subwoofer placement behind couch!! good or bad? FULL GUIDE !!

subwoofer placement behind couch!! good or bad? FULL GUIDE !!

The only subwoofer is the only speaker that can reproduce low end frequencies. These low end frequencies create what we call the Bass. And this bass makes the most difference.

A surround sound system includes all the components that make the entire unit sound as one, and to achieve this, you not only have to consider the sort of home theatre system, but placement also plays a role in allowing you to experience Cinema like sound in the comfort of your own home.

While it’s been standard practice to place your home theatre in a specific manner, that doesn’t mean it’s the best possible set up for your own home. In this guide, we’ll help you decide which sort of placement works best for your home. We will also discuss if it is a good idea to place a subwoofer behind the couch and if that enhances your home theatre system.

PUTTING A subwoofer behind couch

In order to do this, you first have to ensure that it is the right approach for the acoustic in your own home. You do not move subwoofers around for aesthetic purposes, but to ensure that when you watch your live games, listening to your music or watching your favorite movies,

the sound should complement the visuals.

But because you won’t know if this works for you or not, the first step is to stress test it. Move your subwoofer around and place it behind your couch, and if the low end frequencies from the different positioning increases and enhances your sound quality, then it might be time to move your subwoofer permanently.

Stress testing means that you play an audio you would normally play, after shifting the subwoofer position. You have to make sure that the wiring is long enough to accommodate the shifts so that the speaker can in fact be placed behind the couch.

If after doing this you feel as though the acoustics of your home matches perfectly with the altered position of the subwoofer, then you might want to consider moving it there permanently. Remember the idea is not to have a home theatre system that looks or is places in a manner that everybody else chooses, the idea is to ensure the sound fits the acoustics of your home and if that is Best Home Subwoofer Under 200$ then you good to go.


In a home theatre system consisting of a 5:1 ratio, it is not strange to find speakers placed in wide positions and behind councils or behind where people would sit because the idea would be to extract as much sonic performance as possible. This is the same ideology that goes into ensuring that you don’t miss out on having a surround sound which would enhance the acoustics of your home.

It is not a set law that you have to place all your speakers in front of you. There are speakers which thrive best when they are in front of you, like the center speaker. Because it extracts all the dialogue from the visuals, it is a good idea to have it face you. But the standard is different for subwoofers.

There are sure ways to enhance the low end frequencies that are reproduced by the subwoofer. For one, placing them a fair bit away from the wall so that there is no bounce whatsoever creates an ambiance that sort of placement gives. That’s the first positional advice you’d probably get from anyone. That you should place the subwoofer as far as possible from the wall.

A subwoofer is either front or down firing, and to ensure that you get the most out of your subwoofer, the placement will tell you once you test it out. There is no sure way of knowing if the acoustics in your home allow for a subwoofer to be placed either behind the couch or elsewhere , and it’s not a set standard to place the subwoofer next to the speakers or behind the couch. Whatever the placement you decide on and that gives you the best sound possible, then that’s what you should stick with. Unless of course you find another position.

keep in mind- The subwoofer doesn’t thrive on specific placements unlike center speakers or other speakers, where most of them are front firing, which require precise placements to get the best out of them. It’s been proven that subwoofers are omnipresent. This means that the low frequencies reproduced by the subwoofer can fill up the entire room when placed far from the wall because there are no impediments to the sound. The trick here is to give the subwoofer enough room to do what it does best, and you’ll be surprised at how much difference there is when you slightly move your subwoofer to behind the couch.

In terms of the entire arrangement of your home theatre system, the different speakers all look like they are in sync with each other and the subwoofer might look out of place, which is why it might be a good idea to place it in a position that gives your home theater system an aesthetic appeal, and enhances your overall sound quality.


The bottom line is that part of the reason why you would make the decision to enhance your sound system would be largely based on your dissatisfaction caused your home theatre system. At times it would be based on the fact that the connection or the amplifier is not set to enhance the audio or the sound just isn’t good enough. In that instance then you have you get an improved unit.

Even after getting an improved home theatre system, you gout need to tweak it here and there to get the best sound possible. This would mean moving around the pieces to get the best out to the acoustics of your home. Maybe this might not be known by a lot of people who own home theatre systems, but moving your speakers around can create a sound that even you didn’t expect. So try it and see how it works out for you.

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