.1 channel home theater framework.


What is the Best Surround Sound System Under 500?

Surround sound gives you the listening experience like where sound is coming from all the speakers as where the action is happening. Finding a durable and best surround sound system with loads of features to get the best experience under budget. You can go for purchasing surround sound system as mentioned above, they are the best surround sound system under $500.

Is Sonos better than Bose?

Deciding between two brands is not an easy task because all the speakers have their some own qualities. Bose is streams music over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi where Sonos only relies on Wi-Fi not connects over Bluetooth. They support voice controls out of the box that makes them having something special for music lover. People who love to stream music this feature are best for them. As comparing one to other so both are great in their own qualities.

What is the best affordable surround sound system?

Budget plays a very vital role while purchasing something but you can’t compromise with features as well if you are thinking to have surround sound then you must needed to get the least features that gives the best sound quality then final for products. Above mentioned surround sound speakers are great with features and they are in budget.

Are there any good wireless surround sound systems?

Surround sound system gives you the best listening experience and watching experience like you are live with the event. Wireless surround sound speaker system is something that connects over latest wireless technology that gives better sounding and freedom from mess of wires. There are many wireless speakers you can check it out.

How do I connect my TV to a wireless surround sound system?

If you have a surround sound system and you want to connect it with your TV then you need a smart TV first of all to connect your speakers with your TV wirelessly. With a smart TV you can connect your speaker and streams best quality sound and all, you just need to connect your speaker with your TV with the help of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and then stream your favorite music or movies over it.


If you need to hold the cost down. If you would not really like to play with an inordinate measure of setting up and plan. If you needn’t bother with the headache of endeavoring to pick organizing intensifiers and speakers. By then, you’re in the ideal spot. A no matter how you look at it home scene in a carton or sound bar can be ideal for some home theaters and will give you a course of action that you will love

Basically you can grasp that home theater structure can help you’re listening experience and makes your debilitating day in home like a best film time with family or for playing and altogether more. Accordingly, if these structures are the best course for you to get an exceptional sound experience, by then hold nothing back you will adore it with Best Surround Sound System Under 500$

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