Before we can even begin to discuss the sort of impact Headphones have had in our lives,

we first have to acknowledge how prevalent they have been. We will go into further detail about what sort of impact they have had, but we need to take a moment and acknowledge that you cannot go an hour with a pair of headphones either on you or on someone else.

This goes for any part of the world. Of course we are not going to be oblivious to the fact that there are parts of the world that still need to be uplifted and technologically advanced, but that’s not the topic of discussion here.

Previous generations would look at us and feel that we don’t want to engage with each other. Because if you go into a coffee shop, and you see someone wearing their headphones, unless you know them, chances of sparking a spontaneous conversation are little to none.

But you have to take into consideration the sort of demands people of this generation have to deal with. Today’s life is faster, louder, less private and extremely demanding especially on people’s psychological well being.

Out of all everything you get from putting on your headphones, being stuck in your own little world for however long you want is the best possible experience of the lot. To just switch off from the demands of everyday life, be in your own little world and just breathe,

whilst listening to your favorite podcast, jamming to your favorite songs or tuning into your meditative apps.


This question has been making rounds in the workplace for quite a while now, with others being for the argument and others against. While both sides can put forward strong arguments, in terms of productivity, it goes without saying that people are different and their working styles are different, but more often than not, headphones will not affect employees productivity negatively.

While appreciating the different seating arrangements in many workplaces, where most adopt an open planned sitting offering cubicles to their employees, it can get a bit noisy. For the sake of productivity, such environments will not necessarily encourage high productivity.

An argument could be put forth that the reason for open plan seating is to create some sort of team spirit and have employees build a sustainable bond that will have that family like environment. That sort of team spirit will not be easy to create when everyone has on headphones. This is true to a certain extent, but because a workplace is a competitive environment, is it the worst place to want to build friendships

because people are always looking to progress. Being in your own space and having the sole focus to achieve your daily goals will only be assisted in a positive manner by having the on your headphones on and channeling the right songs to help you tackle those tasks.

It really depends on the person and their own personal preference, whether you want to be allowed to use your headphones at work or whether you’re fine not having them at all. The main idea is to ensure that you’re productive. Whatever your preference, the fact remains that headphones have had such a massive impact that they are even mentioned as a workplace essential.


Research has been conducted on the negative effects of wearing headphones and it’s been concluded that long term use at high volumes might cause hearing loss. Sustained high frequencies on your eardrum will adversely affect your ears. There are three types of hearing loss, being ; Sensorineural hearing loss and Mixed hearing loss,Conductive hearing loss.

There are different symptoms that you might want to look out for, such as muffling of speech, difficulty understanding what other people are saying, having to turn up the volume of the TV or radio or asking people to repeat what they constantly say. These are the ones you need to look out for.

Mental health has been de-stigmatized of late, and that’s made it possible to have conversations about how to not trigger other people or what to look for. Having explained how people isolate when tuning into their own songs and being on their own worlds, people around you might assume that just a loner or you want your own space, but really you might be going through a lot.

The prevalent use of headphones can lead to people that someone’s antisocial behavior is rooted in not wanting to be around people, when in fact, it might be deeper than that. As much as you enjoy listening to music, being in your own space, nothing can replace the warmth you’d get from people.


When you compare life today with life 50 years ago, you’d notice sizable differences in how people live, relate to each other, the family set up and the many technological advancements that have been made. The pace at which things have changed and how quick today’s life is, someone from the 50s night has a hard time adjusting.

This is why it’s important to have a pair of headphones to shut down the noise a little bit because going on a holiday every weekend for peace of mind and when you have Best Noise Cancelling Headphones then say no to out site activity and unwanted noise

We constantly need to recuperate and recharge , and sometimes the easiest way to do that is to play your calming music and go to a private place and breathe. You cannot put a price on a healthy state of mind. And whatever you can do to achieve that, you’re encouraged to go for it. Especially when it means taking your headphones and listening to your favorite tunes even you have low budget headphones.


Whether you feel that people have become antisocial of late, or the fact that people have the tendency of wanting to keep to themselves a lot more than previous generations, you cannot deny the impact that headphones have had. You cannot go full day without seeing headphones, which further stamps on how prevalent they are. The fact that they have because a multimillion industry shows how much people rely on them as per as HOW HEADPHONES CHANGED THE WORLD?

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