what is the purpose of a subwoofer ?

what is the purpose of a subwoofer ?

Thinking back to the twentieth Century when Godzilla was as yet a youthful reptile, individuals either watched films or tuned in to music utilizing their HI-FI frameworks or their TVs in-assembled speakers.

While the greater part of these individuals adulated their 5″ little woofers for a job done the right way, all these began changing during the 80s and 90s when subwoofers were presented.
Today, innovation has gone to another level where good speakers have become a minimum essential in case you’re hoping to catch all the LFEs (Low-Frequency Effects) present in the vast majority of your #1 Hollywood blockbuster films and TV arrangement.

However, notwithstanding the subwoofer being a vital piece of your home’s general encompass sound framework, there have been waiting for opinions particularly in the audiophile network about its disadvantages. Thus, to attempt to dispel any confusion air for you, this post will attempt to respond to whether or not subwoofers do improve the sound.

Notwithstanding that, I’ll talk about some critical purposes behind having a subwoofer as a component of your home sound framework.

4 Main Reasons -what is the purpose of a subwoofer 

1#Listening Experience

On the off chance that you’re an eager film or music specialist, at that point I accept you’re mindful of how a subwoofer handles the low-recurrence LFEs to give you more itemized listening experience. This explanation alone makes a subwoofer’s impact more significant contrasted with on the off chance that you were managing midrange speakers.

At some point back, my neighbor Sarah came over at my place to get a menu of a specific dish I hosted arranged during my child’s graduation get-together. What astounded me the most the second she entered my condo was the manner by which my home theater subwoofer mixed flawlessly with the remainder of the encompass sound speakers while precisely imitating each note in the low-recurrence range.

She advised me of how her significant other was a fun of shelf and pinnacle speakers. Despite the amount she attempted to convince him to add a subwoofer to their sound framework, all he said was that their 5″ or so woofers delivered the ideal bass he required.

Despite the fact that he was directly eventually, what he didn’t understand is that a subwoofer doesn’t need to add more bass. All things being equal, subwoofers help to improve your framework’s soundstage profundity and elements prompting a more improved sound. Indeed, a subwoofer permits you to open up your room’s limits by permitting you to situate your fundamental speakers in any area of your decision without influencing the low frequencies.

For the instance of Sarah’s better half, moving his shelf and pinnacle speakers openly will be unimaginable on the grounds that the bass yield can undoubtedly be influenced prompting pinnacles and nulls in specific locales inside the room.

2#Audio Demands

There’s nothing on a par with getting a charge out of the sound blend of a film or music at the solace of your home. On account of Sarah’s better half, agreeing to his shelf or pinnacle speakers implies that he was in a real sense missing a great deal. Following headway in innovation, most Blue-Ray and 4K UHD substance today have the ability of going as low as 20Hz when watching films with profound bass tones.

Taking Anjali’s significant other for instance, his 5″ woofers are not intended to deal with such low-recurrence film impacts. Subsequently, wrenching up a film with impacts that produce extremely low-recurrence tones implies that you’ll presumably hear shuddering and yapping sounds emerging from the woofers. In outrageous cases, you’ll hear high twists that can go to the degree of brushing off the woofers.

However, with a subwoofer around, these low frequencies are effortlessly dealt with high exactness. Its powerful drivers are fit for picking sound frequencies as low as 20Hz without restricting the bass reaction. This implies that you won’t miss any low-recurrence impacts, for example, bombs and blasts when viewing your number one blockbuster motion pictures.

3#Blends Well

At the point when the vast majority know about subwoofers, what rings a bell is the heart thumbing punchy bass they replicate. In any case, in the realm of sound substance, there’s more you probably won’t have thought about subwoofers. At the point when you’re tuning in to music, your mind works by looking at contrasts in sound waves.

Mid-range speakers produce high-recurrence sounds that are directional. Since these sounds have short frequencies, they’re anything but difficult to situate by the ears. Yet, with regards to low-recurrence bass tones, these ones have longer frequencies than the space between your ears making it hard for the mind to find their course. That is the reason low frequencies are supposed to be omnidirectional.

Along these lines, since the cerebrum can’t decide their heading, it utilizes obvious signals to make brilliant conjectures. What happens is that it accepts the bass tones are coming from the mid-range speakers before you. This permits the subwoofer to mix consistently with the remainder of the mid-range speakers permitting them to sound at their closest to perfect.

4#It Frees Up Other Speakers

Another factor that clarifies how amazing subwoofers are in improving sound is the means by which they free different speakers. Pardon me however let take Sarah’s significant other as an illustration again. For his situation, he’s alright with his 5″ pinnacle and shelf speakers. When playing music, the woofers should battle to zero in on both the mid-bass and the high-frequencies.

In spite of the fact that they will endeavor to stay aware of the low-frequencies, at times as low as 40Hz, the issue is that they won’t figure out how to deliver the best stable that would be replicated by a subwoofer.

Another issue is that attempting to push the woofers to duplicate the low-frequencies can prompt “speaker move off” where the dB level starts to diminish into blankness.
To forestall this, consequently, you need to add a subwoofer which will deal with the low frequencies to let loose the remainder of the speakers. Thusly, the encompass speakers will perform at their best as they will have the option to work inside their recurrence range.


As should be obvious, the subwoofer is an essential bit of home sound fringe that attempts to great and update your listening experience. Subwoofers center around low frequencies as well as mix well with other full-range speakers to convey a more unique sound for a more firm melodic experience for What Is The Purpose Of A Subwoofer

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