A subwoofer is a very different and unique speaker. The term sub means low. Which then denotes low end frequencies. Most speakers have the capability of reproducing mid to high end frequencies.

so we have to know about WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN A SUBWOOFER ?

In any home theatre system, all the parts are subject to playing their part, none more so than the subwoofer.

Because of its unique nature, no other speaker is designed or even has the capability of doing what the subwoofer can do, which is why we’re going to guide you through what to look for in a subwoofer.


The home theatre system is designed to give each speaker the spotlight to shine. This is why each speaker plays an important role in order to give you the best possible sound quality.

The left and right speakers reproduce the high end frequencies that range from 50 hertz and above. This is necessary to ensure that you experience the sound in its purest and most audible form.

The subwoofer plays an entirely different part. Because the center speaker, left and right speakers all focus on either reproducing dialogue or high end frequencies, that leaves low end frequencies out. Have you ever played an audio or video that only reproduced high end frequencies? Chances are that you only got to hear the tweeter effects.

Although this might be good enough to enable you to play your music or watch your movies, it’s not nearly enough to give you the entire experience you might be missing out on when you opt to not have a subwoofer.

The subwoofer reproduces low end frequencies. The low end frequencies reproduce bass. For sound quality purposes, and to give you that surround sound feel, you need a subwoofer that is good enough to allow you to see those low end frequencies.

Bass is very important when watching movies or listening to music. Those heat stopping stunts are almost always accompanied by low end frequencies, and without subwoofers, the bass cannot be felt.

There are several components that make the subwoofer, which are :

• The basket.

The basket allows the subwoofer to breathe. It works as an air conductor to ensure that the heat that is being created, can be properly conducted to give the subwoofer the cooling effect it needs to work over time.

• Surround.

This is the cushion that allows the cone to push forward and backwards without losing any sort of shape. It helps everything stay in place to ensure that even at its highest and most punchy, the subwoofer retains its composure.

• Diaphragm.

Also referred to as the cone, it is situated near the surround to help the subwoofer maintain balance and form rigidity.

• Dust Cap.

The dust cap protects the inner parts of the subwoofer from dust. This is to ensure that there is at least longevity in the the workings and functioning of the woofer and no
external elements damage it.

• Spider.

The spider keeps in check the movement of the diagram. It also helps the magnetic gap in check by keeping it on line with the cone.

• Tinsel leads.

This is the component that connects the coil to the speaker lead ports. They are made rigid so that they can handle the vibrations caused by the bass.

• Voice Coil.

The voice coil allows electrical currents to flow through it creating a magnetic field that results in kinetic energy correlating with the magnet. This kinetic energy helps in ensuring that it reproduces sound effectively.

• Magnet.

The magnet is said to be the influential factor in determining how powerful the subwoofer ultimately becomes. The bigger the magnet, the more power you can expect.

The Different Kinds of Subwoofers.

Active Subwoofer.

The major distinction in an active subwoofer is the sort of amplifier it uses. It is fitted with an internal amplifier.

Passive Subwoofer.

A passive subwoofer functions and is given its boost by an external amplifier. This is what differentiates it from an active subwoofer.

what makes a good subwoofer ?

There are several factors you need to consider before buying a subwoofer. This is to ensure that you have a ready to go know to guide that acts as a checklist. The more items you checkout,

the better quality subwoofer you can expect to buy. but if you are a beginner don’t know where to go for then look at TOP11 Best Home Subwoofer an affordable price & Top9+ Best 8 Inch Subwoofer Car Audio

• Power.

You need to look out for the RMS rating of the respective subwoofer. This is the true indicator of how powerful the subwoofer is and how much bass you can expect from it.

• Frequency range.

Subwoofers reproduce low frequencies. The lower the frequency range , the more powerful the bass you can expect from the subwoofer.

• Enclosure type.

The sort of cabinet that is used to enclose subwoofer goes a long way in ensuring that you get the best possible sound. The best sounding subwoofers are those that have fully enclosed.

• Voice coils.

Voice coils help the subwoofers with the flexibility of the subwoofer. Typically you can expect a single voice coil for a car, and they provide you with average sound. Dual voice coils is where it at. That’s where you can expect real power.

• Size.

One of the most important factors in the considering what subwoofer to buy is the size. Before deciding on the size of the subwoofer you’d want to buy, you need to have the space that is going to accommodate the sort of speaker you’d want. After that, you have all the freedom you need to go for the largest subwoofer available.

Subwoofers are such an essential part to the entire sound system. Whether you are purchasing it for your home to complete your home theatre system, or you want to enhance the power of you cars stereo, you’d be doing it because having a subpar sound system is never a good experience.

We’ve given you all the components that make up a good subwoofer, and also outlined what you need to loo out for. Whatever your sonic needs, having a subwoofer will always enhance your sound system, and you’ll never go wrong with having that thumping bass.

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