what does 3 way speaker mean?

what does 3 way speaker mean?

A best car subwoofer is the only speaker that is capable of reproducing low end frequencies. While other speakers are religiously concerned about mid to high end frequencies,

which play a huge role in the sort of sound you can expect, they unfortunately cannot reproduce the sound waves that guarantee and generate a bass effect.

Fortunately for all sound lovers, Subwoofers exist for this very reason. The reason to mine out the lowest of frequencies to give us bass.

Because without bass, you’ll only be able to hear and experience high range frequencies. While this might be just enough to allow you to hear the sound, it will not give you the joy you’d experience when you have all that and the subwoofer.

The sort of subwoofer we’re delving into is the three way subwoofer. We will be detailing what a 3 way subwoofer is, how it works and the advantages you can expect from Best Car Speakers For Bass And Sound Quality

what is 3way speaker system ?

Simply explained, a 3 way speaker is a speaker that consists of three parts. Those three parts being a woofer, mid range speaker and a tweeter. 3 way speakers give you the flexibility of buying a single set of speakers that perform a wide range of functions. If you have the option of buying a single speaker that can reproduce a bass effect, mid range frequencies and a high end frequencies, you would grab it at every opportunity you have.

This would be smart shopping from your side because you wouldn’t have to go out and acquire different parts to form a decent sound system. It would probably be reasonable for your pocket to go for a flexible sound system.

The three separate parts are accustomed to being in the same system but different speakers, but when they have to perform simultaneously, it’s a technological feat. We base our argument on the fact that you need the voice coils, the magnet, formers and the enclosure, if any, to work in tandem with the speaker and still function for as long as possible, with the best possible quality.

The Dynamics of A Three Way Speaker.

Three way speakers perform three functions seamlessly in sync. Because there are three parts that make up a three way speaker, the sound waves move through the speaker in three parts. The first part would be through the woofer. The mid range speaker and the tweeter both work to reproduce high range frequencies, which leaves out the low range frequencies. That’s where the woofer comes in. It works to reproduce the low range frequencies.

The sound waves then move through to the mid range part of the speaker. The mid range focuses on the high end frequencies that tune out everything else bar the bass. This sort of cohesion only works if the speaker is finely balanced. And this balance is largely attributed to the use of coaxial speakers. These sort of speakers are designed to reproduce different ranges of sound waves. From low, mid to high ranges frequencies. This is what enables three way speakers to function the way it does.

Instances where there are more than a signed driver in a speaker, be it two or three ways, then we consider that to be coaxial. Coaxial is defined as having two systems that exist on a common axis, transmitting by means of two concentric acids separated by an insulator. This helps the synchronization of the different elements that are needed to have a speaker that transmits different frequencies all at the same time.

There are speakers that only consist of one driver. These are referred to as components. These sorts of components are only able to reproduce a certain type of frequency, which in most cases is the high end frequencies. Compared to coaxial speakers, which are designed to manage different frequencies, components are not as flexible.

The component speaker has the advantage of solely being focused on reproducing a single frequency. This means the all the difference systems are moving to the same objective, that of maximizing the sort of frequency they are responsible for reproducing. This then means that the speaker is not pulled apart in different directions. The coils, magnet and the enclosure all are geared to one objective. An advantage that could be argued coaxial speakers do not have.

Coaxial speakers however have the versatility of reproducing different ranges of frequencies. While it might take away from the fact the speaker has to split its capabilities to tune out different frequencies, it does allow you to experience all the different elements of a sound wave in a single speaker.

For all the positives of a component speaker, among them being a one sided view in ensuring that you get the highest quality range that deals with reproducing a high end frequencies, three way speakers have an element that appeals to people who like versatility, especially the sort of versatility that doesn’t take away from the quality of the sound.

Three way speakers have by far changed how we look at the way a speaker should function. This is because the way we’ve thought about speakers playing a single range of frequencies and not a multiple. The emergence of coaxial speakers gave us the possibility of experiencing different frequencies in a single speakers without losing anything. This of course helps with pricing because you won’t have to fork out a huge amount of money to put together different pieces that reproduce a different range frequencies.

The fact that you have this at the top of your fingers means that you get to experience a different level of sound. Imagine having more than one 3 way speakers. That means you would have multiplied the low and high range frequencies by however many speakers you have. This is enhances your sound system by however manifold you want. This wouldn’t have been possible without the existence of coaxial speakers. If you haven’t tried three way speakers, you might want to try them out and see the experience you might be missing out on.

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