how to keep headphones from breaking ?

how to keep headphones from breaking ?

For the average person, after buying headphones, you immediately discard the packaging it came with because you’re looking forward to the tons of fun you’re about to experience listening to your favorite tunes.

You now have the freedom of being in your own space now. The space to be in your own world, the freedom to be in your own thoughts, and to attain a sort of peace and quiet that is not easy to achieve in this busy world we live in.

It almost always happens that when you’re done with your session, putting your headphones away has become a casual throw or an entanglement of wires.

While this can save you tons of time, in the long run it can damage your headphones. This guide will help you to not only save tons of money but also give your headphones a chance at reaching their maturity. I mean it the least they deserve for giving you such an incredible experience.

TIPS ON how to keep your headphones from breaking

There are sure ways to ensure that your headphones don’t last a month. And as much as we don’t like to admit it, they are very fragile, and we therefore need to treat them as such.

Throwing them around, wrapping them correctly or fouling them around are sure ways to shorten their lifespan dramatically.

Fortunately for you, we have just the right tips to help you find smart ways to help store your headphones. Let’s get right into it.

  1. Purchase a Protective Case for your headphones.

Depending on the brand you purchased, a protective case could come with the headphones. This is to help you properly store them when you’re not using them. Protective cases also help with keeping them clean and free from dusty surfaces or the dirt that might come from the bottom of your back or your pockets.

Purchasing a protective case will probably cost you a penny, but the advantages that you get from this sort of purchase are countless. In the long run you save money of not having to replace headphones time and time again, but also the cost of going to the doctor to check out ear infections you might get from the germs that pile up in your headphones.

  1. Avoid coiling your headphones.

It’s understandable that you might see it as a quick fix to just coil them around and keep it moving. But what you might not get is that the internal wiring is damaged every time you creatively coil them around just to put them away. Depending on whether you’re using over ear on ear headphones, the coiling of either can damage your headphones.

Unlike any other accessory, it’s virtually impossible to conduct a DIY fix on your headphones, because when the internal wiring is damaged, taking it apart and putting it together is pretty pointless because you just won’t get it right. But to avoid trying to play electrical engineer to your headphones, just don’t coil them around.

  1. Strengthen the weak points.

There are certain points that are extremely sensitive in and around your headphones. This is because certain parts carry the most pressure, so when an additional amount of pressure is added, it might result in it being too much to handle.

To ensure that you don’t put pressure on the weak points, you might want to strengthen them by tightening the weak points with shrink wrap. This is the number one go to method that ensures you never have to replace headphones time and again. What you do with the shrink wrap is that you apply it and then reinforce it with just enough heat to ensure that it doesn’t break.

  1. Do not throw your headphones.

Let’s be honest, headphones are most probably the type of accessories that are easy to not practice a bit of TLC when handling them. This is because we’ve never been taught or have not seen how to properly care for them. It’s as if we think they are indestructible. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you keep on throwing them about, you’re worsening the wear and tear. The idea is not to have headphones for only a bit of time and then replace them at will. The idea is to ensure that you make the most out of them, and to do this, you need to be careful to not throw them around.

  1. Wrap your headphones correctly.

It’s unrealistic to expect that everyone will be in a position to have enough disposable income to enable them to buy headphone cases. And because low end headphones do not come with cases, surely there should be a way to ensure that you don’t have to be at a disadvantage of having to replace them time and time again.

If you can’t buy a case, you have to know how to wrap them correctly so that there is no stress on the pressure points. Placing them around your four fingers and wrapping them around ensures that you don’t pressurize the breaking points.


That you spend money on accessories to have them die on you after a short period of time. And the fact that we use headphones so much means that you have to ensure that even in your use of them, you care for them the same way you do your sneakers. You have sneaker care, that enables you to wash them properly and keep them as fresh for as long as you possibly can. Surely you can do the same thing for your headphones which won’t even cost you a dime in most cases.

If you can ensure that you prolong the life of your headphones, then surely this is a no-brainer. For those who use high end Over Ear Headphones, you wouldn’t want to spend a top dollar just to have them die on you, which in most cases might be your fault. So take these tips to ensure that you prolong the life of your headphones. Happy Listening…

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